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A Comprehensive Guide to Taking Care of Houseplants: Benefits and Essential Tips

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One of the best investments that you can have to boost the liveliness of your house is by getting yourself some houseplants!

Not only does it enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but it offers you both health and environmental benefits!

In this article, we will delve into the reasons and ways of having house plants in your house and also some guide to taking care of them!

Why Should We Have Plants in Our Houses?

Natural Air Purifiers

If you always wanted an air purifier but in this economy… houseplants will be the cheapest option. The basic of what plants do is absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen which will improve the indoor air quality!

Plants like peace lily and snake plants can also help to remove toxins from the air!

Aesthetic Appeal

For those who live in the City area, having houseplants will add a touch of nature to your overall interior, giving a more inviting and lively environment.

Since they all come in different shapes, sizes and colours, which allows you to choose what fits your style and preferences!

Increase Humidity

Plants release moisture into the air (A process called Transpiration). This will increase humidity levels in your house and will benefit those living in drier climates.

For Singaporeans who are always in an Aircon environment, having plants in your office or home can provide humidity into your room! No wonder Jewel Changi Airport hits different.

Essential Tips For Taking Care Of Houseplants

After all, pursuing you to get houseplants for your house, now it’s time to give you some essential tips on how to take care of your new babies!


Like every living organism, we all need water to survive! Here are some important tips to know on watering your plants! 

Always water your plants after repotting them to help your plants settle in a new environment! Dry soil doesn’t do good for them.

Plants with larger pots dry our slower so you don’t have to keep watering them so often! 

However, if you leave plants in outdoor spaces like your corridor or garden, they will dry pretty quickly so do look out for them!

Always remember to check your soil to avoid overwatering and underwatering. Both cause your plants to brown or yellow at times.


Some plants do need that Vitamin D! Some thrive in direct sunlight but others would appreciate partial or shaded light.

Speak to your plants (or search on Google) about the light conditions which helps you understand where your plant would strive the most!

Soil and Fertiliser

Fun fact, soil is actually the foundation that helps your plant grow! Always remember that you need to find the right soil so that it prevents waterlogging.

While houseplants don’t often need fertilisers than house plants, it would still benefit their growth during their growing season!

Same to humans, overeating will cause consequences to the human body. So to plants, over-fertilising can also harm them. So remember to use them moderately!

Pots and Drainage

Choosing the right pots with drainage holes will help to prevent water from accumulating at the bottom.

Tip: For the plants that are in your living room, please use Saucers or trays to catch excess water so that it does not leak onto your carpet or furniture!

General Maintenance

Plants also like haircuts! So remember to regularly prune dead or yellowing leaves to keep them healthy and promote new growth!

Rotate plants around to ensure there is even growth and exposure to light on all its sides.

Inspect for pests or diseases regularly. If found, isolate them and treat them promptly to prevent them from spreading.

Recommended Plants To Have

Some plants are beautiful by itself and here are some recommendation that we think would suit in your new house!

Anthurium Crystallinum

This plant gives off a rainforest vibe. Found in Central and South America. 

With its oval, white-veined leaves, this striking plant deserves a special place in every houseplant collection! Also, it is one of the easiest to care for!

Alocasia Pink Dragon

This a stunning and rare plant. Its dark green and large leaves sit delicately on its pale pink stems. 

But all beauty needs some care and love. Alocasia Pink Dragon needs several hours of bright indirect light. While it can handle a short period under direct morning sun, it is best to avoid prolonged hours.

Caladium lindenii

One of the cheaper plant alternatives that you can consider! It features a large, arrow-shaped green leaf with an eye-catching creamy-white veins. 

When the soil is dry in the top 1/3 of the pot, you can slowly start watering them again!

For more details on where you can buy houseplants, you can visit your local florist or look at online stores like, which provide a variety of houseplants and bouquets you can choose from!

They also provide comprehensive information on everything you need to become a successful plant parent!

Houseplants bring numerous benefits to your home, from giving a new aesthetic to your house to improving air quality.

By understanding the specific needs of your plants and providing the necessary care, you can enjoy the beauty and liveliness of your new living space! Happy planting! 🌱

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