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Little Flower Hut – Affordable 99 Roses For The Season of Love (Review)

Little Flower Hut 99 Roses
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We all can agree that flowers often convey a deep meaning for both the giver and the recipient. These beauties are essentially enough to say Happy Birthday, I Love You or Congratulations. However, we all can agree that roses are expensive, especially those big bouquets of 99 roses.

If you wish to deliver flowers to the special girl of your dreams to congratulate her on any occasion, here’s how you can do so at an affordable price in Singapore:

99 Roses Screenshot

1. Place your orders before peak season. 

Flowers are priced high during peak seasons such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas holidays, the Wedding month, and Mother’s Day. As you plan your gifts of flowers, you will save a lot when you place your orders before the peak seasons. Many florists in Singapore offer discounts on big bouquets when ordered ahead of time. Furthermore, you can arrange the delivery of the flowers on a specific date you need it.

2. Use coupon codes. 

Flowers can be availed on discounts when you use coupon codes. These codes are available at the florist shop itself or online. Some florists also insert promotion coupon codes in magazines and newspapers. If you are subscribed to the florist’s website, you may also have received emails that contain codes. This is the best time to maximise discounts and save on the cost of flowers.

Bouquet Little Flower Hut

3. Ask for discounts.

Don’t hesitate to ask for discounts from the online florist. Aside from discounts given to senior citizens and the disabled, some florists do give discounts to frequent customers, subscribers, and loyal customers.

Roses Bouquet Little Flower Hut

4. Deliver the bouquet personally. 

You can save on the cost of delivery if you choose to deliver the bouquet personally. What you need to do is to place your orders at least a few weeks before the occasion and arrange for a pick-up option instead. The personal delivery of unique hand bouquet of 99 Roses is more romantic, right? 

5. Create your own bouquet.

Instead of availing the special bouquet design for 99 roses, how about arranging and assembling them yourself to show your sincerity? You can save on cost if you create the bouquet personally. There are easy ways to arrange them, and your florist can help you with that. You may also search the internet for easy hacks on flower arrangement. It will definitely be more sincere if you personally deliver the bouquet you created.


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