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5 Things To Note When You’re Invited To An Indian Wedding

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Like every other ethnicity in Singapore, Indian Wedding is nothing short of a festival with music, food, energy and lots of vibrant colours. 

Although Tamil/Ceylonese weddings (the largest Indian ethnicity in Singapore) and every other Indian region have their own rituals and celebrations, all these regions have 3 things in common: Lengthy Weddings, Lots of joyous ceremonies, and it’s all about being a family.

If you’re invited to an Indian wedding and unsure of the proper etiquette, this article will provide the necessary guide for attending your first Indian wedding. We will be covering: What to wear, gifting etiquette and some expectations for the wedding.

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What Happens During An Indian Wedding Ceremony?

Like every other ceremony, there are different rituals that you can expect and Indian Wedding is no different. 

For Sikh Weddings, it usually takes place in a Sikh Temple where the bride and groom are seated at the front of the prayer hall before the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh Holy Book.

Once everyone is seated, the priest will begin reciting the official wedding ceremony hymns as laid upon in the scripture. The bride and groom would walk four rounds around the area where the Holy Book is placed. 

Once the ceremony is over, do note that clapping is not allowed in the prayer hall.

Some things to take into account, ceremonies do tend to be about 3 to 4 hours long. So please ensure you are relatively free from other events if you would like to experience the full ceremony.

For Hindu Weddings, also known as Vivaha, the bride and groom would be sitting under a Mandap (A structure that consists of 4 posts which symbolises Earth, Air, Water and Fire). From there, the priest will conduct a ritual after which the couple will walk seven rounds.

This is a short overview of what an Indian Wedding Ceremony would look like. If you are not sure what to expect, you can always contact your friends for more details!

Source: Pexels

What Should I Wear for the Wedding?

For Indian Weddings, if you are unsure of what to wear, try to look for something bright. For the ladies, look for a Sharara, Lehenga or Saree and for men, look for Kurta Pyjama or Sherwani.

If you are unsure of where to buy your outfits for the wedding, a heritage brand like Stylemart provides a wide variety of traditional wear for both ladies and men.

Even when it comes to wearing bright, try to not wear the colour white as it is reserved for funerals. 

Other than traditional wear, you can opt to wear more jewellery accessories to provide a nicer touch to your overall outfit.

Last but not least, when attending religious ceremonies, especially in temple halls, legs and shoulders have to be covered and you need to wear a scarf over your head.

What Gift Should I Prepare?

Like any other wedding, giving cash would be the most ideal gift for an Indian Wedding as well. The rule of thumb for the monetary value can be gauged based on the location of the wedding to support the couple. 

Additionally, it is also good to give in auspicious denomination like $51, $81 or any other amount that ends in 1.

For those who prefer getting a gift for the bride and groom, it’s better to send it to their house beforehand as they might not be able to receive it or provide a designated spot to place it during the wedding.

What Type Of Food Will Be Provided?

Depending on the type of wedding you’re going to, North and South Indian wedding food served would be different. However, the food provided would be buffet style, ranging from vegetarian to non-vegetarian.

Also, rejecting or turning down when someone offers you food can often be considered rude.

Lastly, the main course would usually be served once after the wedding is over. Before entering, guests are treated to appetisers and snacks instead. 

Expect Large Crowds For The Wedding

The last thing to note is that in every Indian Wedding, prepare yourself for the crowd size when you enter the wedding. Indians tend to have a larger guest list so expect a minimum of 300 guests at a wedding. 

Last but not least, take this time to enjoy and dance along at the Wedding! Know that Indian Weddings are well known for dancing a lot and a large array of food at every event. So wear the brightest outfit and jewellery and get ready to enjoy the celebration!

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