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HEPAS Air Purifier (By Cosy Cool) – Refresh Your Indoor Air Quality

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Yeah, it’s the new normal. We get it. But it’s pointless to know that if we do nothing. That being said, we now spend most of our time at home and believe it or not, the air quality of our homes matters. It is known that indoor air can be much ‘dirtier’ than the air outside. Fortunately, the HEPAS AIR purifier (a Singaporean-made air purifier) lives up to the air purifier hype.

Here’s why.

P.S. There is a vast difference between an Air-Conditioner and Air Purifier. Contrary to popular belief, your AC (even with a filter) isn’t enough. :0

HEPAS Air Purifier (By Cosy Cool) Features At A Glance

Simply put, the HEPAS Air Purifier is a powerful, mid-range product.

A sleek and minimalist product that can be held easily.

It is very space efficient (32.5cm x 17.2cm x 51cm) and lightweight (5kg).

If you suffer from allergy or asthma, an air purifier with a HEPA filter may be helpful for you as it helps to remove particles in the air.

The HEPAS Air Purifier was launched in 2020 by Cosy Cool, a Singaporean company that specialises in the sanitisation and disinfection of Air-cons since 2013. 

This idea was conceptualised after tons of door-to-door visits of AC servicing as the team realised that there was a considerable gap in the optimum and present air quality in many homes.


The Guidesify Team was given a unit of the HEPAS Air Purifier to curate a review for readers, who may be keen to find out more about the potential benefits the product may bring. The team does not make any profit out of the purchase of the product.

30-40% Cheaper – Without Compromising Quality

So how do air purifiers actually work

Air purifiers typically consist of a filter, or multiple filters, and a fan that sucks in and circulates air. 

When air passes through the filter, pollutants and particles are trapped and the clean air is pushed back out into the living space.

Sounds like what we all need in this pandemic?

High-end quality air purifiers are usually above 250SGD. They can get expensive and we can see why some are willing to spend that much to purify their air!

Especially if certain family members suffer from respiratory problems. 

At a price point of 180SGD, the HEPAS Air Purifier boasts a medical-grade air filter system that is made to last up to 1500 hours or 6 months with the usage of 8 hours a day.

HEPAS’s Air Purifier Uses Medical Grade Air Filter System

The last thing you would want in your home would be buying an air purifier that does absolutely nothing to your air. 

In reality and unfortunately, not all purifiers really live up to its claims. 

The first thing you look out for would be the presence of a HEPA Filter

HEPA Filters can statistically remove 99.97% 0.3-micron particles. Our nose (hairs) and throat can only filter PM10 particles, but the smaller PM2.5 particles cannot be filtered out.  

A sealed HEPA air filter that comes with a newly bought purifier

And fortunately, the HEPAS air purifier by Cosy Cool uses an H13 HEPA filter that is commonly used in medical facilities. 

It not only comes with activated carbon but is also infused with silver, acting as a natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent.

Built by Singaporeans, for Singapore Homes

A suitable air purifier not only comes with a proper filter but it has to suit the size of your room as well. 

Typically speaking, you would want your air purifier to circulate the air in your room 2-5 times an hour so you would need to purchase the size and power of your air purifier accordingly. Or, you would not be able to reap the benefits of your purifier. 

Built for Singapore homes with a CADR of 200m3 per hour, the HEPAS air purifier can circulate air in a typical HDB room up to 6 times per hour, which is pretty optimal!

Wi-Fi Enabled – Control the Smart HEPAS Air Purifier with your phone!

A good home appliance always comes with Wi-Fi controls.

Controlling the setting via the Smart Life app

Cosy Cool’s HEPAS AIR Purifier is smart home enabled, which will allow you to control and monitor air quality indoors from the comfort of your phone.

Now, what packs a punch is the voice assistant controls.

Voice control with Google Home works!

The Guidesify team tested the smart air purifier app with Google Home, which synced and connected rather seamlessly (via the Smart Life app).

This means a lot if you are a tech geek like we are.

Smart features like configuring routines, scenes and controlling the air purifier remotely via voice controls are entirely possible.

That’s one step closer to building a smart home!

Is this Smart Wi-Fi HEPAS Air Purifier for you?

There is a huge spectrum of air purifiers out there in the market – ranging from unbelievably cheap ones to very high-end branded costly ones. 

Well, if you are unsure if purchasing one is worth an investment or are still using a cheap air purifier that does not even come close to what a HEPA-filter air purifier can do, this is definitely worth looking at.

It is a full-fledged product retailed much lower than its peers of this quality.

You can get them via Shopee, Lazada or their home website.

Last but not least, #supportlocal.


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