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2024 Hair Salon Guide: Top 8 Products Every Hairdresser Must Have

2024 Hair Salon Guide Top 8 Products Every Hairdresser Must Have Cover
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Picture this: you’re scrolling through your favourite social feed, swiping through popular creators like 12Pell and Hairby_chrissy, and trends that evolve faster than your last hairstyle. In the heart of Singapore, where every corner tells a different story, the beauty scene is no different. It’s a vortex of innovation, self-expression, and, of course, killer hairstyles. 


But what’s the secret sauce? 

Spoiler alert: it’s in the tools. Buckle up as we decode the new era of hairstyling in Singapore – where tools aren’t just tools; they’re the game-changers in the art of making heads turn.

Maletti Green Hug Hairdresser’s Chair:

Want to give your salon a touch of nature and elegance? Look no further than the Green Hug hairdresser’s chair! This chair is made in Italy and combines a varnished veneered plywood back, a chrome-finish or powder-coated steel bracket, and vinyl upholstery and eco-leather Skay. The result is a comfortable and stylish chair that will make your clients feel pampered and relaxed. The Green Hug chair is designed by Stefano Giovannoni and Elisa Gargan Giovannoni, renowned architects, and industrial designers who have collaborated with many prestigious brands. The Green Hug chair is a masterpiece of professional salon furniture that will enhance your salon’s image and reputation.

Buy on Trendsupply: Maletti Green Hug P3175

Wahl Magic Cordless Clipper:

This ergonomic and lightweight device features a high-precision stagger tooth blade that can easily fade and blend different hair lengths. It also has a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that can run for over 90 minutes per charge, giving you more flexibility and convenience. The clipper comes with eight attachment combs, oil, a cleaning brush, and a red blade guard to keep it in optimal condition. Whether you use it corded or cordless, the Wahl Magic Cordless Clipper will deliver a smooth and precise cut every time.

Buy on Trendsupply: 8148 Wahl Magic Cordless Clipper (Free one Barber Coat)

Parlux ALYON ® Hairdryer with MagicSense® Diffuser and Melody Silencer®:

Parlux Alyon Hairdryer is a professional hair salon tool that delivers optimal power, heat, and stability for any hair type. It features a variable geometry heating element, ionic technology, a built-in cable-holder, and a hair-free system that prevents hair from getting stuck in the appliance. It also has a long lifespan of 3,000 hours, an airflow of 84 m3/h, a cold air button, two speeds, four temperatures, and an anti-heating front body. The Parlux Alyon Hairdryer is designed to offer the professional the maximum in terms of performance, light-weight, long-life, and easy-to-use possibilities without limiting the creativity of the hairdresser in any way. It is available in 10 different colours: yellow, pink, red, turquoise, jade, night blue, bronze, gold, matt graphite, and matt black. With Parlux Alyon Hairdryer, you can achieve salon-quality results at home or on the go. It’s a must-have for every hairdresser or salon.

Buy on Trendsupply: Professional Parlux Alyon Hairdryer

YS Park YS S339 Cutting Comb:

If you are looking for a flat comb that works well with short and very short hair, you might want to check out this product from YS Park. It is a redesign of their best-seller YS-339, known for its durability, comfort, and precision. This comb comes in three transparent colours: red, blue, and green. It is lightweight, easy to clean, and has a heat-resistant body; this means that whether you are cutting, styling, or colouring hair, this comb will help you achieve the best results.

Buy on Trendsupply: YS Park YS S339 Cutting Comb

CreateIon Repit Curling Iron: Your Go-To for Perfect Curls

The CreateIon Repit Curling Iron is a game-changer for hair enthusiasts. It’s easy to use, versatile, and delivers salon-quality curls. With two size options and adjustable heat settings, it caters to all hair types. Plus, it’s travel-friendly with universal voltage. Get yours from Trend Supply Singapore and enjoy free delivery on orders over SGD$80.

Buy on Trendsupply: CreateIon Repit Curling Iron

Create Korea Perm: Transform Your Hair with Waves and Curls

Experience the magic of Create Korea Perm, a third-generation rolling perm machine. It uses digital technology for precise control over temperature and time, ensuring perfect results every time. Choose from a variety of styles – from waves to curls – all achievable with different rods and rolling directions. Suitable for all hair types and lengths, the Create Korea Perm can keep your hair looking fabulous for up to six months. Quality and safety tested, this made-in-Korea perm machine is a game-changer in hair styling.

Buy on Trendsupply: Create Wave Master

Mannequin Heads with Ethically Sourced Hair:

If you want to practice and perfect your hairdressing skills, you need mannequin heads that are not only high-quality but also ethically sourced. Ethically sourced hair means that the hair is obtained from artisans who are treated fairly and respectfully and that the hair-manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. 

Pivot Point is a leading brand that offers quality mannequin heads with ethically sourced hair, certified by SA8000, a global standard for social accountability.

You can choose from different types of mannequin heads, from human hair to goat or synthetic hair, as well as various hair lengths, colours, and styles. 

Hair extensions and other hair products that are marked with the SA8000 tag are also available.

By incorporating ethically sourced products into your training, you not only refine your skills but also contribute to a more responsible approach to hairstyling education. 

Ethical choices, after all, are a quiet statement of commitment.

TrendSupply is exclusively featuring Pivot Point’s mannequins in their store. 

Buy on Trendsupply: Mannequin Heads

The CREATE Curl Titanium Wave:

Last but not least, that is meta right now, The CREATE Curl Titanium Wave is a good tool that every hair stylist must have because:

  • Heat-resistant silicone padded clamp that protects the hair from damage and allows for easy styling.
  • Adjustable pressure clamp that can be customised to suit different hair types and thicknesses.
  • Titanium rods with a ceramic heater deliver fast, even heat distribution, preventing frizz and static.
  • Edge-line design that prevents the hair from slipping and ensures a smooth and consistent curl.

Ready to level up your salon game? 

The Wahl Cordless Clipper is your ticket to precision with a dash of swag, and the CreateIon Repit Curling Iron? It’s not just a styling tool; it’s a ticket to curls that slay. 

Buy on Trendsupply: CREATE Curl Titanium Wave

With these gems, your salon isn’t just a space; it’s a style sanctuary where every client walks out not just with a new look, but with an experience. So, ready those styling stations; it’s time to let these tools do the talking. 

Your salon, their new style destination – the upgrade they didn’t know they needed. 💇‍♂️💇‍♀️✨


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