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6 Greatest Things About Singapore

6 Greatest Things About Our Island Singapore
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In this article, we will look at the positive side of this nation we call home, Singapore.

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Safety and Security

singapore police

All of us have to admit; we have the privilege to live in a very safe country. We were the safest country in the world based on a study by Business Insider. Laws and police work have been productive in keeping crime rates low in Singapore. The little India riot shocked the nation as we had not experienced a riot since 1964, that’s how peaceful we are. Sad to say, that night proved to everyone that there was room for improvement and response from the police can be quicker for such cases. It was a great lesson to be learnt not to take safety for granted.

The reason most people decided not to migrate, is the level of safety and security Singapore. What is the use of moving to other countries if you have to live in constant fear?

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Convenient public transport system

Yes we know, it breaks down – so does your car. Singapore has one of the most convenience networks of public transport, just take a look at the projected stations. It is almost train stations everywhere. When there are no trains, there are buses and Grab/Uber. It is that convenient. 


People are helpful

Singapore Lion City

Yes, we do acknowledge that graciousness has seemed to go down the drain rapidly these days. However, we do feel that people here are still helpful during critical times. Even though people are increasingly addicted to taking out their phones to video the situation and be a bystander, good Samaritans still exist.

Clean and green city

Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is a clean city to live. Just make a comparison when you go overseas. You have cleaners clearing after your meals, to sweep your HDB corridor every day. These are things that we tend to overlook or take for granted.

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Helpful policies

Medisave is one of the few policies that we Singaporeans get to enjoy. There is a saying, “earn money when young, feed doctor when old.” (direct translation). We all grow sick as we age, it is quite fortunate that our medical bills are subsidised, although we can’t enjoy VIP treatment with the subsidy, it’s still subsidised nonetheless. Other countries have free health care services, but higher taxes, we lose some, gain some.

Powerful Passport

One of the main reasons why so many foreigners are envious of us is the privilege of travelling almost any country without a visa. Germany and Sweden have always been fighting for the title of “Most Powerful Passport”. Surprisingly in 2016-2017, the Swedish slipped into third place while Singapore moves up to joint first. You can find the full passport rankings here.

Funny Sgag Passport Meme
A Funny Twist from SGAG

We might complain a lot about certain things in Singapore but really, which country is perfect in every way? If you seriously know the answer, let us know! Like us on Facebook!

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