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Top 3 Cities Ranked Safest in 2017

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Hey peeps, we’ve finally reached the end of 2017 and many of us are desperately doing some sort of reflection or ‘look-back’. Here at Guidesify, we too are looking back at the cities ranked safest by The Safe Cities Index 2017.

Let’s countdown from 3 shall we? At the same time, we will also look at the highly raved places you must visit if you’re planning to head there in 2018.

#3 – Osaka


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Does this come as a surprise? Not for us. It has a rating of 88.87 and is ranked third on the safe cities index 2017’s overall results.

If there’s anything you have to take note of in Osaka in terms of safety, we would say it’s the number of sex-oriented businesses. You may find procurers/procuresses in some part of the town. These are people who control prostitutes and arrange clients for them, taking a percentage of their earnings in return.

Also look out for ‘hostess bars’ where you will be asked to pay for the company of a man or woman or ‘love hotels’ which are essentially sex-oriented hotels. Let’s not forget strip clubs which its name speaks for itself.

Otherwise, you’re really good to go! The best times to visit Osaka would be during spring (March to May) or fall (October to November).

If you don’t want the rain to dampen your holiday spirits, then avoid going during the rainy season (usually from mid-June to late July). It doesn’t rain every day so you can still travel, but for those who hate the rain for some reason or another, just take special note.

Guidesify recommends visiting: Dotonbori

Location: Dotonbori, Chuo, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0071, Japan

Nearest public transport: Osaka-Namba Station / Namba Station (It’s only about a 5-minute walk!)


Image Source: Google Maps

Camera (bring your own camera), lights, action! This place is the heart of Osaka nightlife and also filled with theatres, restaurants, cafes, bars, arcades and nightclubs. It is also ranked the first on TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Things to Do in Osaka list.

Ladies, there’s forever 21 round the corner. So gentlemen, please prepare something to keep yourselves occupied while your girl is at it.

For accommodation wise, consider staying at Hotel Sunroute Osaka Namba. It was awarded as the top choice for Agoda travellers in 2017 and has an excellent rating of 8.6 at the time of writing.


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Well, I can see why. The price of a single room is only S$99/night and S$132/night for a double room (based on a weekday check-in in April 2018). What’s more, it’s just a 5 to 6-minute walk from your hotel to Dotonbori.


Image Source: Google Maps

Almost got carried away while reading up on Osaka. Time to move on to the next safest city!

#2 – Singapore


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Aren’t you proud, Singaporeans? Singapore has a rating of 89.64 and is ranked second on the safe cities index 2017’s overall results.

For weather wise, Singapore experiences summer all year round with average temperatures of 26 – 27°C. So dress light, keep a bottle of water with you and don’t forget that sunscreen.

Guidesify recommends visiting: Gardens by the Bay


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Location: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

Nearest public transport: Bayfront MRT station

(It’s only about a 3-minute walk via underpass! Just follow the signboards once you’ve alighted. You won’t get lost in Singapore. Really.)

And since you’re there, don’t just visit the garden of wonder and supertree grove (which are free for entry by the way). Take a stroll at the OCBC Skyway which stands at a whopping 22 metres and be surrounded by panoramic vistas of the Gardens and Marina Bay skyline. Put on comfortable shoes though, this walkway is 128 metres long!

After that, it’s time for some air-conditioning. Visit the Flower Dome, the largest glass greenhouse in the world as listed in the 2015 Guinness World Records. Complete the experience by swinging by Cloud Forest, a mysterious world veiled in mist.

As for accommodation, it’s pretty expensive to stay near the attraction so we would recommend you to stay at Hotel NuVe Heritage, located at Bugis. Take the downtown line from Bugis MRT station to Bayfront MRT station (only 2 stops) and you’re just minutes away from Gardens by the Bay!


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For $153/night for a double room (based on a weekday check-in in April 2018), you get free breakfast, welcome drink, mini bar and even dining discounts. What else more could we ask for?

If you would like to consider other locations and places to visit during your stay in Singapore, do check out this article which we have previously written. So come, have a fulfilling time at sunny Singapore. It’s an experience you won’t forget!

*Drum rolls*

Time for the top-ranked safest country of 2017…

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#1 – Tokyo


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While Singapore has a rating of 89.64 and is ranked second, Tokyo is slightly better with a rating of 89.80 and ranked first on the safe cities index 2017’s overall results. A round of applause for Tokyo!

Pretty similar to Osaka, the best times to visit Tokyo for sightseeing would be late March to April, October to November. It’s the season where the weather is close to perfection since the summer rains and heat have passed.

Guidesify recommends visiting: Tokyo Disneyland


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Location: 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture 279-0031, Japan

Nearest public transport: Maihama Station / Resort Gateway Station (Disney Resort Line)

We definitely can’t miss out Disneyland whenever there is one, right? Young or old, it’s a place where dreams and fantasies come true. I’m sure Tokyo Disneyland needs no further introduction.

For accommodation, you can choose to stay at one of the Disneyland resorts, especially if you’re travelling with young kids and it’s easier for moving around. But if you’re going solo or with a partner, then we would recommend you to stay at Hotel Wing International Premium Tokyo-Yotsuya, located within Shinjuku.


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It was awarded as the top choice for Agoda travellers in 2015 and has an excellent rating of 8.2 at the time of writing. I believe it’s because of its attractive price of $151/night (based on a weekday check-in in April 2018) and location, only a mere 3-minute walk to Yotsuya-Sanchome Station.


Image Source: Google Maps

Oh my, the wanderlust in me has ignited after writing this piece of work. Be right back, booking a couple of plane tickets now.

Happy New Year!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Augustine of Hippo

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