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Top 4 Tips for Buying Camping Gear

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Camping is a lot of fun and can be a great way to spend a weekend or longer away from home. If you don’t take the right equipment with you, however, your trip could be uncomfortable or cut short.

Here in this quick guide, we are going to cover four top tips for buying camping gear that you should consider when you are planning your next camping trip.

Get Your Gear ‘Out of Season’

Camping gear can be expensive, especially in the spring and summer months when there is extra demand for new camping equipment.

You can make some great savings on your camping gear if you make your purchases outside of the regular camping season. The fall and winter seasons often bring great offers and sales on camping equipment, as there is a lot less demand during the cold months when people are camping less. Black Friday offers and end of year sales will often have some amazing deals on tents, sleeping bags, and cooking equipment, so try and buy your equipment during these sales periods.

Only Buy the Gear You Need

Many campers get carried away when preparing for a camping trip and will overload themselves with equipment that they will not make much use of when out in the wilderness.

Though it is prudent to be prepared for every eventuality, try not to take an excessive amount of equipment and just make sure you have the basics with you, plus some useful accessories. Some campers may take lots of neat camping gadgets and gear but will forget to take some of the most essential equipment needed for a comfortable camping trip. Many people forget to take a camping tarp, which is an important piece of gear if you want to keep your campsite dry. Don’t overload yourself with gadgets and gizmos and make sure you pack the essentials.

Choose the Right Tent

Your camping tent is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need on a camping trip. It is your home away from home, and it needs to be suitable for the weather you will experience and give you enough room and shelter for you and your equipment.

Size is important when it comes to tents, and a little bit of extra space inside can come in handy. Get a tent that offers a little extra space by buying one that is a little bigger than you need. If there will be two of you on your trip, then look for a tent that sleeps three people, for instance. This gives you room to move in your tent, and room to store some or all of your belongings inside. If you have cramped nights of sleep, you won’t enjoy the days you spend in the great outdoors.

Look for Pre-owned Bargains Online

Many people will buy camping equipment and never use it, or use it only once. These items soon find themselves for sale on websites like Facebook Marketplace for pennies on the dollar.

You can take advantage of these huge discounts and get yourself some camping gear that has barely been used. This can help you to save hundreds of dollars on your camping equipment. Facebook Marketplace is a great option for camping gear, as you will often be buying equipment from people in your local community who can also offer advice and tips on the best camping sites as well as discounted equipment. Before you make a new camping gear purchase, have a look at second-hand websites like Facebook Marketplace and eBay for some amazing deals.

With these top tips, you should be able to get the right gear for you and your trip and have a vacation in the wilderness to remember.


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