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12 Fond Memories We All Had In Secondary School

Secondary School Fond Memories
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Secondary school had brought lots of memories to all of us. Today, we are going to reminiscence some of the common fond memories that we had experienced during our schooling days.

#1: Latecomers

After reciting the National Anthem at the parade square, a group of students would be spotted at the school’s front gates, guarded with prefects and discipline master. These groups of students would always stay back after class for detention.

#2: Copy Homework

Most likely, you have played one of the roles before, either letting someone copy your homework or copying someone else’s homework.

Reasons for copying:

  • You forget to do your homework.
  • You didn’t manage to do your homework on time.
  • You didn’t know how to do it.
  • It’s not important/worth your time doing so.

Reasons for letting someone else’s to copy:

  • “Help” them out
  • They probably helped you out before
  • Peer pressure

#03: Staying in the classroom during recess time

You are not allowed to stay in the classroom simply because your friends’ have kept their items there as it would be hard to account for any loss of belongings. Also, there is no one to supervise you if you are alone in the classroom. Anything can happen in that classroom.

However, there are always people who managed to find ways to stay in the classroom.

#04: Smuggle Food to Classroom

There is always a bunch of students who are lazy to make their way down to the canteen. Hence, these students would always ask favours from their friends to “da pau” food and drinks for them just to have it before the next lesson starts. Occasionally, their friends may keep the change and treat it as the delivery fee for bringing it back to the classroom.

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#05: Doing Community Involvement Programme (CIP)

In retrospect, surely some of us miss the time picking up rubbish on the beach, collecting unused clothes and food door to door and spread the awareness and importance of Earth Hour. Although, at that point, most of us felt that it is not necessary and a waste of time to do CIP.

#06: Challenge / Question the system

basketball hoop

You might have wondered and questioned:

  • Why do we have to study about something so specialised such as integration and differentiation?
  • How would learning those applications be useful if we are not going to use it for our jobs?
  • Why must we include those keywords if we can explain it in our own way?
  • Why do we have to wear a uniform to school?
  • Why do we have to use this complicated method whereby there is a more straightforward way to do it?

#07: Stay back to look for your teacher for homework

If you are a polytechnic student, you probably notice the difference between secondary school teachers and polytechnic lecturers even though both are approachable. The culture of having to look for secondary school teachers for help is different; it seems that we are much closer to our secondary school teachers.

#08: Hooray! Our teacher isn’t coming for lesson today!

Everyone in the class is happy not because they dislike the teacher and celebrating to the fact that he or she is ill. Instead, the class is just looking forward to taking a break or make use of the free time to do whatever they want to do such as completing any outstanding homework, chatting, drawing or resting.

Sometimes there are some exceptions; just as the whole class is happy for a moment, a relief teacher enters and breaks the atmosphere stating that he/she will be taking over to teach the lesson instead.

#09: Focuses more on individual work

In secondary school, there isn’t much project work in the curriculum. Also, these projects do not affect your grades. You do not have to worry about finding a team of competent team members. As your grades depend mostly on your test and examinations.

#10: Trying to fight for that one mark

That one mark determines whether you get a fail, pass or distinction. You will try your best to reason out with the teacher as to why your answer isn’t acceptable and convince why your answer is somewhat satisfactory.

Even despite knowing that your answer isn’t acceptable, you will still try your luck. To get that one mark.

#11: Repetitive doing Ten Year Series in preparation for GCE Examinations

Your teacher has at least gone through 2 times of completing the ten-year series book and made all of you done several preliminary papers from other schools.  Learning the theory is just not enough, instead, applying what you have learned on these papers shows how much you have understood.

#12: Attempt to cheat during test

During the test, there will be some gestures made in the classroom. For instance, yawning, coughing, pen ticks sound and stretching. Apparently, these gestures weren’t coincidences at all. They were probably signals used to represent specific options for multiple choice questions.


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