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Ever tried searching on Google with search terms like “how to make money online” or  “make money online fast”? We bet all of us did at some point in our lives. Multiple income streams have always been a favourite topic among Singaporeans since it has been proven to make people extremely wealthy. But some online money-making ways are either very complicated or only feasible in certain countries. Well, here’s a list of what we have found and tested to be working fine in Singapore. Some of these methods can earn you lots of money, while the rest give you small trickles of income AKA beer money.

Disclaimer: No affiliate links are present in this how to make money online guide. We make zero profit from any of these corporations. We genuinely want to spread awareness to some of these income streams but would greatly appreciate if you could give us a Facebook page like here.

1. Toluna

Toluna how to make money online

A survey site which you can access on all platforms. There’s an app for it here (iPhone) or here (Android). Toluna is a mini community-based platform with the key function of phone devices being public polls and random surveys. You earn in the form of points every time you complete a survey and these points can be used to redeem attractive prizes, ranging from PayPal cash to Capitaland vouchers. Occasionally, polls also reward you with points too. The interesting thing about this platform is that you can create surveys yourself too, kind of like a free tool for social experiments where you can obtain a small pool of results on what people think about a particular topic or product. This produces fast instant survey results for your polls, without having to persuade people to do it through Whatsapp.

Recommended for: Teenagers who want to earn additional S$20+ a month or for adults whose primary objective is not to make money online but to gain opinions and perspective from other people in this community. Do note that Toluna takes up to 3-4 weeks to process your rewards once redeemed.

2. Travel Smart Rewards (TSR)

If you have not registered for this site, you have already lost potentially hundreds of dollars of travel expenses for the past few years (Us included, unfortunately). Travel Smart Rewards is currently closed for registration but fear not, it is coming back in April 2017. Do keep a lookout for them. TSR is sponsored by LTA and is also in partnership with Transit Link. It is a good movement initiative to promote and encourage Singaporeans to take more public transport specifically during decongesting periods by giving you free cash.

Travel smart

How does it work? All you have to do is to sign up with your EZ-link card. We are serious. Your TSR account automatically earns points for every kilometre of MRT travel, and there are several multipliers if you travel at decongesting periods such as 6.15-7.15 AM or 8.45-9.45 AM. TSR also offer additional multipliers to corporate companies who want to reward their employees for commuting during the decongesting periods. You may get your HR department to contact them to work out a scheme. Lastly, you can also earn points by playing their new game called The Ride One.

How to Redeem Points

Two ways: Either play safe (not recommended since 1000 points = S$1 only) and redeem points straight for cash or take a chance. We strongly recommend you to play the mini-game instead as the likelihood of winning big EZ-link cash is so much higher (S$1-200 each time). If you are lazy, you can even opt-in to let the AI play the game for you. All you have to do is to check your email. From there, you can check how much winnings you get on a regular basis. [Update 25/5/2017: This is now replaced by a Special Offers tab, do not play the game!]

To redeem your winnings, just head down to any Add Value Machine (AVM), place your card on top of the reader and hit TSR Rewards. Note: AVMs are the purple machines you see out there where people seldom go to, the usual ones we top up our cards with are called Ticketing Machines.

Recommended for: Anyone who has an EZ-link card and a brain. If you are interested in saving various amounts of travel expenses every month with minimal effort, this is the way.

Update on 22 June 2017: You can sign up here.

Making money, or rather, saving money on TSR isn’t that great anymore. It is unknown to Guidesify whether TSR will revert some of its old features to make its platform attractive again. Nevertheless, every cent counts and in this case, free money!

3. Website To Make Money Online

Feeling adventurous? This method is not for the weak-hearted and requires a lot of knowledge, skill and perseverance. With the success of sites like Goodyfeed, TheSmartLocal, SGAG, etc., people all over the world have thought of setting a blog/website themselves (just like us), making a name for themselves too. Breaking into this market to make money online is tougher than ever.

However, what is life without a little challenge? As long as you are able and willing to pick up these skills and write consistent quality content, it is almost guaranteed for you to achieve success in the long run. Do not focus so much on profits but readership and gaining social presence as a writer.

Take a look at our current Authors List

Guidesify X Unruly

Want to know how to start earning money from your already established website? Here is Guidesify’s most preferred choice – Unruly.

Not Interested in Writing?

A website could be set up for other purposes to directly/indirectly generate revenue. Some people create websites to promote their own/other peoples’ local businesses and products/services. The possibilities of a site are endless.

Recommended for: Ambitious individual/small group who have a flair for writing or have an entrepreneur mentality. Must also be determined and creative with ideas to succeed. If not, picking it up as a hobby is fine too. 

4. Carousell (Customer Support sucks though)

Probably the best platform created for anyone to declutter and sell items no longer needed for a quick buck. Moreover, this app is made in Singapore. Carousell, a platform created for both Android and Apple users, was founded by Lucas Ngoo, Quek Siu Rui and Marcus Tan back on May 1, 2012.

Carousell Logo-min

It was initially designed for Singaporeans to sell/trade second-handed or unused items to others so as to free up some home space. Carousell is extremely user-friendly and easy to use, which also led to some criticisms when gullible users (stop blaming others seriously, change your mindset and start learning from your mistakes) began to post photos and screenshots of themselves getting cheated by scammers. Several media sources also reported other cases like selling of prohibited items.

As of now, non-profit Carousell has raised hundreds of millions of funding because of its potential. It expanded into countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and the United States to compete with other marketplaces such as Gumtree, Letgo, etc. If you haven’t read our guide on how to sell on Carousell efficiently and effectively, you can read our 5-part complete series here: 

• The Basics

• Unethical Hacks

• Your Compatibility with Carousell

Where to get Cheap Goods

• Utilising the New Bump Feature (Coming soon)

Recommended for: Anyone who has a phone and has the stuff to sell or get rid of at home. Do not try to be greedy or you won’t stand to gain much or make money online from this platform.

5. Write an eBook

eBooks are trending for years and have been the primary source of revenue for many bloggers from other countries. It is reported by several famous bloggers to have earned at least 10,000 USD in the initial sales of their eBook on popular platforms like Amazon. That being said, eBooks are a popular complementary product to your website if you have already established one as previously mentioned in point 3.

Do not worry if you do not have a website. Many authors begin writing their first eBook before going on to publishing a physical book. All you need is good content for it go viral through the miracles of Social Media and not forgetting word of mouth. You could also contact various blogs that are related to your niche topics to promote your book to their already established base of loyal fans. Targeted marketing at its lowest cost.

Of course, having your website makes it a tonne easier to promote your book. Nevertheless, writing an eBook takes virtually zero cost to write but you just need time. A lot of time.

Recommended for: Writers with a strong command of language and have loads of free time willing to spend on writing. Having some knowledge of social marketing, email marketing and other related skills would boost the likelihood of your eBook getting sold too.

6. YouTube

Make no mistake. Setting up a YouTube Channel as a source of revenue isn’t easy at all. It was a piece of cake back in 2005 but no, not in 2017. With thousands of established YouTube Channels which YouTubers come for videos, it is as hard as making a website or even tougher to break into the market. That being said, it is still a key answer and a good place to start for extroverted people in general who want to make money online.

To first capture subscribers, you must own excellent recording equipment, video editing software and more. A video of poor quality apparently tends to get a much higher bounce rate. You would also have to create a visually captivating thumbnail, a straightforward and easy-to-remember username and optimised video titles (Aka Clickbait).

Recommended for: Sociable and outgoing individuals/group who are good at speaking or acting. Should be creative or well opinionated, depending on what type of audience you intend to cater to. Established YouTubers can earn 5-digit income from video views alone (excluding sponsors, products, services, etc.) There are a few Singaporean YouTube Channels you can take a reference to if you want to give it a shot. They include MiniMoochi, JianHao Tan, Night Owl Cinematics etc.

7. Upwork

Upwork is a 3rd party platform that forms an interface between companies and freelancers. Anything you can do on a computer from data entry to SEO projects could be outsourced from these companies. Freelancers tend to earn much more with Upwork as one of their sources of work since the platform is designed to find and search for projects that are related to your job scope and the level of your skills.


Why do companies want to outsource projects to freelancers that they don’t even know? This is because the company’s productivity is always almost guaranteed to have a drastic improvement using them. Freelancers are more likely to perform better than full-time workers. Since freelancers on Upwork get reviewed and paid for their work after each project, they tend to work better at completing tasks as compared to the employees at work who occasionally check their phones, go for long toilet breaks, get a coffee from the pantry, etc. Freelancers are preferred over full-time employees in some scenarios.

Note: Upwork takes a 5-20% commission from each project. They also like to showcase people with talents. That being said, being professional and consistent in your projects is critical. Remember to form positive relations with companies and keep yourself filled with positive reviews to establish your place in Upwork.

Recommended for: Freelancers who most likely already know this platform. People who have lots of free time and don’t mind spending their own time working even more. This platform is better if you have IT-related skills such as SEO, Web Designing, Web Developing etc. Freelancing platforms is the answer on how to make money online.

8. Grab

We all know Grab is more of an online platform for you to be a taxi driver offline. But we are putting Grab here as most drivers in Singapore seems to promote and prefer Grab to other similar services, namely Uber. Many drivers shared with the Guidesify’s team that Grab shares more revenue with their drivers, as compared to Uber. There is more flexibility in being a Grab driver. Grab drivers are also able to choose their customers.  Other benefits include:

  • $38+/hr during peak hours, and with GrabShare, you are bound to earn even more
  • Devise your strategies to drive smart to maximise revenue
  • Improve your networking which may help you with your day job
  • Grab weekly incentives program
  • Exclusive Grab deals

Recommended for: We strongly discourage anyone who’s young to take up Grab as a full-time job as it is a waste of your future, you are still new to driving, and you are competing with drivers who have a family to feed. This is why Grab always promotes Singaporeans to drive smart. Please do give some serious thought about your future career path. If not, Grab is an awesome way to make a side income along with various benefits without even compromising on your day job.


Grab was formerly known as GrabTaxi.

Useful Guides: Read our 3-part complete guide on Grab vs. Uber written by professional drivers. The guide includes information on commissions, rider types, best hotspots and more.

9. Airbnb 

It is a grey area for now. Click here to read the terms for renting out private residential properties. Do enlighten us if you know more.


9. AirFrov

Before you travel next time, head over to their website or download the app, available for both iOS and Android.

AirFrov is an app where users request items they require overseas. You can help them to get the things they want if you are in the area offshore. You can offer to buy at a price listed or negotiate if you think you want a better deal. This is a good way to earn back some money from your holidays. Food items, clothing and local products are commonly sought items.  No worries as most buyers will give instructions on where to get the item they need.

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How to Make Money Online Bonus: 10. Google Opinion Rewards


A new addition to our make money online guide. Google Opinion Rewards rewards users submitting their “opinions” in the form of surveys. This method earns you credits on the Google Play Store in which you can redeem for paid apps and in-app purchases. Opinion Rewards is not a money-making machine, but it saves you a tonne of cash on your Clash of Clans account and what not. Read the full guide for more information here: Google Opinion Rewards – Get Free Android Games/In-App Purchases Fast.

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    I have started creating my online business with a powerful platform to achieve my goal of owning my own business with #onlinebusinessfor50. The platform give me many tools to do keyword research, host my website with SSL security, purchase my own domains, with large community of internet experts to guide me along.
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