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7 Insider Tips to Throw Your Kid’s Birthday Party, According to a Birthday Photographer.

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There are so many things to worry about when you’re throwing your kids’ birthday parties, from the guest list, invitation card, venue, food, the tiered cake, assortment of snacks on the dessert table, decorations to choosing a professional birthday party photographer to document the milestone of your parenthood and your children’s achievements.

It’s understandable to miss out on things when you are trying to juggle that many commitments. From my years of experience behind the camera – observing and photographing countless birthday parties, I have garnered insights of what worked and what didn’t and how you can make your kids birthday party a roaring success that both your families and friends (and their children) will love and remember.

As a photographer, I’ll focus on things that you can prepare for and do to ensure that visually, you can get the best photos from the event (that is, how to make the event as Instagrammable as possible).

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1. Consider Having A Theme For The Kid’s Birthday Party

Having a theme followed by a matching dress code will determine the look and feel of your birthday event. A cowboy theme is an interesting idea if your kid loves the wild west and the accompanying dress code can be denim on denim with the occasional cowboy hat or sheriff badge! (Think creatively!)

birthday party photographer playing reading fun

By having a dress code in accordance with the theme, gone are the days where your guests need to second-guess their outfit of the day. A themed party will surely keep your guests involved in the party, differentiating your event from the rest of those ‘oh-so-generic’ parties. It will give an instant lift to the party, bringing it to the next level. Now that’s a real party with plenty of photo opportunities that only gorgeous photos can be expected!

birthday party photo birthday photographer baby putting finger in mouth

2. Customised Dessert Table (Snacks, Decorations And Cake)

Taking it up a notch, customised dessert table are very much in trend, for a reason.

pink backdrop for birthday party

cute soft toys at a birthday party

A wise mom once told me, “A customised dessert table is a creative expression of the child’s inner world.” and I couldn’t agree more. In this age, since everything can be customised, why not bring it to the dessert table as well?

blue backdrop for birthday party

blue cute cake for birthday party

Be it your kid’s favourite cartoon character, animal or even motor vehicles; there are plenty of dessert table vendors out there ready to transform your kid’s fantasy into edible reality!

yellow backdrop for birthday party miffy bunny

macaroons cute miffy bunnies

3. Let There Be Light…

The lighting of a venue might not be a consideration for parents when organising their kids or baby’s birthday party, but to a photographer, lighting is of paramount importance. Believe it or not, lighting will make or break the photographs.

cute girl babies with face paint

For kids’ birthday party, I will always try to use natural light to light my subjects. Parents will often request birthday party photographers not to use direct flash on kids, and I personally feel that camera flashes distract the guests from their conversations and interactions, impeding me when I’m trying to capture beautiful candid moments.

Nature provides the most beautiful light so a venue that allows natural light into the room will create the best lighting scenario for photographers. Needless to say, when a venue is bright and airy, everyone will be more energetic.

cute ang moh baby at birthday party

Of course, if you are planning to have your event indoors with no natural light, don’t call off your event yet! Try to find places with a low white ceiling so your photographers can ‘bounce’ their camera flash upwards to the ceiling, giving a soft and natural lighting effect on the subjects.

4. Keep Both The Adults And The Kids Occupied With Interesting Birthday Party Ideas

From what I’ve noticed at kids’ birthday parties, the guests love it whenever there are activities for them to participate in. A magic show is sure to keep the kids amused and entertained while a balloon sculptor will ensure that the kids have colourful souvenirs to bring home. Why not consider a fairy who can conjure magical bubbles out of thin air?

birthday ang moh magician bubble magician fairy

face paint indian baby focusing

Or, if you’re the creative kind, how about planning an art workshop where the kids can express their creativity and have fun at the same time?

cute babies at birthday party doing art and craft

cute baby doing random shit

cute baby raising up hands

When both the kids and the adults are enjoying themselves, you can be sure that there will be plenty of endearing moments for the birthday party photographer to capture.

If you’re looking for a magician, who is skilful and entertaining, head over to Jerryl Tan Magic for some witty magic guaranteed to impress your guests.

5. Consider Having It Filmed By Engaging A Professional Videographer

Videography is gaining traction and while it is more common for weddings, why not hire a videographer for your kids’ birthday party?

When the party is over, you can sit back and chill out with your family and friends to a clip documenting the joyous occasion in full bloom.

In the years to come, your kids will appreciate the beautiful video crafted for them to witness what exactly went down on their special day. Seeing things in motion is a special way to commemorate significant milestones. I’ve embedded a ‘Gender Reveal Party’ clip by one of my cinematographers, Alvin, below for your enjoyment.


Lastly, let us not forget the golden rule…

6. Hire A Professional Kids Birthday Party Photographer For Your Event

baby long eyelashes happy

No matter how beautiful everything is, it is only as beautiful as what your photographer can capture. As the saying goes: “Pictures or it didn’t happen”. While the cake, decorations and activities are essential for the party, the photos are probably the most important of it all. Unlike the delicious food or the colourful balloons, the photos captured will last a lifetime. That is the reason why many parents will spend the most time and effort to book the best birthday party photographer within their budget.

With beautiful photos, you can reproduce it in many forms.

For instance, polaroids to keep in your wallets or a lay flat photo book to archive the memories in hardcopy, something that you can hold in your hand with your child.

This is the reason why I started mailing complimentary polaroids to my clients after their event – simply because there is so much value from printed photographs.

thestonesyndrome photo book baby with camera

Clients have also opted to print high-quality lay flat photo book with the photos I captured at their events, which is highly customizable to their needs.

7. Read The Reviews

To ensure that you engage the best birthday party photographer for your event, remember to request for the latest portfolio of your photographers for similar events and provide them with as many details as possible for your particular event so they can make preparations beforehand.

Reviews are also very important so do spend some time reading through the photographer’s reviews on their website, Google business listing or Facebook page to hear what past clients have to say about their birthday party photographer!



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