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9 Reasons Online Casinos (with Real Money) are Far Worse than Actual Gambling

No to Online Gambling
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You can win real money at online casinos too! Jackpot City, free to play slots… the list goes on. Some dodgy-looking casino websites may even promise you free slot spins without any cash deposits upfront. But it is too good to be true, isn’t it?

Well, this is a site that advises strongly against gambling and since the odds are never in your favour, to begin with, yeah it is too good to be true. And if you are still hell-bent on gambling, going to a physical casino might be tons better. Here’s why.

1. Your Account Can Get Banned Without Proof!

We all know that you can get bounced out of a real casino due to several legitimate reasons, but at least you don’t lose your cash. But what about getting your account permanently banned on an online casino? That deposit that you have made is definitely lost for good. You may not even know why the account is disabled.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this screenshot sent in by one of our readers:

Casino Moon Support Disabling Account
CMN User Account disabled due to ‘several inconsistencies’

It may not be the full story to this case, but why risk losing your earnings/deposits for vague reasons?

Your call.

2. Online Gambling Casinos are More Addictive

What’s the point of making gambling even more accessible and convenient? To help the casinos make more money of course!

Before we continue why online gambling is more addictive than gambling at an actual casino, here’s a short 3-minute video on how gambling affects the brain of an addicted player:

Now you have understood how stimulating the act of gambling or winning is to the visual centres of the brain, let’s elaborate why online gambling is worse.

For starters, a crucial part of addiction treatment is removing access from the source of the problem. This means treating problem online gamblers is a lot tougher, where every computer with internet access is a potential casino slot machine.

One of the other common reason why problem gamblers are able to curb their addiction is that someone at the casino is very likely to notice it if problem gamblers have been sticking at the casino for extended periods of time. In contrast, who knows when are you gambling while ‘using your phone’!

3. Auto Spin Feature – Lose Money Even Faster

Auto Spins basically does what it states, it eats up your money continue making spins on your behalf while you’re not looking. This may resemble a lot like the idle games we see on phones nowadays, but it sure helps online casinos generate a ton more revenue.

On the bright side, you can program or set a stop order (like a broker account) to when the auto spin feature should halt, be it a stop loss or win configuration. The gambler will also be less likely to get addicted since he or she won’t be staring at the screen all day!

Overall, this may look like an awesome feature, but automated play clearly isn’t suited for everyone. Some might now leave the slots running 24/7 because of the new functionality, but you definitely do not want to wake up to an empty bank account because of programming malfunction!

4. It is Anti-Social, Don’t Be a Hermit!

Gambling is supposed to be a social activity (even if it’s bad) where old friends gather around after a long-overdue reunion. Having a couple of drinks while playing some risky table games, it’s never seen as a profitable avenue to earn money, much less a job where you dig at your desk all day.

Stop being a hermit and stop gambling like an anti-social!

5. Online Casinos Might Be Illegal in Your Country (Fined & Jailed in Singapore)

If you are Singaporean, drop the idea right now. You will be fined and jailed up to 6 months without a doubt.

Don’t believe us? Read the Remote Gambling Act. It came into effect a long time ago back in 2015. Over 120 had been arrested for breaking this law from 2015-2016.

Too lazy to read it? It’s simple – if you’re not betting with Singapore Pools and/or Singapore Turf Club, it’s illegal. Here’s a table to summarise which forms of gambling is illegal:

Type of GamblingLegal or Illegal in Singapore?
Online betting – Singapore Pools websiteLegal
Online betting – Singapore Turf Club websiteLegal
Other online betting sitesIllegal
Betting through local bookiesIllegal

6. Convenience at the Expense of Transparency – Is it Regulated?

So you receive an ad saying you have won 100 free spins, do you go for it? Obviously not, duh!

Unfortunately, it’s arduous to stop rogue sites doing as they please. There is no international legal or regulatory body that oversees online gambling and casinos in every country, so websites can base themselves where they are not subject to stringent laws or regulations and be able to operate with relative ease.

In our opinion, at least check thoroughly what regulations a site is subject to before joining for the ‘free spins’.

7. Added Risks, Lower Rewards – Prone to Hackers

Scams aside, there are hackers on the Internet too if you didn’t hear the news. And it is almost certain that hackers will hack wherever the money is at, i.e. online casinos.

You definitely do not want to get your account hacked, losing all your deposits, winnings, or even your credit card details.

8. Increased Anxiety – Not Getting Your Winnings Right Away

Let me withdraw everything before any scammers or hackers take my money then!

Hold on, cowboy! Online casinos won’t let you do just that. It takes time to apply for a withdrawal request and most sites take days to process it. The site may even investigate the legitimacy of your winnings and will take necessary action if any ‘foul play’ is detected. And they have the final say whether your account has ‘several inconsistencies’.

Don’t forget, anything can still happen to your account during that short timeframe. How’s that for an anxiety attack?

9. Online Casinos Downtime or Worse… Disappears Completely from the Internet

All websites have downtimes. Even internet giants Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are not safe from outages.

During outages, the site will disappear from the face of the Internet momentarily. That suspense may give online gamblers a heart attack, depending on whether the servers are up or the casino founders have made a run for it.

At the end of the day, the worst thing that can happen to a gambler is to win.

Say NO to gambling.


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