5 Mediacorp Shows You Used to Love – They Should Bring these Back!

Mediacorp Shows
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Don’t we just miss the good old MediaCorp shows? Those that made you set an appointment with your sofa every day to turn the television on and be glued to the screen for that hour? Here we will cover the top 5 Mediacorp programs you used to love!

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Phua Chu Kang

Don’t we all love the yellow boots, curly hair, which some people say best in Singapore and JB, and some say Batam!

My Teacher, Ai yo yo!

Ai-yo-yo 老师, played by actress Chen Li-Ping. She has been dubbed, “Our Childhood Teacher!”

Yes, it was shown when images did not have HD!

Holland V

The 125 episodes Chinese drama, was one of the longest running drama in Mediacorp history. (3rd actually). It was a family drama shot at Holland Village. It brought fame and popularity to the place, which is now filled with plenty of cafes and pubs.

Comedy Night 搞笑行动

No captions needed.


They recently brought it back, targeted at the older generation, where they would speak in dialect as well. The Sad news is, no more Lion king… but there is Merlion King!

The Unbeatables 双天至尊

The Singapore version of God of Gamblers. Played by charismatic Li Nan Xing and the attractive Zoe Tay

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