Top 4 Places Pokemon TCG Collectors Must Visit In Shibuya, Japan

Top 4 Places Pokemon TCG Collectors Must Visit In Shibuya, Japan
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When you’re visiting Tokyo, Shibuya is considered by many, a must-visit location due to some of its famous landmarks and nightlife activities.

Popular among youths, many people visit Shibuya for landmarks made popular due to pop culture, such as the Shibuya Scramble Crossing or the Hachiko statue.

If you are a fan or collector of Pokemon TCG cards, however, perhaps there are more locations on top of the aforementioned landmarks that you should add to your travel itinerary.

As with pretty much every major city in Japan, there are some card stores and places that will interest Pokemon TCG collectors that you should consider visiting while you’re in Shibuya.

So, once you’ve crossed the Shibuya Crossing, here are the 4 locations that will be worth crossing a few more streets for, all within walking distance from Shibuya Station. 🚉

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1. Batoloco Shibuya

Source: トーナメントセンターバトロコ渋谷センター街

Our first stop will take you northwest of Shibuya station, along Inokashi-Dori Street. Located just around 300m away from Shibuya Station, if you’re coming here from Shibuya Station, take exit A2 and you’ll likely reach this store in less than 5 minutes.

This store is quite easy to miss though, so look out for a building with a Toriki Burger 🍔 store at its ground floor. From there, the entrance is by the side of the burger store and you can go up to the 6th floor to find this store.

Although they are more of a place to play TCG games, Bato-loco does offer some Pokemon TCG products including mostly modern singles and some products catered to those who play the game such as High-Class decks so it’s definitely worth a visit if you play the game too.

2. Mandrake Shibuya

Source: Mandarake

If the previous store was difficult for you to find then don’t worry, as our next one. As you can see from its entrance, will be quite hard to miss.

Furthermore, it’s almost right next to the previous store, just separated by 2 restaurants. Just walk down the same street and on the left, you’ll reach Mandrake in less than a minute!

This store does not specialise in Pokemon TCG products or TCG items at all, as they mostly sell physical copies of manga as well as anime merchandise. 🎎

However, they have quite a respectable selection of vintage (old back) singles as well as newer cards including SAR and UR cards so if you happen to also be looking for other anime and manga merchandise, this is the right place for you.

3. Shogun City Stars Shibuya

Source: Shogun City Stars Shibuya

Unfortunately, the next one is another store that’s quite easy to miss. Although not shown in the picture above, there is actually supposed to be a sign now that shows the shop is located on the 4th floor which you can use the spiral staircase to access.

To get here from the previous stores will be very simple though, as it’s located almost exactly opposite of Mandrake so all you’ll need to do is cross the street and walk for less than a minute.

Fortunately, however, this store is more focused on selling TCG products, including Pokemon TCG items so they have a lot more Pokemon TCG products to offer as compared to the previous two stores where they sell a good variety of singles, vintage and sealed boxes. 

What makes this store even better is that if you’ve been having trouble speaking (or at least trying to) Japanese, reviewers wrote that the store owners speak English and the prices are known to be good considering it’s located somewhat in a tourist area. 💸

Also, if you happen to want to let go of your current Pokemon TCG cards, you can also trade them in when buying from them.

4. Pokemon Center Shibuya

Source: ポケモンセンターシブヤ

Last but not least, we have the one destination that all Pokemon fans, not just TCG collectors must visit while in Shibuya, which is Shibuya’s very own Pokemon Center!

Located in Parco Shibuya, you can easily reach here by walking 5 minutes or less eastward and then heading to the 6th floor in the Parco building.

Being the official store for all things Pokemon, they surely have the widest Pokemon-related products, being not only limited to Pokemon TCG products. ✨

However, if you’re only looking for Pokemon TCG products, do take note that with how popular the game is, the products that you want may quickly run out of stock and as a result, there’s always a limit to how many of each product each person can buy.

If you have something specific in mind, it might be a good idea to pre-order from their website here which will let you purchase more products such as booster boxes exceeding the limit that they would impose on you if you were to buy them without pre-ordering.

Of course, since you’re in the Pokemon Center, might as well buy some merchandise as they’ll make excellent gifts for any of your Pokemon loving friends and family. 

If those aren’t for you, they also sell accessories for Pokemon TCG cards such as sleeves, binders, and more!

That’s all for our 4 places that every Pokemon TCG collector should visit while in Shibuya! We hope that you’ve found some places worth adding onto your travel itinerary and may you have a pleasant trip to Shibuya! 😺

If you plan on travelling to other districts in Tokyo or elsewhere in Japan, perhaps you’d like to see some more places to visit. Read our article here for the 7 places in Akihabara where you can buy Pokemon TCG products.

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