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Why Congratulatory Flower Stands are the Best Gifts for New Entrepreneurs

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When one ventures into a new business, they are taking risks. For those who have previously relied on the security of the regular paycheck, this is a huge step forward since they have already overcome their initial qualms over the uncertainty. What kind of message should you send to a new entrepreneur? When you consider this question in-depth you could think of a myriad of possibilities. For centuries, the best way to cheer up a person is by sending them flowers. Flower stands have always been used to express positive sentiments. 

The congratulatory flower stand is the best gift for your new entrepreneur friend or relative. It can be easy to purchase and many flower shops offer great deals for congratulatory flower stands in Singapore so it is actually very convenient. You can choose the best flower shops which can offer same-day delivery, so you can be sure that the flowers that you send are in the peak of freshness.

Why are congratulatory flower stands the best gift, specifically for your grand opening of the new business?

Simply Beautiful

The flowers are placed on a majestic stand, and you have a range of flowers to choose from. A common choice for grand opening flower stand is daffodils. The bright color denotes freshness and delight, which brings along positive vibes. They are often used for new beginnings like a new job, or a new business venture. Pro-tip: Do not use a single stalk daffodil, since that is commonly believed to bring bad luck. Have a bunch of daffodils or a bouquet. 

Adding orchids, one of the more popular ornamental flowers, is also advisable. With a spectacular mix of bright colors, orchids can easily light up the venue of your grand opening, adding a touch of glamor.

Expresses Your Sincere Support for the Business

A congratulatory flower stand means you believe that the business is bound for success. You have a spectacular gift, and you want to show what the business is worth. It will leave the guests at the opening in awe, and send a message that you have high hopes for the business.

Yellow is often associated with jolly, positive thoughts, and this is why sunflowers and marigolds are a staple for congratulatory flower stands. The bright yellow can easily light up the room, and raise the mood of the crowd. These flowers are actually maintained in most workplaces even after the grand opening.

Can Tell a Story About the Business

The Grand Opening may be the start of the actual business operations, but it is far from the beginning of the whole story. There is a dream, an idea, or a concept behind the business. There could also be a story behind the name. To add a personal touch to the flower stand that you will send, send them flowers that may be part of the realization of their dream.

If the concept of the business came from an adventure or travel, you can send flowers from their destination, like tulips from Holland, or cherry blossoms from Japan

For other flowers that can be used for congratulatory flower stands, a popular choice is a carnation. Carnations are associated with different meanings. It can signify love, admiration, pride, a motherly connection, or innocence and unpredictability. 

This versatile and beautiful flower makes it a popular option for any occasion, but because it symbolizes new beginnings and birth (like a mother to a child). For many entrepreneurs, they see their new business as their “baby” and it also has high aesthetic value. Experts warn that striped carnation should not be included in the bouquet. For many cultures, it signifies rejection, which is probably the last thing you’d want for a new business.  

Strengthens the Relationship

While flowers are given for every occasion, the bottom line is that they will always be a symbol of love. It is not always romantic love, but it also conveys respect, admiration, gratitude, and a general sense of inspiration. 

You can show your personal relationship by adding a personal touch. While the florists will suggest flowers, you can always give your input. If the recipient has a favorite flower, then you should include that, or make those flowers the centerpiece. 

In the end, over the aesthetic value of the arrangement, the relationship is still more important. These are what makes the flowers special, and that is what the florists would want to capture.

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