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7 Netflix Shows to Burn Your Weekends

Money Heist Umbrella Academy American Vandal Girl From Nowhere
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In this article, we will be sharing some of the most binge-worthy shows you can find on Netflix right out. We will skip favourite Netflix shows like Black Mirror, Stranger Things and Breaking Bad, but you will not regret laying on your bed to browse Netflix during your weekends.

Money Heist

Netflix show Money Heist

Image Source: NME

This is probably the most well-known show that is on this Netflix shows list, but we highly recommend it. Where Endgame’s money heist is about stealing time, you can guess that this has something to do with stealing money. Money Heist is a show about a group of criminals led by a man called “The Professor” that will commit the perfect bank robbery in all of Spain’s history. The story delves deep into the characters’ relationships and their emotions. The characters are also diverse which The Professor made good use of to commit the heist. Throughout the show, you will continuously be on your seat, wondering whether the police or the robbers will be the ultimate winner. The director of the show is also able to continually switch their allegiance between the police and the robbers as the plot develops. There are currently 2 seasons to this show and season 3 is expected to drop on July 19.


Netflix show Narcos

Image Source: MTPR

Narcos is a show about the Cali Cartel, one of the most powerful drug cartels in Columbia. If Cali Cartel does not ring a bell to you, then maybe Pablo Escobar will. There are 3 seasons to this show and Season 1 to 2 mainly revolves around Pablo Escobar. It shows how Pablo Escobar rises to power and how he built his drug empire and gained notoriety in the world. The show depicts very well the luxurious lifestyle the drug lords enjoyed, the level of corruption and power struggles that existed and some of the infamous scenes where Pablo Escobar escaped from prison. In Season 3, it shows how law enforcement agencies tried to clamp down on the Cali Cartel after Pablo Escobar’s death. If you manage to finish all 3 seasons, be sure to check out Narcos: Mexico too! It explores the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel in Mexico.

The Umbrella Academy

Netflix show The Umbrella Academy

Image Source: Mashable SEA

Umbrella Academy is a group of 7 children adopted by a billionaire, 6 of which possesses a superpower. Creatively, they are being labelled and called Number 1 to Number 7. As they were growing up, they are trained to utilise their superpowers to fight crimes. When they become adults, the 7 of them started going their separate ways (you know getting a real job and living life) They only got back together during their father’s death, and the story starts to unfold from there. There were suspicions whether Daddy was murdered by one of his kids or not. There are also time travelling assassins who try to stop history from changing. Overall, the show has a right mix of suspense, humour and weirdness.

American Vandal

Netflix show American Vandal

Image Source: TheWrap

American Vandal currently has 2 seasons and each season revolves around one vandalism case. In season 1, it is about the 27 male genitalia being spray painted on the cars in the staff’s parking lot. And of course, high school student will find this funny and started making jokes about it. For the teachers, they immediately launch an investigation to find out the culprit. Sam and Peter were engaged to do this. They interviewed students and staff around the school, tried to find pieces of evidence and one main suspect came out, the notorious student Dylan. There was evidence for and against whether he really did it and viewers are constantly being swung between the two sides. Apart from the male genitalia jokes, the season end with a scene which sent a strong message to the viewers (to us at least.) You have to watch to find out what it is. In Season 2, Sam and Peter were tasked to investigate the “Brownout”. This season is disgusting… to say the least. The culprit calls himself The Turd Burglar and even has an Instagram account, check it out to have an idea what this season is about. This season makes the show feels more alive. See what do students do when they see something interest happen today? That’s right, the post and discuss it on their Social Media platform. This season perfectly captures that bit of realism. While it feels more real, season 2 is not as funny as season 1 but still deserves a watch for its quirkiness.

Girl From Nowhere

Netflix show Girl From Nowhere

Image Source: Bustle

Girl From Nowhere is a Thai show about a girl Nanno who transfers to different school regularly. At each of these schools, she will expose different lies and wrongdoings of the students and faculties there. Each story is covered in one or two episodes and explores a different theme such as a teacher who always become too intimate with female students, a student trying to find a shortcut to success or a student trying to gain fame on social media. It is closely related to some of the issues we are seeing in today’s world and remind us not to fall into these deadly traps.

Mr Iglesias

 Mr Iglesias

Image Source: Express

Mr Iglesias is a sitcom starring Gabriel Iglesias as the cool history teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School. For people that enjoy sitcom, this is one of the better ones that is released recently. Each episode is filled with lots of laughter and some pretty offensive jokes. As each chapter progresses, you seek a better understanding of some of the students, and each of them is pretty unique. While there is no real story, it is definitely a show to watch if you want to laugh it off over the weekend. If you pay real attention, you may learn some American history too.

Terrace House

Terrace House

Image Source: Hypebae

Terrace House has the most seasons out of all the mentioned Netflix shows, but the gist of it is the same. 6 strangers, 3 guys and 3 girls, live together in a house. The members are mostly pretty attractive whom some of us have a mini crush on. All they are given is a house to stay in and cars to drive around. The members will go about their lives, going to work or school, buying groceries to feed themselves. The main goal of the show is to foster romances amongst the members, and from time to time, the members will go on dates with one another. Other than the happy bits, there will be conflicts and memorable events too such as The Meat Incident, Costco Rejection and the Guilty Samurai. Surprisingly, watching other people live through their daily lives can be pretty relaxing. What makes the show even more enjoyable are the commentators who try to decipher the members’ action and words, adding lots of humour to the show. Right now, a new season, Terrace House: Tokyo, is currently airing in Netflix Japan.

So what are some of the Netflix shows you recommend? Let us know in the comments!



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