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10 of Your Favourite Things in the 90s – Extremely Nostalgic!

10 Favourite Things in the 90s that will Make Singaporeans feel Nostalgic Version 2
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We look back at the favourite toys, snacks and products from the 90s that will make you feel nostalgic.

May we remind everyone that 1997 was 20 years ago! Feeling old now huh?

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Remember that small digital toy that you had to shake and shake and shake?

Gameboy Colour

Playing it in the car at night, relying on the street lamps… All the cartridges for different versions of Pokemon! The PSP or PSvita has no match for this!

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Magna Doodle

Draw and erase with a swipe!

Teksta Dog

This dog could probably do more tricks than a real one!


Before your iPod was cool, there were Discmans!

Yu Gi Oh Cards

Outside game shops, you have people sitting at tables trading their cards or battling it out.

Neighbourhood bubble tea

Remember when coral blue ice blended was $1.50? “Auntie, add pearl!”

Fun Fact: If you are one of the bad kids, shooting pearls everywhere with a straw like a peashooter was probably your thing.

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Rings in water game

Some good games are just so simple. You’ll recognise it just by looking at it.

Black MRT Trains

Remember when the new black colour MRT trains were first in use, either an old white colour train or the new black colour train would pull up at the station.

Kid’s ride machines

50 cents for a 1-minute ride. If you realise, these fun rides seem to get rarer and rarer.

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Don’t you miss the 90s? Do you feel Nostalgic?

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