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The 7 Best Stores Every Pokemon TCG Collector Must Visit In Osaka, Japan

The 7 Best Stores Every Pokemon TCG Collector Must Visit In Osaka, Japan
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For those who are travelling to Osaka, the largest city in the Kansai Region in Japan, there are many great things that awaits you.

Known to some as the Street Food Capital of Japan, Osaka is home to the famous takoyaki and okonomiyaki street food. Not only that but there’s no shortage of great izakayas and bars there.

Other than food, some landmarks visitors can find in Osaka include Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Castle, and the Glico Man advertisement billboard which is now a landmark of sorts.

So, with all the great things that Osaka has to offer, Pokemon TCG collectors will be delighted to know that there are various stores here that have some products up for sale to bolster your collection.

Let’s dive into the best 7 stores that every Pokemon TCG collector should visit while in Osaka! We’ll be going from north to south for those coming from Namba Station.

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1. Toreka Park Nipponbashi TCG Store

Source: Toreka park Nippombashi

From Namba Station, you’ll need to exit the station via Exit 5. From the exit head South along Parks-dori Street until you reach a 4-point intersection then head east until you reach another 4-point intersection.

At this intersection, turn south and head east at the first T-junction that you come across. From there continue heading east along the street and turn south at the first intersection you see and east after another intersection with a parking lot.

After passing by the parking lot, you’ll be able to find Toreka Park as seen in the image above.

In this store, you can find a wide selection of mostly modern singles, with ARs and SARs of both Pokemon and Trainer cards alike. Those who intend to purchase cards for actually playing the game can also find some cards that are not so much for collecting but rather for playing.

2. Preyz Hobby & TCG Store

Source: Pureizu Nipponbashiotarodoten

Lucky for you, the next store is a short walk from Toreka Park. Simply walk east along the same street and stop at the first intersection you come across. Being at the intersection with its colourful blue decals this store will be very hard to miss.

In Preyz, you’ll find a wide assortment of modern and older singles of all sorts of rarities. They also have a discount section where some of their singles may go on sale at times so give them a visit to see if perhaps the Pokemon or Trainer card you’re after is on sale.

3. Amtaf Hobby & TCG Store

Source: Omochafigyuakaitorisenmontenamutafu

Our next few stores will need you to go on a bit of a walk if you’re coming from Preyz. For those coming from the previous store, head south at the intersection where Preyz was and continue along this road until the next intersection.

Along the way, you may find some familiar stores if you’ve been reading our other guides on Japanese Pokemon TCG Stores such as Surugaya and Hobby Station. 

To our knowledge, these branches in Nipponbashi do not have many, if any Pokemon TCG products but feel free to drop by and perhaps you may find the card or product that you want.

At the intersection with a FamilyMart, turn east and stop at the first intersection. At this intersection, you’ll be able to find the Amtaf store.

This is a store that opened relatively recently at the time of writing yet they have quite a respectable amount of both PSA-graded slabs and singles, mostly modern ones, including Charizard cards if they haven’t been sold out yet by now.

Not only that but they also have a limited amount of booster boxes so if you’re interested in those, you should check them out to see if they’re still in stock.

4. Dragon Star TCG Store

Source: Dragon star

From Amtaf, to get to our next store, head back to the same intersection with the FamilyMart and you should be able to immediately see the next store.

Dragon Star, being a store with multiple outlets around Japan, has a great collection of modern singles as well as some vintage cards. Notably, they have quite a collection of rare trainer cards so this is a store that you should visit for these cards.

5. Card Box TCG Store

Source: Cardbox Nippombashi

Our next store is right next to Dragon Star, so if you’re the type to compare prices between one store and another, now’s your chance!

The selection of modern singles here is impressive, featuring AR, SAR and other rare cards of both trainers and Pokemon alike, making it perfect for you to attempt to compare the prices of the same cards between these 2 neighbouring stores.

6. Fullcomp TCG Store

Source: フルコンプ 日本橋オタロード店

Just across the previous 2 stores is yet another store so it’s time to take your price comparison game to the test.

This is also another popular store that has outlets all over Japan and in this store, there is a digital library of sorts where you can see all the cards that they have on sale and their prices.

In this outlet, similarly, there is an assortment of modern singles so this adds to the price comparison between these 3 neighbouring stores so take your time and pick the store with the best price to add on to your Pokemon TCG collection.

7. Card Labo Hobby & TCG Store

Source: Kadorabo Otarodo Honten

To get to our final store for today, just head south along the same road, Ota Road, until you reach an intersection. The store is at the next intersection but you should be able to see it clearly from the first intersection that you come across.

In Card Labo, although their collection does not seem as impressive as the previous stores, they do sell some vintage singles as well as a few modern rare Pokemon and Trainer cards.

That’s all for today, we hope that you will find not just the Pokemon TCG cards that you want, but also the best takoyaki and okonomiyaki that Osaka has to offer. 😝

If you plan on travelling to other districts and cities in Japan, maybe you’d like to see some more places to visit. Read our article here for the 5 places in Sapporo, Hokkaido where you can buy Pokemon TCG products.

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