What are Xbox Digital Games and how to Redeem them?

Xbox Digital
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Today, we are going to talk about Xbox digital games as many people on Carousell do not know what it is or the difference between digital and disc sets. In this brief article, we hope this gets as clear as it can get.

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The Differences:

 Disc Games requires you to insert your disc into your console every time you launch a game while Digital Games do not need that.

• Disc Games can be resold to other people, and you cannot play it on your console even if the game is still installed (you can play it if you buy another disc again duh). On the other hand, once you redeem a digital game, it is “tagged” to your Xbox account for life and can be played anytime, on any console, as long as you are logged in. Notice I highlighted logged in as many people thought that they could share their games with everyone and exploit it but no it doesn’t work that way.

The Similarities:

• Both function as Full, Complete Games. They are no different from each other.

 Both can be played offline. Note that you must still connect your console to the internet when you first install the game to get any relevant or necessary updates and patches to maximise your gaming experience.
So now you know the difference between a digital and physical product, let’s go into how you redeem an Xbox Digital Game Code. They are all 25 digit codes, 3 Known Ways to redeem:

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1. Redeem Xbox Digital Game on

  • Click Redeem and Voilà! The game will start to download instantly on your console unless changed any settings in your console to not do that.

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2. Redeem on your Phone.

  • Download the App Xbox here:
  • Launch the App and Navigate to the Menu>Store>Redeem a code
  • A pop-up will appear and type in the 25-digit code. Press Redeem and the game will start downloading

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3. Redeem directly on your Console.

  • Same thing. Navigate to the Store section
  • Press Redeem a code and type in the 25-digit code
  • Press Redeem again and the game will start downloading.
  • Some 25-digit codes might even come with a QR Code. If you have a Kinect Sensor, just scan it in and save the trouble keying all that characters with your controller!

We know you can search this but many people are just plain lazy to do that!. That’s all and hope you learn something new today! Share and please check out this Carousell page for digital games here: Cheapbuysg 

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Last updated on December 31st, 2019.

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