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Creative Ways to Spend Mother’s Day with The Family

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Happy Mother’s Day – or is it? Restrictions on movement and gatherings as a result of COVID-
19 has thrown a spanner in the works for many who had Mother’s Day celebrations planned.
That brunch booking was cancelled, and that spa day will have to be rescheduled. Although
many were disappointed, we should see this as an opportunity to do something extra special in
the comfort of our homes.

Whatever you had planned outside the home – your mom will probably appreciate your
planning and efforts anyway – even if it didn’t materialise. But there’s still lots of hope! You can
still make sure that your mom has a happy mother’s day.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you are stuck at home and worrying about the perfect gift, try a DIY gift. Look for items around the house that you can jazz up like water bottles for kids or flasks. Use sharpies or permanent markers and draw pictures on it. Write your mom’s favourite phrases all over the water bottle. If you are creative, this should be fun.

water bottle with drawing

Source: Pexels

Remember the pasta picture frames and toilet roll dolls every one did at school? Now is the time to whip out the paint and get the kids to do arts and crafts. From picture frames, nightstand decorations, DIY keyrings – there are lots of inspiration online!

Remember, a happy mother’s day does not mean you have to get the biggest or most expensive gift. It just means that you make the effort of doing something special to acknowledge the day.

If you need some inspiration of what to do at home – think of the typical mother’s day images.

If you’re scared of DIY projects, try an entire day treat for mom! This is very thoughtful and will make her feel extra special.

A Happy Mother’s Day at Home

1. Make a card

Every momma will appreciate a mother’s day card, so get the kids together and start getting creative. Use arts & craft or even printing pager, write a cute message and decorate with drawings or cut out pictures from magazines and glue them all over the card!

2. Breakfast in bed

It wouldn’t be a happy mother’s day without a surprise breakfast in bed, right? Pancakes, eggs, fruit, waffles, cereal or toast – you will know what she loves. This is the ultimate treat. Pop the home-made card on the tray

3. Pamper time

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a spa day. Treat your mom to a spa day at home with her favourite treatments. From hair, nails to facials – watch a couple of tutorials and get started. If you are wary of beauty treatments, try the good old pedicure – any mom would love getting their feet massaged

4. Do all the chores

Give mom a moment to herself while dad and the kids take care of the house. Clean up, fold that washing and start prepping for dinner. Don’t forget to check if mom needs a drink or a snack, it is her day after all

5. Family time

For most moms, a happy mother’s day is when they can have a bit of downtime and spending time with their family. Then use this opportunity to play some board games or cards with mom and the family. Maybe watch a movie or a favorite movie together. Spend some quality time together

6. Run a bubble bath

Light some scented candles and run a tub with some bath salts or essential oils. This is pampering time remember? If you don’t have a bath – light some candles and allow mom to take a long shower. Leave some fresh towels out for her

7. Cook dinner

If you can’t leave the house, the best mother’s day gifts will probably be home-cooked meals. It takes planning, time and quite the bit of effort. So make this a happy mother’s day getting the family cooking her favorite meal. There are plenty of easy recipes online – steak, pasta, chicken, pies, you can have your pick!

family sitting around kitchen table

Source: Pexels

If you have a few activities planned for mother’s day at home – don’t forget to capture the special moments with your camera! Even better, make a couple of short videos. Make sure your mom never forgets this epic mother’s day by making a scrapbook or photo collage of all the pictures. Happy mother’s day to all the moms!

What are you planning for the perfect Mother’s Day at home? Share your ideas the comments section!


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