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All You Need to Know about the Bishan Gay

bishan gay
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Do you know the famous “Bishan Gay”? He is also known as Mr Cheng. More than a decade ago, he has already been known by tons of schoolboys from Bishan to Bukit Timah as the “Bishan Gay”. If you are one of them, you are probably serving NS, studying in University or already working right now! Yes, you are that old already!

For this short article, we shall share about his quirky habits, common hideouts and other rumours. If you do happen to know about the “Bishan Gay, share it with us! 

Disclaimer: Content below are based on accounts of schoolboys who interacted with the “Bishan Gay” in the past. We cannot confirm nor deny its accuracy. Take it with a pinch of salt. No personal harm is intended to any parties mentioned in this article.

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He wears spectacle chains

spectacle chains

Mr Cheng’s selfie

Green Polo Tee was his favourite shirt

Green Shirt

Netizens constantly made memes and posted them on the web. 

Common Hideouts

Mr Cheng loved to hang out at several prominent spots. He usually stays at the same exact spot at a certain time of the day for as long as months before moving on to the next one. These were the most common areas he was always seen at:

• J8 – Coffee Bean Outside Seats

• J8 – KFC

• Several Bus Stops at Bishan area, especially near schools such as Catholic High School and Raffles Institution

• Bus Stops at Bukit Timah area too, mainly outside NJC or Hwa Chong bus stop. Sometimes outside St. Joseph’s Institution too.

• Usually sits in the middle seats of the bus. Board buses 13, 88, 156 etc.

The places he hung around were probably the main reasons that led to people giving him the name of “Bishan Gay”.

Overly friendly…most of the times creepy

He has a bad habit of staring and smiling eerily at schoolboys straight in the eyes for extended periods of time. While lurking around in Bishan, Mr Cheng loves to wave at young schoolboys. Most of them would wave back. A very friendly uncle!

Cheng Hoe Huat

S$50 Angpows


We heard that Mr Cheng used to give out S$50 Angpows for students to take photos with him on a pay-per-photo basis. Some schoolboys would be tempted to take the photos with him for some quick cash. There were also many speculations of what the Bishan Gay might do with the photos. Sometimes, he also invited schoolboys over to his house during CNY, offering Angpows to them as well.

Other Rumours:

• Likes to swing around his phone a lot

• Used to teach in Raffles?

• Many say he was a high-level tutor

• Insisted that he was admiring the scenery when some daring boys questioned him about his awkward behaviour

• Over the years, there were parents who expressed concerns about his behaviour. Some even went to take further actions by reporting him to the authorities.

Mr. Cheng
Source: The Straits Times

Mr Cheng was charged with molesting a boy at Junction 8 on Nov 13, 2013

At the end of the day, we can all agree that Mr Cheng requires medical attention to his condition. Have you come across the “Bishan Gay” before? Let us know!

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