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3 Aspects in Which Civilization V Reflects a Political Reality

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The world we live in is simulated in lots of video games. The definition of games has changed in the latest years and some people consider gaming a sport. Not a traditional one, but a brain game. Games portray a lot of worlds, some mystical, some fictional. And some, just like Civilization V, can portray the world we live in. 

Besides their relaxing effects, lots of games are educational and help gamers understand better how civilizations work. Civilization V is an online game built by a group of passionate developers and it immerses gamers into the development of an ancient civilization into a modern one. Gamers practice and improve democracy when working to develop their civilization. 

It is an educational game that can reflect the political reality of democracy. We all know that democracy can be pretty messy. The majority group takes the decisions, but there are also other smaller groups that have their demands. Not all decisions taken by the majority are good for every individual. People have the right to opinion and conflicts can become very heated. Civilization V reflects the world we live in. It reflects political realities from our times. Here are the proofs. 

1. The Civilization V Community Holds Elections 

Civilization V is a video game that gives players the power to be in charge of a civilization as it grows. Every player starts with a settler and works to improve and develop it. Players can grow their city by achieving goals. The nice thing about this is that the goals are tied to different domains that reflect our everyday world: scientific, religious or cultural. The thing is, this video game can be played single-player against AI. 

But the community on Reddit is doing something different. They hold elections within their community and vote on players to have positions in government. They have finished the game a lot of times until now and they have tried different forms of democracy.

This is noticeable if you look at those different endings. The first game played on this format gradually ended because none of the players knew what they really were doing. The second game ended with successful domination and the third one ended with a long-lasting war. 

It is interesting that they had multiple vote versions. At first, only some players had the right to vote. Then, it extended to all the community. And this is exactly how things happened in real life. The struggle for obtaining the universal right to vote was led through the 19th and 20th centuries in Europe. 

Nowadays, most countries are democratic and every citizen has the right to vote. The majority decides, just like in Civilization V. 

2. They Have a Constitution 

A constitution is very important for every nation and every country has a constitution of some sort. Its role is to set some rules that the government needs to respect. It sets precedents and it is the legal basis of every entity or organization. The main role of a constitution is to have rules that structure the government of a civilization. 

And this is valid for Civilization V. The government has three branches: the executive one, the legislative one and judicial one. Every branch has its own tasks and responsibilities. For example, the legislative branch is responsible for writing laws that should ensure a good flow of the game.

They must also limit the power of the executive branch. The judicial branch is just like a supreme court that has the goal of solving conflicts and interpreting the law. Their terms are much smaller than in real life, of only four to eight weeks, but they perfectly portray the political reality of our world. 

3. You Need to Be Part of a Political Party 

When playing, you need to work to develop and improve your civilization. And while your city grows, so does its structure. It will become more and more complex. There were political parties since forever, but their role and structure changed over the years.

Some are more powerful than others. Some can help you accomplish your tasks easier, while others can make your life harder. There are tasks on cultural, scientific and religious domains and they all need to be accomplished to ensure the growth and development of your civilization.

You can also start wars and conquer another civilization to make yours stronger and bigger and ensure its success. What is important to keep in mind is that at first, you need to choose from ancient civilizations. Some are stronger than others, for example, Egypt when Hatshepsut reigned. But it is up to you to make a strategy that will be successful. 


Civilization V is a great video game that also has an educational part. It familiarizes players with ancient civilizations and their organizational rules. You are responsible for making the right strategy and accomplishing scientific, religious and cultural tasks to ensure the growth and development of your civilization.

And while the history is rewritten with every new game, it has an educational value. It helps players familiarize themselves with how democracy works, like in the case of the democratic community of Civilization V on Reddit.

They have a constitution that sets some rules that need to be respected by the government. They have elections and every community member gets to vote. You need to be a member of a political party. All these game rules reflect political reality.

You can explore multiple political organizations and write your own history. 


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