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Choosing the Right Wedding Shoes For Your Big Day

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Finalizing a wedding ensemble is no easy matter. You surely do not want to ruin the beauty of the moment, walking the aisle in a broken heel! After settling on the wedding gown, bridal jewellery, hair, and makeup, you should find out what type of wedding shoes would complement a perfect bridal look.

What are the required details to shop the right shoes for your most memorable day? Will you use the boots on that one particular occasion only, or you still want to use them beyond the ceremony? Do you go for the style more than comfort? If you wish to add a pop of personality or avoid aching feet, there are some points to consider for your feet to have the perfect fit. Here are some helpful tips on how to choose the best wedding shoes.

Complement the Wedding Gown

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Is the bride wearing a wedding gown or a dress-like one? Formality counts in choosing the type of shoes, the heel height, and the materials. If the bride is wearing a tea-length dress, the shoes will get more attention than if she is wearing a floor-grazing gown with a long train.

Consider the Budget

Online shopping for wedding shoes offers plenty of choices minus the rush, the pressure, and the fuss of going to shoe stores. If you are an avid surfer, you will go by the pages on their websites and will spend time. It’s just like browsing a catalogue or a magazine. Having a fixed budget will narrow your search. If you are not the nitpicky type, it will only take 20 seconds to place your order online, wait a couple of days And your shoes will be delivered to you.

Matching Aspect

Think of what shoes will match your wedding attire, your groom, and the rest of the entourage. Do you want a conservative pair or you want to make a statement?

Some brides opt for a bluish shade of shoes; some want beige or neural. But, you will notice that still many prefer the traditional white colour to dominate a wedding occasion. Black shoes will always look formal and befitting a tuxedo for the groom and the entourage.

Is it Comfortable?

Image Source: Pexels

The height of the heels should matter. If you are not used to wearing high heels, opt for a tolerable height. You don’t want to trip or fall on your knees and destroy the momentum.

The materials of the shoes contribute to one’s comfortability. If the budget allows, a leather or fabric material will allow comfort and more mobility than the synthetic ones.

Some would prefer stylish synthetic materials because they intend to use the shoes once, so it is only practical to choose a reasonable pair.

Choose comfort at all times. You will wear those shoes for hours, not unless you have a spare pair for the reception.

The Venue

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Always consider the location of your wedding is choosing your wedding shoes. Heels are not likely an excellent choice for a beach wedding. Even the venue with many sets of stairs is not for high-heeled shoes, gravel pathways either.

If the bride and groom will render a dance number, see to it that her shoes won’t cause her to trip of the slide. Consider these details and how some types of shoes will hold up in these flooring or environments.

The Weather Forecast

In days of inclement weather, know the weather forecast and prepare for plan B for your wedding shoes. A wet floor, muddy grass, or puddle-filled sidewalks won’t work well with your dainty flats, not even with sky-high stilettos. For unpredictable weather conditions, have a spare pair of shoes. It’s better to be a foot ahead.

Final Thoughts?

It is really tempting to purchase a pair of wedding shoes. With a wide variety of choices, you could fickle and have a change of mind. Online inventory is much broader than what you find in the physical store. You may want to visit various sites and compare them. You decide if you want to find your perfect fit in a physical store. If you shop online, weigh your options and be exact with the sizes. Make sure of what you need, how the shoes will match your ensemble, and not just what you fancy.


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