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5 Scandinavian Interior Design Tips to Bring Home the Nordic Aesthetics

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Scandinavian interior design – whether you’ve taken a look at it in a home décor magazine or a blog, chances are you already know about the aesthetic and comfort that this décor theme is known for. The clean & crisp elements and the muted colour palette of Scandinavian design ooze hygge and work perfectly for the fast-paced life of today’s millennials.

The best part about modern Scandinavian interior design is that it brings interest and character to your space without making it look too cluttered. But what is Scandinavian design? And how do you adapt it in your space?

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As a movement, Scandinavian design came into existence in the twentieth century mixing styles from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. If you look closely, the modern Scandinavian interior design shares its elements with mid-century modern design. They’re both heavily inspired by the industrial aesthetic and focus on a balance between functionality and aesthetic.

In this guide, we will talk about a few key design ideas to help you accommodate elements of Scandinavian interior design in your abode.

# 1 Lighting is Key

Scandinavian décor comes from a place that doesn’t enjoy much sunlight. This is why lighting is essential in Scandinavian interior décor. Scandi interior is all about including multiple light sources and illuminating your space in a creative way. From beautiful pendant lights to unique floor lamps, Scandinavian interior decor has room for a variety of stunning lighting solutions.

# 2 Form Follows Function

If you know anything about Scandi design, you’re aware that form follows function when it comes to this décor theme. This is why, if you wish to give your abode a Scandinavian look, you should ensure that your room is not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed keeping practicality in mind.

# 3 Light Coloured Flooring

Scandinavian décor is all about raw, natural beauty, and this is why hardwood flooring in raw colours is used extensively. Lighter tones like beige, ice grey, and taupe are commonly found in Scandi homes. These colours also contribute to expanding space and inviting more light into the room.

# 4 Fresh Botanicals

While the Scandinavian aesthetic focuses largely on muted colours, fresh blooms and plants are a great way to add a pop of colour and freshness and prevent your space from looking dull. This is why you will spot a bunch of dried flowers, succulents, and cacti in Scandi homes.

# 5 No Clutter, Please?

Scandinavian interior design is all about maintaining a neat and clean ambiance. This is why clutter is the last thing you want in your Scandinavian home. Stick to a minimal design and avoid going overboard with the décor pieces. The idea is to balance your space and add the right amount of personality without making your room look overboard.

# 6 Warm Textiles

Warm textiles are a big part of Scandinavian décor. Since the Scandinavian décor theme emerged from relatively cooler climate countries, it’s big on warmer, cosier textiles. Whether it’s in the form of snug throw blankets or black-out curtains. Not only do these textiles offer a sense of cosiness and comfort to the room, but they also add a layer of texture to the space.

Scandinavian interior designs for HDBs are perfect for homes where space is at a premium. In addition to this, the clean, crisp, and clutter-free aesthetic of this décor theme is what makes it a great choice for today’s fast-paced life. So, if you’re thinking of giving your home a Scandi makeover, we’d say wait no more. Get in touch with a reliable interior designer today like Livspace and get started on your home renovation journey today.


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