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Holidays are Coming, these are the Top 5 Popular Freelance Jobs for You

Freelance Jobs
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Excluding waiters, Uber driver or giving out flyers, we list the other freelance/part time jobs which you may consider

This is not a sponsored post, no companies will be mentioned, no websites will be featured. We provide you with ideas which are best for you to explore. We at Guidesify wish you all the best. 

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Photographer Job
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This job requires an interest, if not skills. The key for this job is to build a good portfolio which can land you several projects. The fees are typically very lucrative, given that your investment in equipment would be quite substantial. There are many freelance photographers that open their own studio to do it full time when their jobs increase!

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Writers Job
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Online publications are increasingly popular. If you are good at writing articles, have many ideas and interesting topics popping up in your head, this might be the job for you. The good thing is, most of these are freelance. You only need an hour a day to write and send an article. You would still have the freedom and time for your other commitments.

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Translator Job
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Put your A1 in English and Chinese to good use, especially if you are good in your Higher Chinese in the past. Search for translation jobs on the internet. Some overseas companies are paying good money to have a novel translated for a fee. If you took an elective module in foreign languages, you will stand more chances of finding a project, since the more languages you know, the more variety.

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Yes, this is old school, however, not many people are good teachers. It is a different matter scoring well for your exams and being able to tutor another stranger to achieve the same. If you are not good at teaching face to face, new applications are popping up, where you can still “tutor” students. These applications allow students to take photos of their homework and post it up for tutors to answer them. Rather meaning job!

Mystery Shoppers

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Like an undercover agent, you infiltrate into the target, gain some intel and then report it back for evaluation. Except that it is absolutely safe and you most likely will enjoy it. Companies are hiring mystery shoppers to shop at their shops unidentified and note what the service crew lacks. This does not only apply to retail shops, restaurants are also increasingly following this practice.

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