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Life Hacks to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills Tremendously

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It does not matter if you are a student or already work somewhere: you should learn how to craft good pieces of writing. This is what this article is going to be about. Here, you can find some of the best life hacks and tips that will help you become a better writer and create impressive papers, letters, and resumes. Learn more tips about essay writing on this page!

Top Tips on How to Improve Your Writing

Good writing skills are always appreciated, even if you are not working as a professional writer. There will always be a need in a well-written letter or CV, and you never know when you might not have to use these skills for work. 

If you are a student, the facts speak for themselves: there are too many writing assignments that can’t be ignored. So how can you become a better writer and learn how to master your writing skills? Use these life hacks for improving your writing: 

  1. Learn the basics – If you don’t have a degree in this area, you should pay attention to some basics of writing. Such books as “Elements of Style” are a great way to learn more about good writing and basic rules. Some googling will also help you when it comes to searching for useful materials. 
  2. Take a writing class – You don’t even have to go anywhere since all the classes can be taken online. You can also join courses on websites like Coursera or edX and study at your own pace. Plan your time wisely and create some deadlines, and you will definitely notice the progress soon.
  3. Analyze writers you like – If you have favourite writers, re-read their books to find out what their secrets of good writing are. Take a closer look at their writing style and technique, choice of words, as well as the structure of their books, articles, or pieces of writing to see how they handled the task and what you can learn from them.
  4. Imitate – Now that you have studied the writers you admire, it is to copy them. It does not mean that you have to plagiarize their ideas and style. Just try writing in the same way they are, and while you are learning, you will gain a better understanding of how writing works. 
  5. Write every day – To get better at something, you will have to work on polishing your skills daily. Dedicate at least 30 minutes of your time to writing on a regular basis. You could try some exercises for writers that you can find easily online. 
  6. Work with expert essay writers – Contacting writing services online like can help you improve your skills a lot since you will have to learn how to write good papers fast. You can also pay someone from this service to write your own papers and learn more about good writing from the best experts.
  7. Choose simple words to convey your message – There is no need to overcomplicate your writing and include “smart” terms that have more understandable analogues and synonyms. Instead, try to find works that even non-native speakers would understand without any trouble. 
  8. Avoid filler words – Filler words include “just”, “that”, “like”, as well as many others that you didn’t have to use in the context. These words can sometimes be used in the text if there is a need in them, but you should avoid including them in your writing when filler words are not necessary. 
  9. Read more – It’s not a secret that reading is one of the best ways to improve your writing skills and learn more interesting words and synonyms. Find a genre that you enjoy the most and try reading at least 30 pages per day.
  10. Use editing tools – There is always a possibility that you might make a mistake without noticing it. Such tools as Grammarly will help you find it. Use editing apps to eliminate errors and improve your writing style every time you are working on a new piece of writing. You will definitely notice drastic changes between two versions of the text. 

Becoming a Better Essay Writer is Easy

Writing is not an easy craft, and even after years of working as a writer, many specialists state that there is still a lot to earn. If you want to improve your essay writing skills, you will have to work hard, but soon you will notice the difference. 

It is always important to keep working no matter what. This way, you will become a better specialist and writer much faster than you imagined. And even if you don’t plan on working as a professional writer, good writing skills will still be valuable on any CV and resume, so start improving your writing style now. 


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