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BenQ EX2780Q 144Hz HDR Gaming Monitor Makes You A Pro Gamer

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The BenQ EX2780Q was just released not long ago and this 144Hz HDR gaming monitor, unlike anything you have used before, actually gives gamers a clear unfair advantage over their enemies. 

That being said, we all know that it has been proven that skills aren’t everything. World-class gamers like Shroud and Ninja have shown to us that gaming gear matters. And it matters a lot.

Here’s why BenQ’s flagship gaming monitor packs a huge punch.

Do note that not all the features can be stacked and turned on at the same time. For example, you don’t get to use its Black eQualizer enhancement when the monitor colour is set to low blue light.

Comparing an Asus FX502V screen with BenQ
A cutscene in Shadow of War

Designed For Maximum User-Friendliness, A Sweet Delight

BenQ, which we all know it’s short for “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life”, is world-leading in delivering products that fulfil its brand vision. The EX2780Q no exception from this and thoroughly focused on the comfort of us gamers. 

For starters, you no longer have to scratch your heads over-complicated step-by-step guides when it comes to setting up your gaming monitor for the first time.

We found setting and fixing the monitor up to be insanely easy, where all we had to do was to slot the pieces together and screw two bolts to lock it in.

The EX2780Q comes with a stand (support to tilt from  -5˚ to -15˚), volume wheel, 5-key navigator (at the back of the monitor) and remote control for easy access as well. 

Here are its key features at a glance:

  • Immersive gameplay on the 2K QHD 27” screen 
  • Colour Vibrance 
  • Black eQualizer
  • Wide gamut space with HDR
  • HDRi = Brightness Intelligence Plus + HDR
  • FreeSync and 144Hz refresh rate
  • IPS panel for wide viewing angle
  • Built-in 2.1 speakers for immersive gameplay (treVolo Technology)
  • Remote control for easy access to settings
  • 2 HDMI Ports (v2.0), 1 DisplayPort, 1 USB Type-C & 1 Audio Jack
  • BenQ proprietary Eye-care technology for viewing comfort

What is HDRi?

Ever played till your eyes are completely strained but you have barely warmed up to pull off an all-nighter?

That’s all of us and BenQ understands this. 

With HDRi, a proprietary technology, this problem is easily resolved as the monitor sensors continuously detect changes on your screen to optimise image brightness, contrast and colour temperature, depending on the environment. In layman terms, the monitor does the “eye-straining” instead of you doing it yourself.

Unlike other HDR monitors on the market, where its HDR feature raises brightness to show more detail but also washes out bright areas on your display, HDRi takes content and ambient lighting into consideration. By performing unique optimization for your content and your environment, HDRi delivers an ideal image. Colours are vivid and improved contrast assures much better detail.

BenQ has HDRi Game Mode and HDRi Cinema Mode for users to choose based on their requirements.

Don’t forget to turn on Colour Vibrance & Black eQualizer as well! 

What are those?

Black eQualizer increases the visibility in dark scenes without overexposing the bright areas. Gamers can easily get your targets from enhanced visibility in dark scenes.

Comparing Black Equalizer

Whether your enemies hide in the shadow or in the woods, Color Vibrance will make them visible in any background by offering levels of settings to suit your specific viewing requirements and preferences.

It is said that legendary players like Shroud and n0thing both utilise 12 levels of Black eQualizer as their preferred settings in their competitive games.

These features greatly improve your ability as a gamer to spot anyone lurking in the shadows easily and gain an edge over your enemies.

No more squinting of eyes. How does that sound?

Better Sound To Gain An Edge – With treVolo Tech

Other than having superior visibility in-game, a pro gamer must be able to detect the unseen, that is, through sounds.

BenQ EX2780Q has the thing just for that. Say no more to external speakers and unnecessary clutter on your gaming desk. 

BenQ treVolo inbuilt speakers

This superior monitor is equipped with built-in treVolo speakers for the best monitor audio experience you’ll ever need. 

It has 5 tailored sound modes, where the game mode will strip enemies away from their stealth, and allows you to think way ahead of them.

Life Hack: Create a robust sound field by placing the speakers at the back of the monitor away from the wall within half a meter to get the best out of sound modes.

A Good Gaming Monitor Always Come With Eye-Care Features

Adding on to its awesome user experience, the EX2780Q has a reminder function that prompts users to take a break from their eye-straining activities.

The flicker-free monitor also comes with 5 different blue light monitor presets suited for various kinds of usage, such as office and regular web surfing.

There is also a familiar feature that we have tested in our previous BenQ EW3270U review known as Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I.+). This technology essentially uses a sensor to detect the brightness of your surroundings and adjusts the monitor brightness and colour temperature in real-time, helping with your eyes yet again.

Sounds like our previous description of HDRi technology? 

That’s because it is part of it.

HDRi technology ingeniously combines B.I.+ and proprietary HDR imaging techniques to accentuate image contrast and clarity, while protecting your eyes at the same time.

Clean & Sleek Wire Management – Ingenious Clutter Reduction

We believe all gamers would dream of having a clutter-free desk while gaming. This is why BenQ decided to help with wire management by allowing us to conceal the wires within the monitor stand. 

Monitor Stand without casing
Casing it back on

Simply slot the cables through the stand and plug into the necessary display and power port before sliding the case into its secured position.

BenQ EX2780Q Supports Up to 4 Inputs – We Even Tried Connecting Our Phone (Samsung S10+)

With a modest selection of ports available, these ports are kept out of sight which unfortunately may be frowned upon by some gamers, since this meant that they were hard to reach.

Watching Key and Peele – Consequences
Choosing display output device

Connecting our Samsung S10 Plus via USB-C and Samsung DeX was also a seamless process, giving us a desktop-like HDR experience.

The USB-C port supports data transfer and video input from the device over the connection.

This monitor is truly the greatest, isn’t it?

Why BenQ EX2780Q Is An Editors’ Choice

This flagship monitor is primarily built for gamers, with an all-rounded approach in providing the best user experience BenQ can offer. 

Its low input lag, visibility enhancement features and inbuilt speakers definitely give gamers a real competitive edge, facilitating excellent in-game performance.

At the point of writing, the Guidesify team can safely say that it is no exaggeration that the EX2780Q is a secret weapon that will level the playing field.

Of course, being a 27-inch QHD monitor with numerous eyecare features also positions the product as a wise choice for work and ordinary web surfing activity.

The built-in treVolo speakers are a huge plus too, delivering consistent big-speaker quality with zero additional clutter on your workspace. 

Think the EX2780Q is worth exploring for your next upgrade? You can learn more about the EX2780Q or purchase a set at the BenQ Brand Store now!


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