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A Compilation of United Airlines “Ad Campaigns”

Southwest Ad United Airlines
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Whatever happened on United Airlines Flight 3411 definitely deserved to be criticised. Especially with such a reply from its CEO. But it is also a pretty funny to laugh at the way they handle overbooked flights. Here’s an ever-growing (will update) compilation of free “Ad Campaigns” created to generate more Negative Publicity, shame or laughs towards United Airlines. Share and save this article!

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Southwest ad

Originated from Reddit. They sure got that right.

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Or how about this?

Looks pretty professional to me.


Now we finally know where that 20% came from


Graphic Photo:


On point. Probably how the CEO feels now:


Welcome to the Fight Club.


Always remember to read the fineprint. ALWAYS. Know what you signed up for.


Some more graphic photos:



A typical Clickbait scam

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Most secure customer service


Oh boy…


A Funny but True Video Snippet


Instant Karma Delivered by Emirates

Jimmy Kimmel’s Fake Ad


Ellen’s Fake Ad


Ozzy Man’s Review

Check back again for more “Ad Campaigns” 

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