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A Combination Of Jay Shetty’s Conversational Hosting & Ryen Russillo’s Sports Insights Is Literally All The Rejuvenation You Need

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Are you going through a bad day or a bad phase where you are in desperate need of inspiration in life? Do you think some motivational messages might clear the blues and make you feel better? Or do you think a hilarious and fun sports podcast will do the job?

If your answer is yes to at least of the above questions, your remedy is ready. Motivational messages, as well as a few laughs, can really change one’s perspective on so many scenarios. All you need to do is to start listening to “On Purpose with Jay Shetty” or “The Ryen Russillo Podcast,” and you will find yourself instantly rejuvenated with new energy flowing within you. This article explains why these two podcasts are the most popular and recommended ones. 

Jay Shetty’s Podcast

Who is he?

Jay Shetty is one of the world’s most popular internet personalities with more than 24 million followers and over 4 billion views for his video clips. He can be considered a host, storyteller, former monk and a coach, and his motto is “Making Wisdom Go Viral”. 

What is “On purpose with Jay Shetty”? 

“On Purpose with Jay Shetty” is a conversational talk show where Jay Shetty shares exchanges with some of the most insightful people he has met. In other episodes, Jay directly addresses the listener and gives them advice. New episodes are released every Monday and Friday. 

What are the podcasts about?

Jay Shetty addresses several issues through his podcasts. Some are about introspection and self-improvement (for example, the episode with Sophia Bush which talks about how you should accept yourself in the present).

Some are about building relationships (“6 Steps on How to Understand Your Partner’s Love Language and Improve Your Communication Instantly), and there are other episodes which deal with mental health, staying away from negativity, effective goal-setting, defining success and so on.  

Some of the popular episodes

Although “On Purpose” has over 110 episodes, some are more popular than the rest. Here is a summary of what the most famous and insightful episodes are about:

Dr. Daniel Amen: On Training Your Brain for Optimal Performance (March 9, 2020): In this conversational podcast, Jay interacts with America’s top psychiatrist, Doctor Daniel Amen. Dr. Amen busts some myths and misconceptions about mental health and teaches us the 11 things we should avoid to have a healthy brain. 

Liza Koshy: On Becoming The Person You Should Have Been (September 23, 2019): Actress, television host, YouTuber, and star of “Liza on Demand”, Liza Koshy features in this podcast episode with Jay Shetty. 

The two of them discuss how people often follow a path that goes away from who they are. Liza advises us to embrace our multiple selves: one that lives in the minds of everyone we interact with and the one that is truly within us. 

Kobe Bryant: On How to be Strategic & Obsessive to Find Your Purpose (September 9, 2019): Jay’s podcast with Los Angeles Lakers star and five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant is among the most famous podcasts of “On Purpose”. 

The key takeaway from this podcast is that one must not run away from negative emotions but must rather pause, go back, and assess what they are. Kobe also elaborates his philosophy of “consistency breeds creativity” and how if you show constant improvement, the result takes care of itself. 

Why do people like this Podcast?

The majority of people like the Jay Shetty podcast because of the inspirational message that each new episode delivers. A lot of people listen to his podcasts in the morning when driving to work or starting their day, and claim that his soothing voice and genuine advice get their day off to a positive start. 

Ryen Russillo’s Podcast

Who is he?

Ryen Russillo is an American sports journalist who hosted the afternoon radio show on ESPN from 2009 to 2017. Ryen left ESPN in 2019 and has since been writing and hosting The Ryen Russillo Podcast at The Ringer, a sports and pop culture website and podcast network.  

What’s the podcast about?

With over 115 podcasts uploaded to date, Ryen Russillo takes on various sports news and topics and talks about them on his podcast. There are a couple of episodes released every week, covering topics from the NBA, the NFL and even other contemporary topics like COVID-19 (NFL Combine Recap With Daniel Jeremiah and Bruce Feldman; March 12, 2020) and Netflix shows (NFL Transitions With Kevin Clark and Brady’s Exit With Seth Wickersham; March 24, 2020). 

Popular episodes

The Redraftables: 1998—Sleeping Dirk, Free-Falling Pierce, and the Craziest NBA Draft Ever With Bill Simmons and Chris Ryan (March 31, 2020): In this recent episode, Ryen is joined by Bill Simmons (American sports analyst and CEO of The Ringer) and Chris Ryan (author and television presenter). Together, they go back to the 1998 NBA draft and discuss some top players in it and also redraft the top 15 picks.

Free-Agent QBs, Plus Van Lathan (March 26, 2020):  In this episode, Ryen and Van Lathan – the media personality from “The Red Pill” podcast – discuss their mutual love for Louisiana State University (LSU), moving to Los Angeles and celebrity stories among other things. Ryen also talks about free-agent quarterbacks (QBs), including Jameis Winston, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, and Joe Flacco.  

People’s response

While all episodes do not receive equally good praise, most of Ryen’s fans follow his show because of the comedy content and sardonic tone. The fact that Ryen covers a bunch of sports makes his show reach a lot of people across different demographics as well. Similar to Jay’s podcast, people listen to Ryen Russillo’s show en route to work to give them some laughs to start their day. 

The perfect combination

The next time you need some motivation or relief, you now know that Jay Shetty and Ryen Russillo are the people to go to. Podchaser hosts all the latest episodes of both these shows so you can listen from your car, your home, or for a few minutes at work. Start listening and rejuvenating yourself today!


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