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Brave Browser – Private, Stop Ads & Doesn’t Treat You Like A Product

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Brave is a browser that keeps your sessions fast and private, comes with Adblocker on default, and still comes with your favourite Chrome apps. Of course, if you feel bad for publishers, i.e. Guidesify, there is an auto-contribute feature by Brave that sends credits to the publisher’s wallet.

In any case, it’s a win-win for all three parties involved: the user, the publisher, and the browser. 

Download For Free: Brave for PC | Android | iOS

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links under the Brave Creator Referral Program where Guidesify is a verified creator. This guide is in no way sponsored by Brave and does not represent the official position of any organisation or person.

1. What’s Up With Brave?

Brendan Eich is the CEO of Brave. If you are not kept in the loop, he is the creator of the Javascript language and co-founder of Mozilla Firefox. 

Image Source: Wikipedia

Quite a guy.

He explains that Brave is here because digital advertising is overrun by middlemen, fraud and dreaded trackers. Users, publishers and advertisers are all at the losing end in their own ways. 

Brendan Eich wants to solve this challenge which means taking the fight to the tech giants, Google, Facebook and whatnot.

Hence, the name of the browser, Brave.

i. Unknowing Users (You & Us) Being Abused

For starters, media sites have up to 70 trackers just because ads are implemented to monetize their content. Up to 50% of users’ average data usage is attributed to ads and trackers, costing up to $23 per month (which is then put back into advertising dollars, what a vicious cycle). 

Sounds like a battery drainer? That’s because it is. Ads take around an average of 5 seconds to load and also drains battery life by almost 21%.

Malware such as ransomware is also becoming a frequent occurrence. Be careful of the dodgy websites you go to!

ii. Publishers Aren’t Really Making As Much As You Think

It is extremely challenging for Publishers to make any money on today’s Internet. More than 600 million devices already have adblockers switched on.

To add on, Google and Facebook reportedly take 73% of all ad dollars and 99% of all growth.

With ad dollars down and not shared with the content creators, one can only wonder how long can the smaller publishers sustain and produce great content.

iii. Advertising Not Making Full Use Of Their Buck

With limited data for what they are paying for, there is no way advertisers can hyper-target their ads to potential markets and increase their conversion rates. 

Not to mention the amount of bot traffic on the web, which inflicted 7.2 billion in fraud last year alone.

Statistics are referenced from Basic Attention Token, also known as BAT.

This is the problem of today’s internet, where using mainstream browsers without tracker blocking capabilities can put your privacy at great risk, lose time and money unknowingly, and be barraged with ads and malware constantly.

2. Solution? Brave is Phase 1 and it’s working.

This is where Brave comes in. It rethinks how the web should be, just like how DuckDuckGo wants the internet to stop being such a creepy place.

Eliminate the middlemen. Keep your information private and your internet free of intrusive advertisements.

Although this solution is only in its initial phase, that is blocking out intrusive ads and trackers with the Brave Browser, Brendan Eich believes that this is the future, where publishers, advertisers and users are the main winners from this technology.

i. Browse Faster, 2x Speed on PC and 7x on Mobile

Videos speak louder than words. Watch Brave in action, coming head-to-head with mainstream web browsers, Chrome and Firefox.

This is unedited screen recordings of the speed test, where no plugins or extensions were installed. Brave, as a fresh install out of the box, loads popular news sites by up to 3x with nothing to learn, manage or install.

Screens were time-synced based on the enter button press and stopped once loading indicators report that page load is complete.

ii. Browse Safer with Unparalleled Privacy and Security

One thing’s for sure. Brave is not in the personal data business.

Brave privacy shields-on 2

Their servers neither see nor store your browsing data – it stays private on devices until deleted. Which means Brave won’t ever sell your data to third parties since nothing is collected in the first place.

iii. Give Back To Your Favourite Sites For Them To Survive!

Content creators need to survive too. Fortunately for us (Guidesify), readers can choose to tip their favourite sites with Basic Attention Token, or BAT. BAT is a new way to value attention among users, content creators and advertisers.

You can even tip on Tweets, YouTubers and even Twitch streamers.

If the creator is not verified and has not created a creator account on Brave, your tip will be stored locally on your browser for 90 days or until he or she verifies with Your tip will be reversed back to your Brave Rewards wallet if the 90 days is up.

iv. Easy Switch From Google Chrome

Most of you might think, but Google Chrome has all the useful extensions that I need, I cannot live without them! 

Well, today’s the lucky day for you. Brave shares the same ancestor as Google Chrome. 

It is built with the same open-source software, Chromium. That means almost all loved extensions can be added the same way on Brave as you have done so back on Google Chrome.

Developer Tools are also available on Brave. Exactly the same way you remembered it.

v. Want Even More Privacy? Incognito with Tor plus DuckDuckGo Search Engine

There are times where we prefer nothing to be saved or tracked for the things that we do online.

Brave introduces Tor integration on their private tabs to help protect Brave users from ISPs (Internet Service Providers), guest Wi-Fi providers, and visited sites that may be following their Internet connection or worse, tracking and collecting IP addresses.

DuckDuckGo is the default search engine on these private tabs with Tor. DuckDuckGo never collects or share users’ personal information, and welcomes anonymous users without impacting their search experience.

They believe that making sure your searches are private is definitely the better way to do business in the search engine industry and there is no need for data collection to make their business sustainable. 

Fun fact: Google sends reCAPTCHA challenges to anonymous users to prove they are human and makes their search less seamless.

Of course, if it’s too much, you can simply open a regular incognito tab on Brave. No problem at all.

Download For Free: Brave for PC | Android | iOS


3. Nerds Only: Blockchain-Based Digital Advertising For Phase 2

With Brave, user attention can be measured fairly accurately and on-device as well – unlike right now where your data is being tracked online, your private data will no longer leave your devices. Brave will monitor user attention anonymously and reward publishers accordingly with BAT tokens, a new blockchain currency. 

This system in turns creates a transparent and efficient Blockchain-based digital advertising market.

Revenue increases for publishers who generate great content because middleman and ad fraud are removed from the equation. Advertisers are able to hyper-target to users who are engaged in the relevant niches and gather better conversion rates. Users finally get to keep their data private from all stakeholders with the help of Brave and BAT (that acts as an anonymity shield for the users) and opt-in for a rewarding and meaningful ad experience.

For a more detailed solution, refer to this video by Brendan Eich himself:

We understand that this can be a difficult concept to grasp and some of you are probably still confused now. To simplify it, Brave and BAT tokens act as a platform for users, publishers and advertisers. These 3 groups of stakeholders interact seamlessly and anonymously without the aid of middlemen. This reduces inefficiencies and increases value for all parties involved.


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