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50 Bad Habits of Driving Instructors in Singapore

Bad Habits
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Here’s a listicle. It’s about driving instructors in Singapore. You are allowed to use it strictly for reference.

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Bad Habits Level: Common


This forms the basic foundation of all driving instructors, don’t be startled and switch your instructor because of these bad habits they have accumulated over time.

1.  Eating in the car

2. Reads the newspaper

3. Keep on dragging your lessons

4. Keep saying you are a bad driver

5. Never remind you to check blind spots

6. Never give exam tips

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7. Boasting about his fully filled schedule

8. Keep boasting he has 1000 students waiting

9. Overly sarcastic

10. Can’t pronounce any word properly

Bad Habits Level: Moderate


These habits are still pretty common in many driving instructors, so don’t be alarmed by theses habits as many claim that they are still very alert and professional in their field.

11 Watching videos, surfing the net while teaching

12. Sleeping (Might even snore)

13. Giving instructions too loudly or softly

14. Showing off their skills 

15. Always late

16. Jio you to drink coffee during your lesson time

17. Always want to stop at the toilet during your lesson time

18. Overemphasize on safety and passing your TP which make you not “roadsmart”

19. Always cancel your lesson

20. And tell you at the last-minute

21. Or Don’t even inform you until you hunt him down

22. Not showering before the lesson

23. Outsource lessons to friends/other instructors

24. Ask you to drive too slowly

25. Ask you to drive too fast

26. Don’t correct your mistake

27. Don’t want to book circuit with you

28. Book too many circuit lessons with you

29. Messy car.

30. Scolds you for every mistake. Is it even a mistake or is he in a bad mood?

31. Ask you to use your “feel” for everything

32. Sexist

33. Racist

34. Stopping for smoke breaks

35. Saying “I have never seen a worse driver than you” to every student

Bad Habits Level: Advanced/Expert (Alert!)

Asian Driver

No go. But what choice do you have? You already paid the registration fee and changing to another instructor will just waste you even more time. And the best part: these instructors do know each other and won’t hesitate to boycott you secretly.

36. Ask you to extend your PDL when you have 3 months left

37. End your lesson early and cheat off those few minutes of lesson time

38. But charge you full price

39. Loves his car too much

40. Asking you to take the tests knowing full well you won’t make it (best source of income)

41. Keep talking c*ck with you

42. Car filled with religious or feng shui related items

43. Keeps staring at you (if you are a girl)

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44. Never ask you to look out for safety, lets you drive freestyle, any way you want

45. Subtly cheating lesson time by letting you to drive through long stretches of roads

46. Giving you the wrong orders and then blames you for it after that

47. Manipulating you to book more lessons via the above listed habits to make you afraid and worried about TP test

48. Forgetting your test dates and requires your constant reminders

49. Looks like a nice instructor but has an extremely slow lesson progression. Makes you feel bad to ask him to quicken the pace

50. Doesn’t want to turn up the air conditioning, causing both instructor and student to sweat profusely while driving. And then complains about the weather but still refuses to turn it up.


51. Boast about their 10-40 years of teaching experience (Years of experience = No. of Bad Habits)

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How many points and immediate failures did your driving instructor accumulated? Do let me know and send me his contact number if your instructor is a one with 0-10 points.

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