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Real-time Market Data and News on TradingView

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Investors trading in the forex, stocks, crypto, and other markets always seek real-time market data and news. This feature provides users with a continuous flow of the most accurate and updated information on market conditions. With real-time market data, traders can react quickly to the ever-changing markets. One of the leading tools that assist traders in making informed decisions is TradingView. This is a charting platform, analysis tool, and social media network for investors and provides real-time data and news on various markets, including forex, stocks, and cryptocurrency. Continue reading to learn more about the real-time data streaming on TradingView.

What Kind of Data Does TradingView Offer?

TradingView offers subscribers market information and news on a wide range of markets in real time. This includes data from the forex, stocks, and cryptocurrency markets. When using TradingView, users access hundreds of data feeds on any asset they can think of. It features news and information on 1,357,880 instruments from around the world.

The data is compiled from reputable sources worldwide, including over 100 global stock and futures exchanges, over 65 news providers, 40+ brokerages, and 50+ major crypto centralised exchange (CEX) and decentralised exchange (DEX). Not only this, but TradingView focuses on going as far back as possible when providing financial data. For example, you get access to about 187 years of data for gold. This makes it easier for traders to make predictions and more informed decisions.

Additionally, all the data on TradingView is provided in real-time so you won’t miss any information or opportunity. However, it’s important to note that free users will deal with delayed data from some sources, lasting up to 15 minutes. All this data is high-quality and used by other professionals. Aside from news and charts, you can view forecasts and price targets, financials for world stocks, ratings by analysts, world economics data, alternative datasets, updates on the forex market, and crypto information. 

How To Access Real-Time Data on TradingView 

To access real-time data, you can get started by subscribing to any paid plans to view real-time data. Some plans are specially for real-time data if you don’t want to buy the entire plan.

Once you have subscribed, you can look for the Available Markets tab and view the real-time data feed. It’s also a good idea to link TradingView to your brokerage account so that you can view news and information specifically related to your forex pairs and stocks. It will show you data on the assets you have already purchased. You can link your account in the Trading Panel. 

If you don’t have a brokerage account, you simply need the data subscriptions covering different news types, including forex pairs and stocks.

TradingView Free and Paid Plans 

TradingView offers a free trial that lasts for 30 days, giving prospective users access to the tools and additional features. There is also a free plan for those who don’t plan on paying for using the platform. There’s no credit card required, and it’s free forever, but if you want real-time data, you need a paid plan.

The popular options are the Essential, Plus, and Premium plans for non-professional traders. They will provide real-time news, global economic data, a backup data feed, financial information, hotlists, and the chance to buy extra real-time data from preferred exchanges.

There are also special data offers for those wanting to access real-time TradingView data.

For instance, the US Stock Markets bundle offers information on stocks, ETFs, and indexes in the American market from five sources. This bundle goes for $9.95. Other plans include the CME Group Futures and Eurex Futures. 

Importance and Benefits of Real-Time Data for Forex Traders

There are different benefits of accessing real-time market data and news on platforms like TradingView. Forex traders can quickly adapt to market conditions and make profitable and informed decisions. You can identify price movements, key market indicators, and trading patterns.

It also allows you to execute traders precisely and respond to market changes whenever they occur. You can’t rely solely on delayed data if you’re an active trader. Fortunately, TradingView offers a robust real-time data feed, although some sources delay information by up to 15 minutes. 

Trading is fast-paced, and staying up-to-date with information is a good idea. TradingView also allows you to see information related to what is in your portfolio and set alerts whenever something positive or negative is happening to your preferred assets.

Learn More About the Financial Market

Forex investors are always looking for ways to stay up to date, and what better way to do that than with a real-time data feed from a reliable platform like TradingView? TradingView offers a vast array of instruments to view information. After getting the real-time data, you still need to come up with a profitable trading plan and implement it. This will require a lot of time and knowledge about trading. So, you can start your trading journey by staying in the know.

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