Singlish Words & Singlish Phrases You Must Know this 2021: Ultimate List

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Reading Time: 14 min

Table of Contents

(Archived) 125 Singlish Words And Phrases That Define Singapore – Singlish Vocabulary

1. Bojio

Explanation: When someone did not invite you to hang out together.


David – Yesterday, Jerry and I went to watch Wonderwoman.

Kenny – Wa Bojio! I had no plans yesterday.

2. Lepak

Explanation: To spend time walking/loitering around aimlessly.

Example: My friends and I like to lepak at JEM after school.

lepak-one-corner Singlish Slang
Source: Keep Calm And Posters

3. Buay tahan

Explanation: Cannot stand it anymore.

Example: Wa the weather so hot really buay tahan!

4. Paiseh

Explanation 1: Embarrassed.

Example 1: Just now I fall down walking on flat ground, damn paiseh sia.

Explanation 2: To make an apology.

Example 2: Paiseh, just now bathing can’t reply your message.

5. GG

Explanation: Initially used worldwide by Starcraft 2 players to mean “good game”, it is now used by Singaporeans when something bad is going to happen.

Example: Wa GG, they say this year economy very bad, firing a lot of people.

6. Heck it

Explanation: Singlish phrase to show that you do not care anymore.

Example: Heck it la! I’m just going to confess to Sarah after our date tonight.

7. Tau pok

Explantion: The situation when guys lie on top of one another to crush a person, mostly for fun.

Example: Ivan – Today his birthday let’s tau pok him!

All – TAU POK!!!

8. Buay pai

Explantion: To describe something or someone who is exceptional.

Example: That girl at 9 o’clock buay pai sia!

Singlish Terms

Source: Noel Vasquez

9. Kena

Explanation: Used when something bad happens to someone.

Example: Jerry kena scolded by teacher for failing his test.

school-683553_960_720.jpg Singlish

Source: Sandid

10. Kenasai

Explanation: More severe version of kena. Translate to get into deep sh*t. Also used to express frustration.

Example: He kenasai by boss for not meeting his KPI again.

11. Anything lor

Explanation: Singlish phrase used when you don’t really have an opinion.

Example: Jerry – Darling, what you want to eat?

Sarah – Anything lor

Jerry – *facepalm* Sh*t also can?

12. Walao/Wapiang

Explanation: Used to express dissatisfaction and discontent.

Example: Walao eh! The MRT aircon why so hot one?

13. Eeeeeeyer

Explanation: Used when you are disgusted by something. “Eeeeee” is a short form of eeeeyer.

Example: Eeeeeeyer, the table so dirty

14. Sia la

Explanation: Means Oh My God. (OMG)

Example: Sia la! His father just bought him a Lamborghini for his 21st birthday!

15. Come I clap for you

Explanation: Used sarcastically to act like you are impressed with something.

Example: Adam – Eh, yesterday I was the top scorer when I was playing football with Ahmad they all.

Alex – Wa! Come I clap for you…

come-i-clap-for-you Singlish

16. Hong gan

Explanation: Used when you or someone is in deep trouble.

Example: Hong gan liao. I just got into a traffic accident.

17. Die already

Explanation: Another phrase to use when you or someone is in trouble.

Example: This time he confirm die already. He go tell his CO to go f*ck himself.

18. Simi sai

Explanation: Literally means What The Sh*t.

Example: Simi said, he passed his driving in less than two months.

19. Chao turtle

Explanation: Used to express frustration and dissatisfaction.

Example: Chao turtle, that auntie didn’t even say excuse me.

20. Rojak

Explanation: A vegetable salad dish found mainly in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. More often used when everything is mixed or very messy.

Example: My workplace really like rojak. Got people from a lot of countries.

toa-payoh-rojak-2 Singlish

Source: ieat&eat

21. No link

Explanation: When something is unrelated to whatever you were saying.

Example: Jerry – Jordan just bought a PS4 yesterday!

Jenn – I like to eat steak!

Jerry – Huh? No link leh.

ezlink-no-link Singlish

22. Buay sai

Explanation: Cannot.

Example: This Friday I buay sai, need to study for Finals.

23. Zhun bo

Explantion: Translates to are you sure?

Example: They say government is giving money again, zhun bo?

24. Nehmind

Explanation: Short form for never mind.

Example: You don’t want to help me nehmind, I can just ask someone else.

25. Last time policemen wear shorts

Explanation: Used when you are discouraging someone from being nostalgic

Example: Jason – Last time in school a lot of girls come talk to me one hor!

Farah – Last time policemen wear shorts also.

26. What time already

Explanation: Usually used on someone who is late. You are not really asking for the time.

Example: Eh what time already? Why haven’t fall in! Whole lot knock it down!

27. Last warning

Explanation: Used on someone who annoys you so much that you feel like beating them up.

Example: Eh last warning hor! Don’t disturb me. I want to study.

28. Sekali

Explanation: What if?

Example: Eh later we take cab can? Sekali that MRT breakdown again how?

29. Siam lah

Explanation: Singlish way to tell people to f*ck off

Example: Siam lah, stop blocking the way.

30. Chope seats

Explanation: Usually used in coffee shop and hawkers before eating. It means to reserve seats. Putting a pack of tissue on the table is a common way to do so.

Example: Now lunch time faster chope seats or else later GG.



31. Kiasu

Explanation: Translate to fear of losing. Used to describe aggressive and competitive behavior.

Example: Wa parents nowadays so kiasu. Their children five years old start going for tuition already.

32. Shag

Explanation: Used to show tiredness.

Example: Shag, today need to OT again.

33. Shiok (MUST KNOW!)

Explanation: Used to express great satisfaction. 

Example: Wa shiok! This month got 4 long weekends!

34. Machiam

Explanation: Used to compare describe things that feel or look similar.

Example: Her eye bag so big machiam some panda.

35. Chim/cheem

Explanation: Used to describe something is difficult or complicated.

Example: Don’t talk until so chim leh. Can simplify it and explain to me again?

36. Can also can, cannot also can

Explanation: Used typically in a scenario when you have no choice but to say yes. Less used by Singaporeans nowadays as it often leads to extreme confusion.

Example: Jerry: Uncle can add milk to my Ice Kachang

Uncle: Can also can, cannot also can!

37. Steady

Explanation: Simply means yes.

Example: Jerry: This Saturday we go MBS eat want or not?

James: Steady la bro!

38. Jialat

Explanation: Used to describe a bad situation.

Example: Wa jialat. It looks like it’s going to rain, but I never bring my umbrella.


39. Pangseh

Explanation: Used when someone who does not turn up for meet ups or outings with friends.

Example: This Alex pangseh us again. Go out with his gf then don’t want come LAN with us.

40. Sian

Explanation: Used when you are unhappy, bored or tired.

Example: Sian, tomorrow need to work again.

41. Liddat

Explanation: Short form for like that.

Example: Dun liddat la. We go drink beer cheer up ok?

42. Alamak

Explanation: Used to express shock or surprise often in a bad way.

Example: Alamak, I thought the meeting was today. No wonder no one else was there.


Source: mintchipdesigns

43. Dunno leh

Explanation: Used when you are uncertain of something.

Example: Sarah – Baby, you think the red or black dress better?

James – Dunno leh, I think both also excellent.

44. Always like that one

Explanation: Used to describe someone’s bad habit.

Example: He always liddat one. Buy so much food but can’t finish.

45. Sia Suay

Explanation: Used to describe something embarrassing.

Example: Haha he banged into the wall just now damn sia suay!

46. Lao kui

Explanation: An alternate word to describe something embarrassing.

Example: I lost an arm wrestling challenge to a girl, damn lao kui.

47. Makan

Explanation: Malay word for eating.

Example: What you want to makan for dinner?

48. Tolong

Explanation: Used as a cry for help.

Example: Tolong la. I will pay you back the money in 3 days.

49. Malu

Explanation: Malay word for shy. To embarrass or humiliate.

Example: Wa just now our performance damn malu sia!

50. Lan lan suck thumb

Explanation: Used when you have no choice but to do something that you dislike or hate. Commonly used during National Service.

Example: Desmond – Eh you tomorrow got SOC again ah? It’s your 5th time le leh!

Mark – Lan lan suck thumb lorh… if not complain to MINDEF meh?

Source: ChildrenHoldingGuns

51. You ask me I ask who?

Explanation: When you are clearly not the right guy to answer a particular question.

Example: Benny – Why are we waiting so long?

Jet – You ask me I ask who?

52. You say leh

Explanation: Usually used when the answer is self-evident.

Example: Adam – Darling, can I go clubbing this Saturday?

Rachel – You say leh?

53. Kaypoh

Explanation: Used to describe someone nosy.

Example: This Henry damn kaypoh, keep asking what I do with my girlfriend.


Source: Google Maps

54. Onz?

Explanation: Used to ask if someone is agreeable with a plan.

Example: This Saturday we go to the beach, onz?

55. Ang moh pai

Explanation: Someone who acts like a westerner.

Example: This Jess damn ang moh pai one. She cannot even speak basic Chinese.

56. Gong gong

Explanation: Hokkien for talk talk. Usually used to describe something as bullsh*t.

Example: He gong gong only la. He doesn’t have the balls to confess one.

57. Blur sotong/c**k

Explanation: Used to describe someone who is always confused.

Example: This blur sotong. Ask him to buy chicken for me he buy fish.

58. ORD LO

Explanation: Favourite phrase of NSF. Chanted when one has completed his NS or is very near to it.

Example: Instagram – Uploading photo with pink IC… ORD LO


Source: Hock Gift Shop

59. Chao geng/Chao Keng

Explanation: Used to describe someone who malingers.

Example: This chao geng kia everyday go see MO one.

60. Siol

Explanation: Similarly to lah and sia, siol is an expression used at the end of a sentence. Some Singaporeans tend to add ~ right after siol in text messages.

Example: Wa, golden bayonet siol~

61. Ups/up there lah

Explanation: To praise someone who is a high achiever.

Example: GPA 5.0?! Up there lah!

62. Sabo

Explanation: Short form of sabotage. Means to create trouble or cause harm.

Example: Eh later don’t sabo ah. We just keep quiet can already.


63. No choice leh

Explanation: Used when you are left with no other options.

Example: Jones – Wa working so hard ah!

Larry – No choice leh, got a family to feed.

64. Suay

Explanation: Used to describe an unfortunate situation.

Example: Wa damn suay. Kena bird sh*t on my head.

65. Dabao

Explanation: Means to take away food.

Example: Eh help me dabao. I am very lazy today.

66. Mai lai

Explanation: Don’t try/Don’t give me that.

Example: Last week you say need take care of brother. This week you say got family outing. Mai lai!

67. Talk c**k

Explanation: When you are talking about random stuff or bullsh*t.

Example: Me and Xaver like to talk c**k.


Source: Memegen

68. Hao lian

Explanation: Describes someone who likes to show off. Hao lian bo la liang, is a longer form of this phrase.

Example: Got full marks for Math now come hao lian la!

69. Hum ji

Explanation: Describes someone who is timid.

Example: Don’t hum ji lah! Want to fight then come lah!

70. Abuden

Explanation: Singaporean/Singlish version of “you don’t say”

Example: Sally – 313 at Somerset hor?

Josh – Abuden! If not at Woodlands arh?

71. CMI

Explanation 1: Short form for cannot make it. Can be used to turn down someone.

Example 1: This Friday I CMI, got a wedding to attend.

Explanation 2: Can be used to describe a person as less than satisfactory. Often in terms of looks (derogatory).

Example 2: The girl you like CMI la, personality and looks both bad.

72. Orh

Explanation: Yes/Okay.

Example: Mother – Remember to lock the door later ah!

Xavier – Orh.

73. Orh hor

Explanation: Used when trouble is incoming.

Example: Louisa – This Ms Lim damn guai lan sia. No wonder so old already not married.

*Ms Lim walks past and overheard the conversation*

Peter – Orh horwealthy GG. You die already!

74. Ah Gua/Gu Niang

Explanation: Gay. More often used to describe someone who acts feminine.

Example: This Keith damn gu niang. Stand for 5 minutes tired already.

75. Act blur

Explanation: Describes someone who plays the ignorance card.

Example: Oi cb don’t act blur!  Where you hide my phone?


Source: RedBubble

76. Aiya

Explanation: Used to express disappointment or when something unpleasant happens.

Example: Aiya, computer kena virus again.

77. Aiyo

Explanation: Can be used when you are disappointed, surprised, annoyed or in pain.

Example (Disappointed): Aiyo, computer kena virus again.

Example (Surprised): Aiyooo! Gabriel going out on a date sia!

Example (Annoyed): Aiyo! Somebody is kicking my leg.

Example (In Pain): Aiyoo, hammer drop on my leg.

78. Bo liao

Explanation: Used to show boredom or describe someone who is lame.

Example: He damn bo liao. Message me to ask me stupid questions.

79. Bo chup

Explanation: Used to describe someone who does not care.

Example: He bo chup one. Go everywhere also wear singlet, shorts and slippers.

80. Chao mugger

Explanation: Someone who studies a lot.

Example: This Kelly is a chao mugger. Everyday at the library studying.

81. Chiong

Explanation: Run/Rush

Example: Faster chiong to the canteen, if not later long queue.

82. Chiong sua

Explanation: Used to describe an SAF unit/soldier that is tough and has gone through intensive training.

Example: Wa he posted to NDU, everyday chiong sua.


Source: MINDEF 

83. Don’t play play

Explanation: Used to tell someone not to fool around or to take a matter seriously. This Singlish phrase was used repeatedly by Phua Chu Kang.

Example: Don’t play play hor! He black belt in Taekwondo one.

84. Geh geh

Explanation: To describe someone who is putting up an act

Example: He get get one la. One look you know he is lying already.

85. Hosei

Explanation: Used to describe a pleasant situation. Can also be used sarcastically in unpleasant situations.

Example: Hosei la! Just won a 52-inch 3D OLED TV from lucky draw!

Example (Sacarsm): Hosei liao la! Tom just call boss a fat pig! He confirm hong gan!

86. Confirm plus chop / Double confirm

Explanation: Singlish term for being very confident or sure about something.

Example: I confirm plus chop you cannot find a lower price outside of this store.

87. Chop chop

Explanation: Singlish term used to hurry people.

Example: Eh chop chop finish your work so we can go home early.

88. Kopi

Explanation: Hokkien word for coffee.

Example: Ah boy, want go lim kopi with ah gong tomorrow morning?

89. Kopitiam

Explanation: Refers to a coffeeshop in the past. Nowadays, it mostly refers to the food court chain.

Example: Want to eat at kopitiam for lunch?

90. Tyco

Explanation: Singlish word for lucky.

Example: Wa tyco sia! Posted as a clerk at HQ.

91. Pokkai

Explanation: Used when you are broke.

Example: This month keep eating good food, pokkai liao.

92. O$P$

Explanation: Short form for owe money pay money. Mostly painted or sprayed by loan sharks near lift lobbies.

Example: #03-03 O$P$ 91234567


Source: boringsingapore

93. Nia

Explanation: Can be used to substitute only. Occasionally has a slightly condescending tone to it.

Example: He every month earn $3000 nia. How to buy a car?

94. Pon

Explanation: To skip an activity. Short form for ponteng.

Example: I going to pon school today.

95. Suan

Explanation: Singlish word used when someone is getting teased, often in a sarcastic way.

Example: Don’t suan me la. I know you confirm score higher than me one.

96. Swaku

Explanation: Someone who is not well informed, or a country bumpkin.

Example: I very swaku one, never go USS before.

97. Diam

Explanation: Used to tell someone to shut up. In army, you are not allowed to move when you are ordered to diam.

Example: Eh diam la! Talk talk talk, your mouth not tired one meh?

98. Ulu

Explanation: Some place which is not easily accessible.

Example: This restaurant damn ulu but the food is good!


Source: Boredpanda

99. Uncle / Auntie

Explanation: A friendly way to address middle age and above men (uncle) or women (auntie). Can also be used for relatives.

Example: That chicken uncle very nice! Give me extra rice!

100. Chiobu

Explanation: A beautiful girl.

Example: I wish that chiobu is my gf sia… haha.

101. Your head

Explanation: Singlish term usually used when someone is spouting nonsense to shut them up.

Example: Terry – Eh Mike you like Helen right!

Mike – I like your head la!

102. Zai

Explanation: Pro.

Example: Wa he damn zai, read one time can memorise everything already.

103. Sibeh

Explanation: Means very.

Example: Today got Barcelona vs Real Madrid match! Sibeh excited.

104. Yaya papapya

Explanation: Someone who is arrogant or show off.

Example: This guy damn yaya papaya. Everyday drive different car come to work.

105. White horse

Explanation: Someone who is the child of an influential/powerful/wealthy person.

Example: Their bmt company got white horse no wonder life so good.

106. Arrow

Explanation: When someone delegates a task to you.

Example: Wa cb kena arrow by Kelvin again.

29zarchery2-jumbo Singlish Dictionary

Source: Murrayclose

107. Eye power

Explanation: Someone who only crowds around and looks but does not help in any way.

Example: Oi don’t eye power leh! Give me a hand and move the boxes!

108. Wayang

Explanation: Someone who puts up a show to suck up to his or her superiors.

Example: This Julian like some wayang king. Superiors around he then act like he is working. Once they zao he slack already.

109. Swee

Explanation: Singlish word for perfect!

Example: I prepare everything swee swee for you already. Don’t screw it up hor!

110. See first

Explanation: Used when you are still considering or do not have an answer yet. Also, a nice way to reject an invitation subtly.

Example: Justin – Friday want to Zouk?

Mabel – I see first.

111. Orbi good

Explanation: Used when you do not feel sorry for someone and feels that he or she deserves to be punished.

Example: Orbi good la! Tell you so many times already don’t want to listen.

112. Lobang

Explanation: Tips, life hacks, and deals.

Example: Got any lobang to earn money?

113. Ah bu neh neh/ah neh

Explanation: Crude Hokkien phrase referring to Indians.

Example: You cry some more! Later I call ah bu neh neh come and catch you!

114. Geh kiang

Explanation: Someone who makes a rash decision and ends up getting into trouble.

Example: He geh kiang volunteer to be the leader. Now everyday a lot of work to do.

115. Atas

Explanation: To describe a person of a high social status or an expensive place.

Example: My dream is to eat an A5 Wagyu steak at an atas restaurant with Joseph.

Singlish Examples

Source: danielfooddairy

116. Gostun

Explanation: Refers to reversing in driving.

Example: Remember to check safety when you gostun!

(Archived) Explicit Singlish Words & Slangs – Profanities Ahead!

Well, we received some complaints (obviously) for initially placing these Singlish words at the top of the list.

But they are still here, just in case you need to know when a fellow Singaporean is hurling these insults at you while you continue smiling like an id*ot.

In any case, you should not attempt to use these Singlish words in your daily conversations. It is often viewed as crude/low SES/Ah Beng etc.

117. Knn

Explanation: Short form for Kanina, which translates to f**k your mum. Used as a swear word/profanity.

Example: Knn, ERP increase again!

118. CB

Explanation: Short form for Chee Bai, which translates to the v*gina. Used as a swear word.

Example: That CB kia come and annoy me again.

119. KPKB

Explanation: Short form for kao pei kao bu, which translates to cry father cry mother. Used when someone makes a big deal about something.

Example: James KPKB me for drinking one sip of his drink.

120. Guai Lan 

Explanation: Used to describe an annoying person or someone who is very troublesome.

Example: Wa this Henry damn guai lan, everything also tell me cannot.

121. SMLJ 

Explanation: Short form for simi lan jiao, which translates to what c**k. Swear word for an unpleasant situation.

Example: SMLJ! The clothes I bought 2 days ago now got discount!

122. Dulan 

Explanation: Used when you are annoyed and outraged.

Example: Stop stealing my food, later I dulan ah!

123. Gu gu bird/Gu gu /kukubird

Explanation: D*ck. More recently used in a cheer during a NTU orientation camp.

Example: His gu gu bird damn small.

124. Neh neh pok/Neh Neh 

Explanation: Breast

Example: Her looks not bad but her neh neh pok damn small.

125. Lao jiao 

Explanation: Someone who is experienced.

Example: Don’t know anything ask Timothy. He is a lao jiao.