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Beware. Consider Removing your Credit Card Details from these Platforms

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Do you store your credit card details for services that use online payment? Are you aware of what could happen to these details? Learn some precautions to prevent credit card fraud, so you will not get a shock the next time you check your bank account.

Always remember, prevention is better than cure!

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Telco applications

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Bet you didn’t expect that this seemingly innocent app could potentially jeopardise your credit card details. Bills can be paid with your credit card through the applications developed by telcos. These services are often outsourced, this means your credit card details may not be necessarily safe.

Singtel’s vendor had just been fined $10,000 for leaking personal information of a customer (read Straits Times article on 18 April 2017 here). 

Online shopping sites


There are plenty of shopping sites that have a small tick box to store your card details. Many people leave it ticked to save the trouble of keying it every time they check out online. Companies will typically have security features to protect your information. However, security is never 100% guaranteed. Hackers would be able to steal your card details if they were to attack the site to phish this information.

CVV is the security pin at the back of the card. This means that it was supposedly only known and accessible to the card holder. By storing it online, you voluntarily removed the extra layer of protection. Hence, consider removing your credit card details and only key it in when you are checking out. One more step but worth the hassle.

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Uber/Grab/Comfortdelgro booking applications


This is something frequently overlooked. It is so convenient to pay by card or grabpay that we prefer to key in the details and leave it there!

Did you know that Uber charges an extra percentage on top of your fares if you pay by card? There are other articles which were submitted by netizens showing this “mystery” charge which Uber replied to be the bank charge since they are a company based overseas. Notice that you cannot remove your credit card details once you have them in the application? Email them to delete your account, then create a new one again. This time by cash.

Grab has an option to pay by Credits, you can top up credits into your account. It’s considered under Grabpay so you’re still eligible for their promotions. The only thing is you would need to key in your credit card details when you make payment to top up the credits. Otherwise, pretty fool-proof and secure method of payment, don’t you think?

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* We are not referring to paying directly with your credit card for Grab rides. Top up your account ONCE with your credit card and that’s it. Some people have reported getting their card charged even though they have already paid the fare via other methods. 

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