Film-Crit uses words and phrases as grades for the movies reviewed, believing that words are more detailed, contextual and fair to the film, than numerical scores (I hate numbers).

And it makes it more fun to scroll through! Read more here.

1. Masterpiece – The highest and most prestigious score for Film-Crit reviews for films that are almost perfect and among my list of favourite movies.

2. Awesome Movie – An excellent movie that will be remembered for a long time, only falling short of perfection by a few errors and missteps.

3. You’ll have a Good Time – Films that you definitely won’t regret watching; really worth the ticket and will leave a smile on your face!

4. Decent – These movies are pretty good but are in need of greater surprises and awesomeness (this was formerly “Mediocre”)

5. Disappointing – Substandard. Fails to bring anything new, but bits of it may still be enjoyable. This rating used to be “mehh”.

6. Waste of Time AND MONEY – The bottom of the rating system. Self-explanatory.

• POOP – I don’t really consider these movies worthy of being a part of the rating system.