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31 Bad Habits of Insurance Agents in Singapore

Insurance in SG
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With the sharp spike in number of insurance agents lurking around the MRT stations and Bus interchanges, we all had our fair share of experiences with them. Here’s our compiled list of bad habits we encountered dealing with insurance agents. Be sure to Like Us on Facebook!

Disclaimer: Not all insurance agents act like this, don’t be afraid if one approaches you out of nowhere (kind of like an ambush).

1. Jumping onto and targeting anyone exiting the MRT Stations, you can literally see the crowds of people getting split by them like the Red Sea.

2. Favourite targets: 18-25 years old, especially army boys

3. Hiding their true intentions by asking you help them do a 1 minute survey first

4. If declined, whines and begs you to help meet their quota

5. Complains that they can’t do a survey properly standing up and suggests you to follow her (Most of the time her) to a nearby Macs to sit down

6. Ask you to recommend friends to them

7. Asks whether your recommended friends are rich

8. Saying that all insurance is important

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9. Sugar-coating your policy

10. Flirts with you a lot

11. Starts to suddenly act like your girlfriend/boyfriend

12. Uploads an attractive photo as their Whatsapp profile photo

13. Continues to flirt with you on text

14. Claiming the policy proposed to you is at a discounted rate

15. Boasting that the policy that they are promoting is definitely better than your current policy

16. Warning you that your current policy is not enough and you should buy theirs too. The more the merrier


17. Baiting you with half-true headlines without the fine print

18. Will text to find out how you are, how you doing, how’s life, right up till you signed the policy with them

19. Super Responsive until you signed the policy with them

20. Not answering your calls when you need to inquire about something

21. Redirecting you to the hotline instead when you want to make a claim

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22. Boasting about their 10-40 years experience

23. But doesn’t know their stuff

24. Pushing even more unnecessary policies to you after earning most of the commission from your current one

25. Which is especially true for new agents taking over your previous one

26. Send you birthday cards and other kinds of cards which you will never open or throw it away

27. Doesn’t let you make a decision at your own pace

28. False selling

29. Hard selling

30. Telling you to meet up for a yearly review when it is actually just to sell you more policies

31. Complacent and never update themselves with the ever-changing industry

Of course finding a good agent all boils down to pure luck. Hope you enjoyed this list and Like Us on Facebook!

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