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Methods to Get Your Crush To Like You (For Guys)

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Stressing over how to get attached with your crush? I’m here to tell you how.

*Disclaimer: Methods are not tried and tested. Results may vary. I hold zero responsibility if none of these works.

1. Learn more about her

Understanding is a very important part of a relationship. Partners need to know each other well to build a firm relationship. This is also the most important step! You will know why as you read on.

There are a few simple ways to do this. Go to her Facebook and find out what are the pages she likes. This is the easiest way I am aware of without even talking to her! Twitter is a good place to find out her inner thoughts too. Her Instagram will give you a good idea of the food she likes, her interests and her circles of friends. Don’t forget to check who is she following on both Instagram and Twitter. They provide valuable insights.

Some things cannot be found on the Internet. You can learn the places she likes to visit and where she stay by following her secretly.


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2. Use a common interest as a conversation starter

Making small talk like “How’s your day?” is so bad! You will bore her before you speak your second line. Statistics show that humans’ relationships (family, friendship, romance etc)
is 700% stronger with a common interest. From your learning in point 1, you can use it as a conversation. Here is how it goes:

You: Hey, I see that you follow One Direction on Instagram. I really like their song too!
Crush: Oh really? Wow! I never knew you were a fan of them too! You seem like an interesting person!

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3. Making friends with her friends

You already won 50% of the battle by being good friends with her close friends. Again, from point 1, know who her good friends is.

Making friends via the normal way is too slow! You need to speed things up. A quick way is to give her few closest friends $50 monthly. Get them to say only good things about you to her. When your crush becomes your girlfriend, you can stop the expenses!


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4. Give her a sense of security

Women value safety very highly. This is why most women are attracted to tall and muscular men.

For those who are not doing so well in this area, the traditional method is to spend time together till she can feel that sense of security.

I have come up with a fast and easy way for those not willing to spend the time with her or training to become ripped and buff.

a. Get 3 friends to dress up to like the picture shown below.

b. Get your friends to PRETEND to rob her. (Don’t do it for real or she may get injured)

c. Run in from your hiding spot and scare your friends away.

d. She see you are someone who can protect.

It is up to you to decide the location for this act. Preferably one with a good hiding spot so you can appear and save her in 10 seconds.



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5. Gain her attention

You need to get her to notice you so she knows you exist.

You need to stand out for her to notice you. For those in school, purposely wear the wrong attire for the occasion. (eg Uniform for PE Class) You can volunteer for all the roles and tasks the teacher throws out. Alternatively, talk loudly during tutorials and lectures or make fun of the teachers.

For those not in school, consider using the other methods mentioned in this article. They can help you gain the attention too!


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6. Know your rivals

In business, understanding your competitors’ strength and weakness is essential. It can help you gain an edge. Maybe even crush your competition. The same goes without saying for relationships too.

It is not difficult to eliminate your rivals. Know the guys that is always tagged in the photos and posts (again from point 1). Do 1 or more of the following:

  1. Confront them. Ask them to back off. Claim she is yours.
  2. Get the new friends you made in point 3 to talk bad about them to your crush.
  3. Get your 3 friends from point 4 (in the same attire) to be with you during your confrontation.
  4. Do some additional research (same method in point 1) and blackmail them.

In no time, you will have no competition. This greatly increases the chance of your crush liking you.


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7. Express your love for her

She won’t know you like her unless you tell her so. She may not be sure if you are just being friendly or what. Saying “I love you” is the best way, but is not easy. Sending her a text will seem insincere and may appear as a prank.

I recommend liking her all Facebook posts and Instagram Photos. Even those from 8 years ago! You are showing her a lot of loves this way. She will definitely see the time and effort you have put in.


Every additional method used here increases your crush liking you back exponentially. All the methods are designed to get your crush to like you in the shortest time possible. I would like to wish you good luck!

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