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21 Most Underrated English Songs You Should Add to Your Playlist Now!

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By no means of ranking, we have put together a list of songs we find really (sadly) underrated. Do check these underrated English songs out and add them to your Spotify playlist! We promise you will fall in love with some of the hidden gems on Youtube.

Some songs are quite recent at the time of writing and may still have the potential to blow up!

1. Tom West – Big Balloon

Tom West is an Australian singer-songwriter and we think he’s from Adelaide. Strange enough, we weren’t able to find this song on Spotify! 

2. Daniel Schulz – Turn Back Time

3. Loving Caliber – Faster Car

*perfect for a road trip playlist 🙂

4. Michael Carreon – The Simple Things

5. Albert Posis – Everlasting

6. Matthew Mole – Running After You

7. Etham – Before I Lose My Mind

8. Hearts & Colors – LA On A Saturday Night

9. Mayday Parade – Stay

10. Kodaline – One Day

11. A Rocket To The Moon – Like We Used To

12. Alessia Cara – Wild Things

13. Troye Sivan – WILD ft. Alessia Cara

14. Parachute – Ocean

15. James Smith – Hollow (Acoustic)

Truly a new upcoming artist. Watch his music grow!

16. Jamie Scott – Unbreakable

17. Juke Ross – Fresh Roses

18. Jeff Bernat – Cruel

19. Chester See – I’m Falling For You

20. Isaiah – It’s Gotta Be You

21. Cody Lovaas – Love No More

Bonus: Ben Platt – Grow As We Go

Isn’t this the magic dude from the singing movie about cups or whatever – YouTuber sadavocado

Do you think these songs are underrated too? If you don’t, maybe this is why they are not that popular among the masses. Yes, that’s right! You are just too mainstream for these underrated English songs.


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