Google Pay Singapore Promo/Referral Code – No More E-wallets!

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There are so many e-wallets and digital payments solutions in Singapore. Although each of them has its merits, it is safe to say that it can be pretty frustrating having your bits and pieces of your money stuck in different apps. The people at Google understood the pain points well and came up with Google Pay, an online payment system that makes receiving and spending money fast, simple and secure. Here’s a Google Pay Promo Code for both Android and iOS users to get you started with S$5 BONUS cash after making your 1st transfer/payment!

Fun fact: Singapore is the second country after India to launch the all-new Google Pay app to cater to local users.

Is This The Same Google Pay App?

No, don’t be confused with the other (old) Google Pay App. 

This is a different Google Pay app that offers a new Google Pay experience that builds on already available payments infrastructure, namely PayNow and SGQR. It doesn’t try to reinvent how digital payments should work but rather creates a consolidated payment solution that is simple yet secure.

That being said, features from the generic Google Pay App can be seen in the refreshed version as well. 

In short, this Google Pay App is a localised version that was meant for Singaporeans only.

No e-wallets, no more stuck cash 

Google has also decided to not have a wallet to hold your money too.

That means you will never see warnings like “Minimum top-up value of S$20 is required” and “Your balance has fallen below S$X amount.” on the app.

Say goodbye to payment systems that choose to hog your money restrict you from withdrawing the balance back to your bank accounts. 

How does it work?

Since Google Pay requires its users to link their PayNow mobile numbers with the Google Pay accounts, money received is automatically sent to the bank account that is associated with PayNow. 

For sending money, it is done via PayNow if you add an OCBC or Standard Chartered Bank Account and PayLah! if you connected via DBS PayLah! instead.  

Rejoice! You no longer have to keep track of the stuck cash in your e-wallets. 

As mentioned earlier, Google Pay retained features from its generic version, where users can still use their cards for contactless payments.

Note: Google Pay has a daily transfer limit of S$2,000, but there are sub-limits for the different bank accounts user have linked to the app – StanChart customers are limited to S$1,000, DBS PayLah! are limited to the PayLah!’s wallet limit and OCBC remains up to S$2,000.

What Else Can Google Pay Do That No One Else Can?

Ever heard of Splitwise? Splitwise is undeniably a very useful app, especially for keeping tabs amongst a large group of friends but sadly, it isn’t integrated with payment services yet. 

Google Pay combines both the functions of Splitwise and PayNow into one. The chat function allows you to start a conversation, split the bill and keep track of tabs while enabling you to pay conveniently in the same app.

The transaction history is effectively segmented to conversation/contact level view. 

To top it of all, Google Pay stands by the mission to support our local vendors, cutting out the middleman fees whenever you make payment to a merchant.

Google Pay’s new feature supports local F&B vendors by connecting them to customers for free on their platform. Users can browse menus of more than 250 restaurants. 

If you wish to place the order, you can choose dishes via the app and the total cost will be shown. The app will then allow you to complete the order by giving 2 options – calling the vendor or sending the compiled order on WhatsApp. You can then choose to self-collect or arrange a delivery man. 

Though the process might sound a little more tedious than ordering your food on other apps, the heart behind this aims to maximise the profits of the vendors. Think it as a small trade-off for hefty middleman fees.

Offers, Scratchcards & Much Much More

Google Pay offers deals ranging from scratchcards, referral codes, movie/food discounts that come and go so keep your eyes peeled on the Offers Tab. 

Image Source: OCBC

At the point of writing, here are some deals that you may wish to take advantage of:

  • Scratch cards winning up to $15 for transactions twice a week
  • Pay in a store and win up to S$10 twice a week
  • $5 off @ Wafuken (Asia Square) on Google Play
  • 10% off @ Super Simple
  • S$2 cashback when ordering food on Google Pay
  • 10% off @ Paul bakery
  • Golden Village free tumbler and waiver of the convenience fee
  • Free upsized meal at Burger King
  • 20% off on Shaw’s Family Popcorn Combo
  • Book tickets @ Shaw and stand a chance to win Google Pixel 4

Offers seem to refresh weekly so snag those deals before they get wiped away. 


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