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5 Carousell Hacks You Need to Know

Carousell hacks
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Carousell (their support recently sucked tho), an online platform that allows users to sell or buy goods quickly to/from other users. A considerable number of people benefited from this by being able to sell away used/unused items which would have been disposed of in the past without gaining any profit from it.

However, to do so, buyers/sellers have to go through a tedious process of browsing, negotiating and meeting up. You may find something that you want or need, but many a time the price may not be satisfactory, the location may not be convenient, or the seller/buyer may not trust you enough due to your lack of positive reviews (or presence of negative reviews). In some cases, you may even meet unreasonable/irresponsible users.

After using Carousell for quite some time and analysing the best ways to close a deal, here are some 5 Carousell no-integrity hacks that some of us have encountered. Avoid this red flags at all costs!

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5 Carousell Hacks You Need to Know 

So fun! 

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Hack No.1 Meeting up in the middle. 

Choosing a place to deal with is a very troublesome process as both parties want it to be convenient for them. So why not make it equally inconvenient for both sides so that it’s fair, by meeting in the middle? Sounds good? But if you realise, your buyer/seller does not know where you stay, so by stretching the truth a little bit, the middle may just coincidentally be where you stay. Get what I mean?


Hack No.2 Positive Reviews

This hack is similar to hack no.1, but for a different purpose. If coincidentally you stay somewhere close to the person, you may stretch the truth about your location, but you are willing to travel for his convenience. This method is bound to generate some positive reviews to boost the trustability of your account.

Or if you are shameless enough, you can just take the easy way out and create ten new accounts for ten free positive reviews.

Hack No.3 Making profit from Replicas

If you want to sell off a duplicate for a good price, never say it is a replica because this will open the floodgates of lowballers and stupid questions. Instead, use the phrase “Buyer I got it from claimed that it is authentic.” Now it’s not your fault if they fall for it.

Hack No.4 Lowballing

Many lowballers do not realise that they are not the only lowballers around the market. To be a successful lowballer takes much planning and understanding of the human brain. Instead of just offering a lower price, use a new account to provide the listed price and arrange a meetup. During the time of meetup, politely notify him that you are not interested in the purchase anymore. At the same time, use your original account to lowball and offer to deal whenever, wherever, using the phrase “can come and collect tonight.” With his broken dreams and having gone through the trouble of bringing the product out, you never know. You might get lucky.


 Hack No. 5 BNWT


NEVER take out tags before you try on new clothes, and after you try them, and even when you wear them out. Most tags can be hidden in the clothing itself when worn, so it doesn’t affect the physical appearance of the apparel. Wash the clothing carefully by hand, using a tiny ziplock bag to protect the tag. When you do not want to wear it anymore, sell it and label it as BNWT.

With these 5 Carousell hacks, I hope that you can enjoy even more pleasant and fulfilling transactions in future!

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Disclaimer: Please do not try this at home, or anywhere, on anyone.
In all seriousness, the above is meant as a joke and is not to be taken seriously. Some of the above hacks are written from experience as a victim, having encountered many unpleasant users.

Everyone needs to understand that Carousell was made free for the convenience and benefit for everyone, but no system is perfect (their customer support tho). There will always be people with ill intentions looking for such opportunities to make ill-gotten gains through scamming and taking advantage of others. Nobody wants to fall victim to online scams, so you should not commit them either.

For you guys who are still reading, thank you for your time and support! (And for being so free and having nothing better to do.) I hope that this has entertained you at least for a bit, and I wish everyone a happy and safe Carouselling experience! 


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