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Wearing Shirts With Jeans: The Lazy Man’s Guide To 6 Different Combinations

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Wearing shirts with jeans. It is a classic combo that sounds simple enough but gets trickier when it comes to execution because there are so many possibilities. Here, we work out seven combinations of wearing shirts with jeans so you can jump the trial and error and go straight to having the skills to pay the bills.

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Firstly, the Jeans

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In general, darker shades fall at the formal end of the spectrum while lighter denim has more laid-back vibes about them. When it comes to fit and if you want a no-brainer, slim-cut jeans that skim the legs tend to be the most versatile and flattering. You get some polish without sacrificing comfort, and can instantly go from Friday at the office to a smart-casual cocktail bar do without much effort. Skinny jeans can seem polished and urbane, but they remain more proper for informal events. As for baggier, comfy fits, when in doubt, just keep them for the weekends. Rips, patches, and faded denim are, needless to say, for times when you answer to no one but yourself.

White Shirts

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Try throwing on a white shirt over denim, and it might be your most reliable and safest bet on times when you utterly do not want to contemplate about what to wear and yet still look pulled together. Are you heading to work? Tuck a slim fit shirt with dark indigo jeans. Preparing for a date? Leave the shirt ends out over raw denim and cuff the jeans for a bit of stirring detail. A white shirt along with sleek, black denim could appear quite new and a little bit edgier when accessorised right — keep the hair smartly slicked back and never forget the sunglasses. 

The Black Shirt

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Black shirts look great with grey or light blue jeans. Alternatively, pair with black denim for a monochromatic look that can be very stylish. Keep the top and bottom streamlined, and throw on a light jacket like this season’s technical parka (traditional hiking gear from turns fashion must-have) so you don’t get mixed for the wait staff.

The Checked Shirt

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Wearing a checked shirt over indigo is as lumberjack as you can get, which is not a bad approach if you can pull it off. Keep it classy and not mediocre with a streamlined fit, and avoid chunky shoes which scream “hiking” or “woodshed”. White sneakers are a solid bet. 

The Striped Shirt

While intricate prints require a bit more fashion finesse and conscious thought to put together, stripes are a great way to wear pattern without having to put much effort into making the outfit work. To spice things up a little, try this season’s vertical stripes, which come in variable widths and more striking colour palettes. Whether it’s pinstripes or supersized stripes, wear them with sleeves rolled up and half-tucked into lighter jeans. Finish it with a pair of sports sneakers for a laidback look. 

The Denim Shirt

Denim on denim remains a compelling fashion proposition because as much as it has caught on in recent years, a divisiveness continues about whether it’s a fashion no-no. Nevertheless, there are no rules when it comes to fashion and style these days. Quite simply, if you fancy the look, just wear it. A casual blue shirt matched with black or grey jeans is an effortless way to do it. Additionally, try a boxy, lightweight denim shirt buttoned to your neck and pair it with cuffed, darker blue jeans. 

The Dress Shirt

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The formality of dress shirts is taken down a notch when coupled with jeans. Dress shirts look refined with a slim fit that sits close to the body but without any stress at the buttons. Tuck in if you’re wearing it with slim fit jeans, and pair it with sneakers or loafers for the best mix of smart and casual. Please keep the shirt ends out if you’re wearing it with baggy or relaxed jeans. Note that the shirt should not hang longer than your hip bone as it may mess with your body proportions and make your legs look stunted. Likewise, it should not be too short. Nobody wants to catch glimpses of your belly button.

For the truly slothful man, head on to and shop these looks from the convenience of your home! Wearing shirts with jeans isn’t laborious at all!

This article was first published on ezbuy’s online shopping & lifestyle blog.

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