Battle Of The SIM-Only Plans: Singtel vs StarHub vs M1 vs Others

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Ever since Circles Life entered the market, SIM-only plans have been getting more worthy of your money. That’s why consumers appreciate competition as they usually benefit from it.

What is a SIM-Only plan?

A SIM-only plan is a monthly subscription service, which offers you mobile data, call time and SMS. Other add-ons such as data roaming, additional data, cybersecurity features are also available. It is cheaper than the mobile plans that provide you with a phone at a “lower” price, as the rest of the cost of the phone is not absorbed into the monthly charges. If your contract is up and you are not planning on getting a new phone, such SIM-Only plans may be worth it for you.

Comparison of the different carriers

We will be comparing Singtel new SIM-Only sub-brand called GOMO, Starhub’s own version called giga and M1’s SIM-Only plan. Additionally, we will take a look at our new Telco, TPG, and Circles.Life who started this war. For those lazy to read, we have prepared a summary table of the SIM-only plans below.

Price (per month)20252518$0 for first 12 months
Data20GB25GB + Rollover of unused data30GB20GBUnlimited. Data speed will be capped at 1Mbps after 2GB is used daily.
Call time200 min1000 min1000 min1000 minUnlimited calls to mobile number.
20 min of call to landline number.
Incoming CallsFreeFreeFree2Free
Caller IDFreeFreeFree for 3/6 months
$5.35/ month
Free for 1 year
$28 after first year
Additional ChargesN.A.$2 Delivery Fee$37.45 – SIM CardN.A.N.A.

Gomo by Singtel SIM-Only Plans

GOMO by Singtel

Image Source: GOMO

GOMO is a new digital SIM-Only plan launched by Singtel. Excluding TPG, it currently offers 20GB of data, 200 minutes of talk time and 200 SMS. These will be enough for most of our monthly usage.  Caller ID and incoming calls are also free, so you will most likely be paying $20 every month. GOMO also It runs on Singtel’s network since Singtel launched it. Depending on whether you are a fan of Singtel, this may be part of your consideration.

giga by StarHub

Giga by Starhub SIM-Only Plans

Image Source: giga

Next up, we have giga by StarHub, which runs on their network. giga is StarHub’s answer to Singtel’s GOMO. Both of them are fully digital carriers and have cute designs. At $25 per month, it is the more expensive option here. However, it is packed with 1000 SMS and 1000 minutes of talk time on top of the 25GB data it offers. Like GOMO, giga provides 24/7 support and your incoming calls, and Caller ID are free. One distinguishing feature from the rest is that you can roll over unused data over the next month. Do note that there is a $2 delivery charge for your SIM card.


M1 also joined the SIM-only war with the most loaded plan. At $25 per month, you get 30GB of data, 1000 minutes of talk time and 1000 SMS. If you are a new sign up and also a SAFRA member, you get to enjoy 5GB of additional data too! However, M1 charges $37.45 for the SIM card. Talking about SIM, M1 is the only carrier to offer eSIM without additional add-ons fee. If you are looking for an eSIM, you should definitely check this out. Lastly, caller IDs are free for 3 months for new sign-ups or 6 months if you switch to M1. Thereafter, it will cost $5.35 per month.


Circles Life SIM-Only Plans

Image Source: Circles.Life

By now, Circles.Life is no stranger to many of us now. Launched in 2016, Circles.Life runs on M1 network. For $18 a month, you get to enjoy 20GB of data, 1000 minutes of talk time but only 25 SMS. As Telegram and WhatsApp have replaced SMS for a lot us, 25 SMS could be enough to get us by. To get unlimited incoming calls, you would have to pay $2 per month, which brings your bill up to $20 same as GOMO. Caller ID is free for the first year, but you will have to pay $28 after that.


TPG Singapore

Image Source: TPG

Headquartered in Australia, TPG is the fourth telco to be granted the license to operate in Singapore. Currently, TPG offers a totally free of charges, $0, plan for new users. The $0 will be valid for 1 year. While you only have 20 SMS, you get to enjoy unlimited data. They get to browse the internet at the full 4G speed for the first 2GB of usage every usage, and anything over the limit will be capped at 1Mbps. Calls to a mobile line are also unlimited. There is a 20 minutes talk time for calls to a landline. One noteworthy point is that TPG currently does not offer any port-in service. This means that you will have to get a new mobile number.

How to choose out of the many SIM-only plans?

It all depends on your needs. If you want the cheapest one, we will recommend Singtel’s GOMO. However, if you’re going to use without any worry, Starhub’s giga may be for you. If you hate Singtel and Starhub’s network, go for M1or Circles.Life. No matter which of this you choose, you can always get TPG just to try out. After all, it’s free! Signing up for everyone of this is easy. All you have to do is head over to there website, complete the registration and wait for your SIM card to arrive.


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