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6 Major Tips and Tricks to use Carousell efficiently and effectively

Carousell efficiently
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It’s about time for someone legit to write a Carousell guide. Short and Sweet. No gimmicks and no beating around the bush for this snap and sell app. I have been using Carousell for the past two years and have never been very successful until a while ago. Ever since I develop my tactics to sell on Carousell, I made more than 200 deals and over 90+ Positive Reviews in a short span of 6 months and my house decluttered now. So here it is: basics, guidelines and foundations will be discussed in this Carousell guide.

Take a decent photo for your Carousell listing.

This one is easy. Do not only post a poor quality picture of your used/brand new item without editing the image. Humans are attracted to glitter so we MUST shower our photos with it too. Putting a simple filter such as food (highly recommended) makes your listing SO much more presentable to anyone surfing through the app or scrolling through your profile. Here’s an example:


Filters and lightings not just for selfies eh?

Listing Description and Keywords. 

Never be lazy. Step up your game and put in some effort if you want to sell anything fast or don’t want your home to look like a slum. No source of money can be earned entirely passively. You MUST put your peacocking skills to the test and make your listing stand out from the hundreds of similar items. A few ways on how to do this:

• Enter bullet points like this one. Don’t know how to key it on your phone? Hint: it’s not part of your emoji, it’s somewhere in your keyboard, find it!

• Enter key details. Some include ConditionDelivery options, NegotiabilityLocation, Brief Description about the product, etc.

• Scroll back to the (Steelbook Edition) Fifa listing above. See how I squeezed all possible keywords describing the game? This means that my listing will always be in the search results whenever a Carouseller search any of the keywords of my listing.  Read on to find out how to appear at the top of the search results.

• Tags also deliver the same (some say weaker) results as the title listing. Insert “Tags:” at the end of your listing description and enter all your keywords after.


Click Bait. 

Bait all kinds of Carousellers with these tricks:

• Put prices like $9.90, $19.90, $49.90. You know what I mean.

• If your item is brand new, or you are selling the item especially cheap, inserting things like (Brand New), (Today Only), (Sale), etc. before the title will boost your listing.

• Do the same with the cover pic: 

I used a photo editor on my phone called Fotor

Best free online photo editor, collage maker, and designer! 

Likes for Likes (L4L)

The Carousell community is extremely welcoming. Make full use of it. Go down to the community category of the app, and there are tonnes of listings where Carousellers need help to generate likes for their items. Most will state whether they only accept some likes and will require you to comment once you are done liking their listings. DO NOT TYPE THE NO. OF LIKES YOU DID ON CHAT! It irritates sellers as it apparently messes up their real orders.


So what’s the point of this? L4L used to be more popular in the past as it guarantees your listing to always appear at the top of search results as long as the Carousellers sort their search by popularity. However, a recent update patched this up and run the search results by a different algorithm now. (Let me know if you know!) Nevertheless, free likes are still good to have right? You can start with helping with my listings.

Choose your Customers. 

I know this is hard. Some of you might even be struggling to get someone to offer you. But Carousell is a platform filled with all kinds of buyers, if a deal is too hard to go through, just let it go. Your reviews matter more in this case.

• Sell at a reasonable price. Not too low, not too high. Do not give in to cheapskates who just want to take advantage of your soft side.

• Do not deal with idiots.

• Always be polite. Help buyers if they do not understand your listing. Some might be new and need your guidance too. Karma is real in Carousell.

• If you are dealing with a rude buyer, ignore, archive chat, report or do it with EXTREME CAUTION if you are desperate. Such customers are very likely to No show, Back out, or leave you a bad review. The last thing you want is a bad review for not selling anything in the end.

• Look at your buyer’s profile before proceeding to deal. It’s a hassle but your time and money are at stake! In every rumour, there is a grain of truth. Never deal with buyers who have a consistent history of MIA and backing out.

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Relist your Old Carousell Listings. 

Old listings usually don’t generate a lot of traffic for obvious reasons. Delete it and relist it. Try to spot any mistakes in your old listing such as spelling errors as it might be the reason why your old listing is not viewed by anyone in the first place.

Take note: I am NOT suggesting listing the same listing numerous times a day and flooding the platform with your one product. That’s just irresponsible. Many other sellers who are selling products similar to yours are usually very vigilant and will report you swiftly. Action will be taken against your account. Update April 2017: Carousell has implemented blocking algorithms on this.

This concludes the list of tricks for using Carousell. Hope you like it and would gladly appreciate it if you could share and check my Carousell profile out!

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