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Winter Is Coming – Perfect Flower Choices for the Holidays (Christmas Prep)

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas aka flower season. The merriest time of the year calls for unique and exclusive flowers for any occasion, setting or event. Christmas, the time when families gather, friends visit each other, and when gifts and flowers are the most wanted and needed.

If you want to give exceptional flowers to your loved ones or decorate your home with festive and sumptuous flowers, you need to know what kind of flowers are a get-go, and which ones are a no-no.

This festive season, the best florist in Singapore suggests you go for one the choices below, and we guarantee you it will be a jolly old Christmas.

1. Poinsettia


There was not a single chance that Poinsettias wouldn’t make it to the first place of this list. This vibrant, festive flower is the most iconic choice during the Christmas season and something that brings a sparkle of Christmas into your home, your office or wherever you’re going. You also get to play around with creativity and originality, because poinsettias come in other colours besides red. So if you’re looking for a statement flower that screams creams, ask for colourful Poinsettias.

2. Christmas Cactus

You’ve probably never even thought of a cactus as a gift or a centrepiece, but this flower is unique because it blooms in time for Christmas. Think outside of the box, and open your mind because this gorgeous cactus is the attention-grabber you’ll want on your Christmas dinner table. With hanging red, lush blooms, this cactus is going to be the talk of Christmas Eve as it’s an authentic addition to the usual flower arrangement.

3. Amaryllis


When all is bright, amaryllis takes the stage, as the most glorious of all. This vibrant bloom is tall and elegant and simply explodes with energy and warmth. It’s the ideal choice for a table centrepiece, or even attention-grabbing flower stands as focal points of your décor. Step out of your comfort zone this holiday season with a flower stand and blooms are impressive, large and bold, and whose colour exudes Christmas. They’re easy to track down since every flower shop is going to be equipped with this popular Christmas flower.

4. Phalaenopsis Orchid

As white as snow, and as magical as Christmas, this elegant orchid is the flamingo in the flock of pigeons. Move on from red, and go for a classic, white, sophisticated orchid arrangement and you’ll bring the festive spirit to a whole other level. If you want to make a style statement this Christmas and step away from the classic red arrangement, a white orchid is a right choice. Its beauty is entirely worthy of such a magnificent holiday, and any arrangement you decide to create with it is going to make a statement that you won’t be able to erase.

5. Snow Rose


This is also widely known as the Christmas Rose or even a Winter Rose as it blooms just in time to greet Santa Clause. A flower that has a lot of history behind it, it can add a hint of unexpected into your arrangements and contribute to an authentic setting. While everything else is frozen, this plant that’s easy to grow and easy to decorate with keeps blooming and spreading Christmas cheer with its petals. It deserves its place on the Christmas throne!

As Christmas is one of the dearest holidays, that unfortunately, comes only once a year, choose your flowers wisely and let your imagination take over.

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