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Advice To Help You Become A Better Freelancer

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Freelancing and working for yourself is an excellent career path and way to make a living. Although it can be challenging at times, it’s an opportunity to make a good living and possibly more than you expected which will likely keep you going and motivated to succeed.

If you’re just starting or want to know how to do better, then you’ve come to the right place to learn more. The following advice will help you improve as a freelancer so you can continue to do what you love and not have to answer to a boss. You must be willing to work hard and dedicated to performing well if you’re going to succeed.

Determine Your Niche

You may be struggling as a freelancer or to get more clients because you’ve spread yourself too thin or are tackling too broad of services. It may be best to take a step back and determine what you’re most passionate about and to pick a niche. For instance, it may be photography, graphic design, or writing that you want to pursue. As you get better at freelancing and improve your skills over time and can handle the large workload then maybe you can think about expanding your business and services.

Set up Office Space

It’s also essential that you have a place to work that you can call your own. You want to avoid working from the couch with your laptop on your lap and having to deal with distractions. Treat it like a job and as if you were going into an office. There are many options for where you can work such as renting space on your own, using a co-op space, or setting up a home office for yourself that’s quiet and productive. Figure out where you want to and can work the best and then come up with a schedule and times you want to be in that space working.

Get Organized

You can become a better freelancer and entrepreneur by getting organized. Set your rate and understand your finances and taxes so you know how much you want to charge and earn. You also want to look professional in all that you do and what you send clients so consider using a free invoice generator that will help you save time, look professional, and stay organized. You want people to take you seriously so it’s important that you treat freelancing like a business and can bill clients appropriately and hand out a business card with your contact information when the opportunity arises. It can be a lot to handle so make sure you schedule plenty of time to take care of the administrative tasks or hire help.

Improve Your Website

These days a lot of people and customers are going online to check out businesses before spending any money or hiring anyone. Therefore, it’s wise that if you want to become a better freelancer that you work on improving your website. It’s the first place potential clients will go to check out your work and what it’s like working with you. Make sure you have a portfolio and examples of your best work, contact information, and reviews posted so visitors can learn more about you and feel compelled to want to work with you.

Advance Your Skills

It’s always a good idea to be working on yourself and your skills when you’re a freelancer. There’s a lot of competition out there and you want to make sure you remain a top choice in your industry. Invest in professional development and take the time to learn new skills and brush up on old ones. The more talented you are the more likely people will be to hire you and recommend you to family and friends. You want to make sure that you can deliver on your promise and are keeping up to speed with the latest technology tools and industry trends.

Get Social & Spread the Word

If no one knows about you or the services you offer then it’s going to be difficult to find clients. You must become your own advocate and get the word out about yourself, your skills, and your services. Make sure your online profiles are updated and start social media pages for your business so people can find and interact with you. Spread the word by writing and sharing blog posts, attending networking events, and letting your reviews speak for themselves. It’s important that you avoid isolating and instead become more active in your community and industry if you want to win over more clients and work.

Collect Feedback

Another piece of advice that will help you become a better freelancer is to collect feedback from others. Be proactive and ask past clients and friends and family members what they do and don’t like about working with you. Use this feedback to your advantage to make impactful changes to how you operate your business so you can improve over time. Avoid taking these comments personally and use them as a learning opportunity to do better in the future. Read through your reviews and client testimonials in detail and respond to them so they know you’re listening. Feedback is essential to you getting better at your skill and being a better business owner and entrepreneur.

Focus on Client Service

It’s easy to turn the focus on yourself and your skills when you’re a freelancer. However, your attention should also always be on the client. You want to ensure that you’re delivering on your promise and that your work speaks for itself. Focus on client service and you’ll be on your way to running a better business. Make sure that you address any complaints or concerns immediately and work to problem-solve so that the client is satisfied. It’s all about having open and honest communication with them and letting clients know when work will be delayed or late in advance. You’re not only managing projects and work but also people and should focus on building better relationships to become a better freelancer.

Find A Mentor

It may also help your career if you find a mentor who can guide you to doing a better job and boosting your success. Pinpoint someone who you get along with and trust to help point you in the right direction. Turn to this person when you’re feeling lost or confused or need advice about how to proceed in your role. Listen closely to what they have to say so you can avoid making similar mistakes they may have made in their career. Become a better freelancer by learning from the best in the business and hear what tips they’re willing to offer so that you can have a successful future. You must keep an open mind and always be eager to learn and ready to work on improving your weaknesses.

Work on Your Personal Brand

No matter your skill level, you also need to know how to effectively market yourself to grow your business. Review the following personal branding checklist to ensure you become a powerhouse in your trade and that you get noticed for all the right reasons. Your goals are to become memorable to others and that they see you as someone they trust and want to work with. Personal branding is all about knowing your target audience in detail, defining your unique selling point, and showing off your personality. Be prepared with an elevator speech when you do get the opportunity to talk to potential clients.

Never Give up & Keep Your Options Open

Become a better freelancer and entrepreneur by never giving up on yourself if this is what you want to do with your life and career. There will be challenges and roadblocks but you must stay committed to producing great work and building your brand if you want to succeed. It’s important that you not always rely on one solo client to provide you with work but that you also keep your options open to other possibilities and opportunities. You’ll become better at your job when you’re dabbling in various types of projects and don’t back yourself up into a corner where you feel stuck and like your talents aren’t being used fully. Consider branching out and taking on a few different projects and clients and see where it takes you.


Put this advice to work and you’ll be on your way to becoming a better freelancer. If this is what you want to do then now is the time to commit to improving in your role and getting your name out to potential clients. Hopefully, you feel inspired to want to work even harder and truly focus on areas that are going to have a positive impact on your career. Although you’re committed to your job, remember to take some time off once in a while to regroup and refocus. It can be difficult to do when you work for yourself so be kind to yourself and know your limits. Stick to a schedule that works for you and set boundaries so you’re able to manage your time properly and effectively. 

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