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Guidetoecom Premium

fastest ecommerce websites

Take your brick and mortar store to the next level. 
A scalable and customisable eCommerce website is what you need.

Every Millisecond Counts.

Ever heard of the expression "beautiful on the outside, ugly on the inside"?

Luckily for our clients, that's not us.
At Guidesify, we make sure your store is optimised for both speed and SEO.

Performance scores obtained from GTmetrix.

Price & Info

50% PSG Support

SFEC-eligible Companies receive a further 90% for out-of-pocket expenses
S$ 5,600 One-Time
  • No monthly retainer
  • Prioritise site performance
  • Training Provided

Stop Using Expensive Shared hosting

Having a VPS is essential to achieving blazing page load speeds.

Also comes with:

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Mondays to Fridays – 9AM to 5PM
Weekends, Public Holidays – Closed

helping businesses grow

e-Commerce services & solutions

Selling made easy.

Inventory Management

Effortlessly manage and edit products details such as name, image, SKU, list price, sale price, stock quantity etc.

Sales & Shipping

Customise minimum order for free shipping. Safe and secure payment methods via Stripe (it’s cheaper than PayPal).


Set page slug and basic on-page SEO without any markup knowledge. 


Traffic & Ad Retargeting

Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics setup available to view traffic data, user demographics / behaviour, and conversion tracking.

Customer Relations Management

Keep track of customer information and orders. Stay engaged and reward regulars with special promos or via a points system.


Responsive Design

Your store will look good on all devices. A responsive web design will automatically adjust for different screen sizes based on predetermined breakpoints.


our focus is on Speed and security.

And we will never stop to improve on it.

It is our interest to keep up to date with the latest speed hacks and security updates. Your site will be as good as ours.

Better Data Driven Business (BDDB) Programme

Upscaling Digital Capabilities for Better Business Practices

The Better Data Driven Business (BDDB) programme helps SMEs gain deeper consumer insights and scale up their businesses through responsible use of data.

Who it benefits

It aims to support SMEs that are starting to use data to generate insights
And those that seek to apply and share data for more complex purposes.
Know More

Learn to

Collect necessary data safely, combine data across systems with adequate protections,
And share data externally with partners and suppliers safely, in line with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) obligations.

Data collected from

The GuideToEcom Premium solution is compatible with
“Business Objective 1: Grow Product Sales” of the Business Intelligence (BI) tool.
Read User Guide

Pre-Built Dashboards

With IMDA's user-friendly business intelligence (BI) tool
Exported data can be imported and loaded effortlessly into meaningful visualisations
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