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Where to Find Traditional Indian Wear for Weddings in Singapore

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When it comes to celebrating an Indian Wedding, wearing attire that showcases cultural heritage plays a significant role.

Whether you’re celebrating your wedding or a guest attending one, finding the perfect traditional outfit is essential. 

Luckily, Singapore is known for its multicultural landscape. Thus finding the right Indian wear for weddings would be a walk in the park!

This guide will help you navigate through the different options available for both men and women

Source: Stylemart


Located at 151 Selegie Rd, Stylemart provides an immersive shopping experience with ample designs and collections, and personalised customer service that will cater for your needs!

Stylemart is a renowned name in Singapore for Indian Ethnic wear. With decades of experience, this heritage brand offers a wide array of traditional wear that balances contemporary style and cultural roots.

From luxurious sarees and lehengas to regal sherwanis and kurta sets, Stylemart caters to all your essential wedding outfits! You can check out their listings here for more information on their products

Lastly, Brides can also explore a range of bridal sarees with intricate embroidery, while grooms can find sherwanis with royal charm. If you need jewellery to match your outfit, Stylemart offers a selection of accessories to complete your ensemble!


Little India Arcade

An alternative place to look for traditional Indian wedding wear is located at Little India’s heart. 

The vibrant shopping complex mirrors the rich cultural tapestry of India. Here is where you can find numerous shops that offer a diverse range of wedding outfits! 

Whether you’re finding embroidered sarees, anarkalis or traditional dhotis, Little India Arcade has something for everyone. Furthermore, the vendors are often ready to assist you if you need to customise pieces to fit your preferences. 

The complex is a must-visit for anyone who seeks an authentic shopping experience. The colourful stalls and vendors make it easy to find the perfect outfit for you!

Accessories such as necklaces, earrings and other jewellery can also be found in the complex or around it so do look out for it!


Tekka Centre

Tekka Centre is also an iconic spot in Little India where you can find extensive collections of Indian wedding attire. The market is well-known for its affordability without compromising on quality.

Men can explore a variety of kurtas, sherwanis and turbans, while women can look for sarees, lehengas and salwar kameez.

The diverse range of fabrics and designs available make it a favourite for many looking to make a statement at weddings

Moving out of the subject, Tekka Centre also offers a delightful culinary experience. With numerous food stalls serving traditional Indian Dishes. This makes it an ideal place to shop for your Indian wear and eat at the same time!


Mustafa Centre

In need of last-minute shopping for bridal wear? Mustafa Centre is the one-stop destination for all your shopping needs!

Opens 24 hours, the store offers extensive clothing that includes a broad selection of bridal wear for both men and women!

From ready-made outfits or customisable garments, you can find all your essentials under one roof.

Mustafa Centre is also well known for its extensive selection of accessories, such as jewellery, footwear and gold which can be the perfect ensemble for any wedding!

Source: Google Street View

Jay Gee Melwani House

This establishment has built a reputation for crafting elegant traditional wear. Jay Gee Melwani House is a recommended option for those seeking premium quality and tailoring service

Their collection features high-quality fabrics and intricate designs that guarantee a conversation starter at the wedding.

Whether you desire custom-made sherwani or a delicate saree, Jay Gee Melwani House offers attention to detail wear and craftsmanship that will definitely make you want more!

Parvathi Sarees

For the ladies, Parvathi Sarees is the go-to place that is specifically made for ladies-wear. Located at Serangoon Road, this boutique offers a curated selection of traditional wear and contemporary designs

This place prides itself on providing unique pieces just to make every bride feel special on her big day. Their customer service ensures that you will find the perfect saree outfit that matches your preference and style.

Parvathi Sarees also offer a unique change in bridal wear including blouses, petticoats and jewellery. The boutique’s staff can assist you with styling advice and help you create a stunning look for your wedding!

Pravathi Sarees is a top choice for brides seeking to look special on their big day.

Saree Centre

Located at Serangoon Road as well, Saree Centre is an excellent destination for wedding attire. 

This store offers a vast selection of sarees, lehengas and salwar kameez in various styles and price ranges. 

Well known for its customer service and competitive pricing, Saree Centre ensures that you can find beautiful Indian wear without breaking the bank.

The store also provides unique pieces for all occasions. From pre-wedding ceremonies to the big day itself. You will never fail to find the perfect outfit!

Customisation services also allow you to tailor your outfit to your exact measurements and preferences. With its wide range of clothing and at an affordable price, it is a favourite for budget-conscious individuals!


Finding the perfect Indian wear for a wedding in Singapore is a walk in the park. From heritage brands like Stylemart to vibrant markets from Little India, there is something that would suit your taste and budget!

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