Cameo – How You Can Commission Celebrities And Famous People To Roast Your Friends

Cameo - How You Can Commission Celebrities And Famous People To Roast Your Friends
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Have you ever seen a video of the elusive doctor, lawyer, teacher, plumber, astronaut Johnny Sins roasting a random person on the internet?

Our lack of connections may make us think that it’ll be impossible for the average person like us to get our favourite celebrities, voice actors, athletes, and other famous people to say something for us.

Well, with Cameo, now we can. Let’s dive into what Cameo is all about and see how you can make use of this app, either as an individual to troll your friends or as a company to boost a business.

Cameo – What Is It This App?

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No, that video is not a deepfake or an AI-generated video.

Cameo is an app, both available as a web app and a mobile app, that allows users to commission customised video messages from a wide array of celebrities. 

Whether you’re a fan of actors, musicians, athletes, creators, or social media influencers, Cameo provides you with an opportunity to connect you with your idols!

Most individual users use Cameo for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries coupled with a roast or two from the celebrity, to give someone a truly memorable gift.

Meanwhile, companies looking to boost their brand’s name can also use what Cameo offers for marketing purposes.

How does Cameo work?

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Navigating Cameo is incredibly simple and intuitive. Here, we’ll be accessing Cameo via the web browser but the process of navigating and using the mobile app version is almost identical.

Begin by visiting their website to start exploring the diverse roster of celebrities.

You can browse celebrities by category, such as actors, musicians, or comedians, or use specific search terms to find exactly who you’re looking for. 

With thousands of celebrities available, you should probably make use of the filters and categories to narrow down your choice of celebrity if you haven’t had one in mind.

You can also refine your search based on criteria like price and rating.

Cameo even offers 24-hour delivery options so if for example, you forgot that your friend’s birthday is tomorrow, Cameo can provide you with the perfect last-minute gift.

Getting Your Celebrity To Do Your Video:

Once you’ve chosen your favourite celebrity, let Cameo know if you’re booking for yourself or someone else, and provide the necessary details.

After finalising your request, enter your payment details (major credit cards accepted) and confirm your order. Cameo will notify you of the timeframe for your celebrity to fulfil the request, usually within seven days, or within 24 hours if you selected that option.

Once your video is ready, it will be available in your Cameo account, and you’ll receive an email link for easy access. You can watch, share, or download the video to permanently keep it with you.

Keep in mind, however, that for commissions as an individual, you are not allowed to use these videos to promote your business or something that you’re trying to sell.

Well-known Celebrities On Cameo:

Since Cameo offers such a huge pool of celebrities ready to offer their services, you might be overwhelmed with who to pick, so here are some of the famous ones and their prices for you to consider:

1. Johnny Sins

The one and only jack of all trades who is everyone’s favourite doctor, lawyer, teacher, plumber, and astronaut is offering his services (not that kind of service) on Cameo! 

At around US$200, you can get Johnny Sins to wish your friends a happy birthday, give a pep talk, or roast someone in whichever profession you want him to be.

2. Dean Norris (Hank Schrader)

If you are a fan of the show “Breaking Bad”, you’re surely going to be familiar with Dean Norris, the actor behind Hank Schrader. 

Ever since Dean Norris got on cameo, he has since gained quite a reputation on the platform, where you can watch a lot of videos other people have commissioned from him on YouTube.

If you’d like to commission a video from him for yourself, you can do so at around US$245.

3. Chuck Norris

The man, the myth, the legend, Chuck Norris is on Cameo! If you want to know how he could kill 2 stones with 1 bird, slam a revolving door, or pick up a missed call, you can commission a video from him for around US$450.

4. David Hayter

“Kept you waiting huh?” If you want to get the voice of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series, he’s here on Cameo!

For around US$95, you no longer need to keep waiting to hear Snake say what you’d like him to say.

5. Kenny G

The legendary saxophonist, Kenny G is on Cameo as well!

For normal commissions, it will cost you around US$375 while if you’d like a full song or a sax serenade, you will need to pay his business price.

Can I Use Cameo To Promote My Business?

Cameo for Business is tailor-made for companies seeking celebrity endorsements. For business-related videos, visit the dedicated Cameo for Business website.

While personal Cameo videos cannot be used for promotional purposes as per Cameo’s Terms of Service, Cameo for Business is the way to go for businesses. 

While not every celebrity on Cameo offers services for businesses, there are still many famous ones you can collaborate with on Cameo to develop a plan to market your business.

Should you want to use their services for your business, however, expect business videos to come at a premium price, as the value of celebrity endorsement in commercial contexts tends to be much higher than those videos that are just for fun.

Not only is the price much greater, but also, you will also need to pick a fixed number of days to have the license to use these videos that you pay for.

The base price comes with a 15-day license and to get longer licenses, you’ll need to pay more for up to 90 days, with the licensing prices depending on the celebrity.

In conclusion, Cameo isn’t just about connecting fans with celebrities but it’s also a versatile platform that can enhance personal moments and elevate your business strategies. 

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or aiming to boost brand visibility, Cameo offers an exciting avenue to make lasting impressions with the help of your favourite personalities.

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