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Buying Flowers Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Here’s How To Make It Hassle-Free!

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Ever bought a bouquet on a shady Carousell listing? Only to realise that the flowers are remotely resembling the photos used as bait? Well, this frustration is all too common as the floristry scene in Singapore gets a tad bit oversaturated. As typical Singaporeans ourselves, it is imperative that we purchase the freshest and juiciest flowers available on a shoestring budget. And since we are “woke”, the flowers should be, of course, ethically sourced. All this sounds like an impossible task to achieve, but here are 5 tips you can follow to make the challenge a little less daunting. P.S. there is a popular flower delivery Singapore that fits the bill perfectly – Fav Florist. Oh, and it comes with free delivery if you were wondering.

Good Communication is the Bridge between Confusion and Clarity.

Stop with “the customer is always right” bullsh*t. 

It is actually so important to hear what isn’t being said; the same goes with telling your florist your requirements. 

Since you, the reader, are presumingly not an expert in the field of flowers (or you wouldn’t be here anyway for web advice), it is much easier to send photos or Pinterest boards you were browsing for ideas to your florist. This will help the florist in understanding your needs better, and in turn, serving you better as a customer.

Learning the names of common flowers, type of bouquets (cascade, round, posy, Biedermeier etc.) and other useful terminology will always be in your favour as well. 

Exotic Forest – Gerbera and White Kenya Rose Bouquet
Image Souce: Fav Florist

So, don’t be lazy!

If your florist happens to be Fav Florist, you can simply WhatsApp them for a casual chat!

Not every Flower you see on Pinterest is available for purchase! Duh!

On the point of communication, ask your florist what is available currently and/or during the occasion that you are planning for, be it a wedding or a birthday celebration.

There may be pretty flowers for sale all year round, but some blooms may be seasonal. That being said, it isn’t all doom and gloom yet. Passionate and professional florists with decades of experience would still be able to suggest alternatives to achieve the same effect. 

Everlasting Preserved Flower Dome (LED)
Image Source: Fav Florist

For example, Sweet Pea is usually available in Spring can be substitute with an interesting alternative, bougainvillaea, which can be effortlessly procured in this tropical climate.

Do note that insisting on importing out-of-season flowers will usually add a big chunk to your budget.

Match your Flowers to the Occasion.

The occasion and theme of the event will greatly influence your floral decisions. 

An extreme example would be buying sympathy flowers, like chrysanthemums, for your date; a BIG NO-NO.

If the date is set outdoors permeating with greenery, you could consider going for wildflowers but do keep it to a minimum. 

If it’s an anniversary that you are celebrating, the key element should be surprising. Seasonal flowers would work great in this setting.

Size Matters, but not in the way you are thinking right now.

Go for flowers that compliment the other party’s size.

Fresh Flower Bouquets – Surprise Weekly Box
Image Source: Fav Florist

If your partner is petite, don’t let the bouquet make him/her appear smaller. 

Make sure your flowers can be in unison with him or her.

Fresh Flowers just Smell Amazing (and the people at Fav Florist Guarantees this)!

Standard bouquets and arrangements can be made to smell great with the use of several types of fragrances. 

But the smell is still levels beneath what you would get with farm-fresh flowers. This is why most florists also provide their own bouquet delivery services to fulfil their promise of freshness. 

So, why the shoutout to Fav Florist? 

To quote Zenkei Shibayama, “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.”. 

We believe Fav Florist live by this mantra.

Walking on Sunshine – Sunflower Bouquet
Image Souce: Fav Florist

Product misrepresentation is real these days. 

The florist understands the frustration you get when receiving a flower bouquet that is way off what you see in pictures and are strongly against this malpractice.

To add on, Fav Florist not only makes sure their air-flown daily flowers are ethically sourced, pesticide-free, organically grown, and handpicked for the best quality, but the team also takes pretty extreme measures to condition and cure the flowers to ensure lasting freshness. 

They also offer premium 1-hour delivery services from your order time if you require it, while their standard same-day delivery is FREE and offered in 3 general timeslots: 12 pm – 3 pm,  3 pm – 6 pm and 6 pm – 9 pm.

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