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5 Ways That AI Is Transforming Digital Marketing

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AI, Artificial Intelligence or even a form of technology that allows machines and programs to gain the same form of functionality as the human mind; it might have quite a few definitions all over the internet but AI continues to be one of the finest inventions performed by mankind. 

But what makes AI so special? Is it the fact that the concept of a machine functioning as well as a human brain seems like a concept beyond comprehension? Or is it the fact that AI can be as abominable as it is loved in the eyes of the public? Or is it simply due to the benefits it has to offer on a global scale, especially in terms of the ethernet?

Deep down inside, we know that AI has been impactful in many ways, many more than we can begin to count. However, if there’s one specific audience that has benefitted from the invention of AI, it’s the world of digital marketing. 

Through artificial intelligence, search engines can understand the consumer’s wants, needs and preferences on a much more complex level than it could originally. Furthermore, digital marketing companies have been able to break down the use of the AI to target their ideal audience on a more personal and precise level, completely changing up the classic form of marketing. 

Let’s dive deeper into the different ways that AI has transformed digital marketing:

1. Helps In Reaching Your Target Audience

Digital marketing originally started as a keyword-driven form of marketing. With different keywords being used as the core form of gaining popularity on Google SERPs, there were many loopholes and any form of content that held excessive keywords would end up ranking at the top of the result pages of all search engines. 

However, as artificial intelligence has come to be, data-driven content is now considered to be the highlight of Google SERPs. When we say that AI has managed to help in reaching a company’s target audience, we mean to speak about its importance in search marketing. It’s no longer just about relevance, it’s about understanding the user’s intent. 

AI tracks the user’s behaviour, their predictive text and web behaviours, allowing search engines to understand the user intent rather than simply understanding what’s fed into the machinery. This has been highly impactful in increasing the productivity of digital marketing companies by allowing them to ideate and curate content according to the true needs of the customers and not just a blind strategy. 

Although keywords are still considered important, a successful content campaign now depends on the latest semantic index keywords, synonyms, titles and even H1, H2 tags have now become an integral part of content marketing – View guide from The Marketing Helpline for extra tips on content marketing! 

2. Customer Experience Is No Longer A Worrisome Subject

If there’s one thing that AI can do, it’s enhancing a customer’s experience. As mentioned in the point before, earlier, keywords used to be the most important part of a digital marketing strategy. Similarly, the use of these keywords made it difficult for audiences to truly find the products and services they wanted.

Since the top rankings were covered by companies that followed keyword stuffing strategies, customers couldn’t find the products and services they looked for. The top rankings were covered by the brands that weren’t necessarily the best in their fields.

AI has allowed search engines to rank brands that provide the audience with what they need, not just what they think they need. For example, if you were to look for a restaurant near you right now, you can rest assured that the searches that pop up on your screen will be the finest of suggestions, based on the previous food orders and searches that have been made via your device. 

Your search engine on your current device, be it your mobile phone, tablet or computer, is a search catered to live up to your wants and needs. What more could you possibly ask for?

3. Increased Productivity In All Digital Marketing Firms

Earlier, digital marketing agencies had to depend on a particular level of guesswork to turn their strategies into a successful one. Since there wasn’t much you could do to cater to the individual wants and needs of the customer, it was hard to understand user intent before AI was introduced. 

However, as AI expanded its field of functionality into the world of digital marketing, understanding the user’s intent and automating tasks grew exponentially to become a more casual rather than complex task. Several companies have spoken about how their companies productivity increased by over 35% due to the introduction of AI. 

Tasks such as project management, time tracking and task estimation can all be automated due to the invention of AI algorithms. This allows digital marketing firms to increase productivity whilst also completely abolishing the possibility of errors, all at minimal effort.

4. Were You Worried About ROI? Now You Needn’t Be

ROI, or Return On Investment, is the core of every digital marketing strategy. No digital marketing firm functions without the ideology of getting a return on the investments being made by the client. If there are no returns, it simply means that the strategy’s implementation has failed. 

AI is capable of assuring that you receive a steady ROI on your strategy but how? First, you will need to break down how beneficial the introduction of ROI will be for your business. For example, if the cost of introducing AI-based strategies is more expensive than your predictive, is the strategy worth it? 

AI can help you predict what the next best action for your business will be. Since you’ll be able to understand what the rising wants of your audience are, you’ll be able to personalise your product and service line to enhance the buyer’s journey. Moreover, artificial intelligence will allow you to gain a firm understanding of what marketing attributes are managing to build the highest rate of conversions. This allows you to sift through the marketing journey easily by gaining leads and conversions, which eventually leads to a successful increase in ROI.

5. Targeting Ads Has Never Been Easier

Think about it for a moment. If you’re targeting ads globally without an understanding of who you’re targeting through your paid ads, the money you’re investing is practically a waste of your resources. Moreover, targeting an audience that isn’t interested in your product or service can harm your business’ growth.

AI algorithms allow you to understand how beneficial targeting your audience could be for your business. Across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google, if you’re able to target your niche audience, you will be able to gain maximum success on all of your paid ads. 

Of course, organic growth is important. However, if you’re able to attract organic traffic whilst being able to make the paid ads work effortlessly in your favour, your strategy will be successful. 

Targeting your niche audience will allow you to present your ads in a way that fits in a facile manner. If your audience is as attracted to your ad as a passing post on their Facebook or Instagram page, your strategy will be successful. 


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